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How to Track contacts using FreePhoneSpy

Would you like to track someone’s contacts? Is it possible to track someone’s call? Technology has changed from the past few years and it has made possible tracking of calls as well as unfamiliar numbers. Tracking tools such as FreePhoneSpy is basically hybrid software that allows the users to monitor smartphone usage of suspect in real time. The system is unique and it logs all the activities of the suspect done on his or her android or iphone.

How to Track contacts using FreePhoneSpy

It will help you in notifying when your kid or spouse makes a move. The installation of the application is direct and you can make use of the link. Using the link you are required to set up the software on your device. After that, you are required to insert basic details of the suspect such as name and number. Using the internet, you can view all the results over the dashboard.

FreePhoneSpy is a high tech monitoring service that would allow you to view all the activities of the kid, employees or spouse. The contact log is safely stored in the user-friendly dashboard. You can log in anytime and view the results. The activity might include things like time and date stamp.

Features of it

  • Communication log– do you wish to know what sort of message your kid is receiving and sending? If yes, then you can use this feature. It will allow you to monitor all the multimedia photos as well as messages that are received or sent on an android device.
  • Call history– you can monitor employees and child mobile phone information. How much your kid or employee spends on phone calls can be known via this feature. The phone call information will be directly spent on your control panel with the date and time stamp.
  • Social network– you can monitor twitters, facebook and whatsapp account of the user. All the conversation held and multimedia files exchanged can be known via this feature.
  • Gmail monitoring– Gmail monitoring is pretty easy with the help of FreePhoneSpy. Since today everyone makes use of Gmail service, your kid or spouse might have an account. You can log in the online control panel so as to view date and time stamp, subject text and full text of all Gmail that are being received or sent on the Android smartphone.
  • Contact tracking– the FreePhoneSpy allows you to remotely view all the contacts on the mobile phone. Being a parent you always remain concerned to whom your kid is talking on her or his cell phone. You can use this feature and get to know to whom he or she was talking. You can save all the contacts on your control panel for later use.
  • GPS location– suppose your kid has told you he or she is visiting her or his friend and you don’t know anything about the friend, you can see whether the kid has reached the location safely or not. On the other hand, if your company offers a cell phone to the employees and because of an important meeting he or she has to visit a specific destination, you can track his or her location.
  • Internet– parents can track the internet activities of their kid. The number of sites visited by the kid can be known and if in case the parent finds something awful they can block that site. FreePhoneSpy is capable of tracking and monitoring all the activities done on social media, youtube and web history.
  • Monitor media files– one can track the photos as well as videos posted by the suspect on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. One can know what their kid, spouse or employee on the social media sites.
  • Alert– this is a special feature that will give you an alert whenever your kid or spouse conduct any action. The alert is necessary and important as it will allow you to see the real-time activity. In addition to this, you will also get notified in case the suspect has changed his or her sim card. You will be getting information from a new number.
  • Keylogger keylogger is another special feature offered to the users by the FreePhoneSpy. It allows the user to get all the passwords and patterns put up by the suspect on his or her cell phone applications.


This is all about the most reliable and trustworthy application in the market. You can know more about it from the relevant site The user can either take up the basic version or the paid version of the app.