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View photos and videos using FreePhoneSpy – know how to do so

Many occasion hits the life of a person when forcefully they feel the need of tracking tool that the can effectively work for them.  You as an honest and passionate lover, you want your spouse to be completely honest towards you. Also, the parents want their children to be on the safer and right track. But what happens when you sense something strange and also found something is there that is kept hidden from you. Then you need the help of an assistant that can work for you and makes you easily aware of the real situations.

View photos and videos using FreePhoneSpy

Have you heard about mobile phone tracking tools? Those are software that is developed by the experts for tracking the cell phone of the target user. Tracking tool works as a smart and efficient agent that completely tracks Smartphone and gathers all the details of the cellular activities conducted by the target person. The whole process of phone tracking is a lot easier and within minute hacker can spy fully on the cell phone without facing any troubles.

There are many tracking tools available in the market and those are claiming to have numbers of interesting features but some of them fail in delivering the quality of the result. However, it is not at all bad idea to try all but you will be simply wasting time and money. So here we have come up with the best mobile phone tracker app that will allow you to track.

FreePhoneSpy is the best mobile phone tracking tool to choose as there are numbers of satisfied users found giving positive feedback after using it. This tracking tool has emerged as a successful program for tracking every activity of the target user. This app is developed for tracking the photos and videos that are stored into the target person Smartphone like iOS and Android. Also without having any technical knowledge a user can make use of the tracking tool’s all available features. All that you need to do is just set up the user account and connect both target and user phone and begin tracking all available multimedia files.

Why there is a need for tracking videos and photos

  • Parents- after the Smartphone is handed over to the kids; it is parents duty to check what all activities are conducted by the kids over it. Tracking multimedia files of the kid’s phone will let the parents know with whom they are clicking the photos and videos, which all places they are going and what types of parties they are taking part in. All these will let the parent to easily know about the activities they do. This will guarantee the safety of kids and parents can also focus on their job without any stress.
  • Spouse- If parents can undergo tracking multimedia files then why don’t spouse. Tracking the photos and videos will let the spouse know with whom their partner is moving throughout the day and places visited. Also if in case spouse is an affair with another person, tracking multimedia files will reveal all secrets and according to the spouse can take action.
  • Employers- Employers can also track photos and videos of their employees to know are they not having any official documents captured the photo in their phone. Also, are the employees not having video of any secret meeting done at the office? Those will help in finding out which employee is loyal towards the job and which one is not. This will help employers to take the right decision and thus assure the safety of their business.

How to use the app

At first, you must head into the official site of the app using the link provided. Now create a user account using essential login details like valid email address and password. Download and install the wizard in your as well as into target phone. To create the connection between two devices, provide all the details of the target phone like name, number, and OS. Don’t forget to hide the app icon from the target phone. To view photos and videos, you must log in and then from control panel view all photos and videos using feature “View multimedia files”.

Features of the tracking tool

  • tracking call logs
  • tracking text messages
  • Ambient listening
  • tracking all pictures, images, and videos
  • GPS Location tracking
  • tracking all social media activities
  • Tracking internet activities
  • Compatible with all types of OS
  • 24/7 hours dedicated customer care support
  • 100% undetectable tool


No doubt today FreePhoneSpy has gained greater popularity among the other tracking tool due to its greater efficiency in tracking phone completely with the fullest safety.