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Get Free Control Panel with FreePhoneSpy and track a device

Every person in their life faces some or the other problems and these problems can make you completely depressed. But instead of becoming depressed just because your kids are not listening to you or your partner does not love you, you can invest your time in finding out that what made your loved ones to behave rudely with you. Is it that they are in some trouble and they are not able to tell you which caused this change or it is that they are cheating you? To know this it is necessary that you look into their phone and this will help you know what are your kids or partner hiding.

Get Free Control Panel with FreePhoneSpy and track a device

FreePhoneSpy is an application which will serve you to meet your monitoring needs. Monitoring using this app is very easy and convenient as you are offered the best control panel. This control panel has a number of features which lets the user to control different activities of the target phone and to get the feeling like a real spy! Control panel in addition to the features contains a number of options like- customer care option, editing option, and an option for changing password.

This control panel is free to use and you just need an internet connection in order to make use of the features. In the control panel, all the recorded content from the target phone is uploaded for the users to see. Users can see the activity of the target device and control or restrict the activity of the target phone from the control panel.

How to spy a phone using FreePhoneSpy app

  • This is the official website of FreePhoneSpy app and from here you can easily download this app and install it. The installation just takes a few minutes after which you can start running this app. The user of the app is required to sign up in order to make use of it. If you don’t sign up then you can’t make use of it.
  • Sign up and you need to log in the space which opens after logging in is known as “control panel”. After reaching the control panel of FreePhoneSpy you are asked to choose the device name and name of the target person, number, etc. After you submit all the information then wait, after a few minutes’ software will notify that “you have successfully hacked a phone”.

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Now, you are free to make use of different features of this software

  • Call recorder calls of your kids or spouse phone can be heard from the control panel. You have the option of live call recording or simply record and listen to it later on from the control panel. The recording of both voice calls and video calls can be made using this app. This app allows you to record calls in high quality.
  • SMS spy– spy on the SMS messages of the target device. SMS like company’s SMS, Bank SMS and other SMS which come to the target phone is recorded as well as send to you. The MMS can also be tracked and recorded.
  • Location tracking– Tracking location is a way too easier with this app. This app has GPS tracker which operates and track live location of a target person. This GPS tracker also shows the location of a person on the map. Date and time and other small details are recorded and delivered to you.
  • IM chat spy– instant messenger chats are something which every person is keen to see. If you wish to see WhatsApp chats and Facebook messenger chats then making use of this feature will be great. You can record not only chats but you’re offered the option of recording the audio and video calls and shared content.
  • Internet history spy– your kids might be addicted to gaming sites or pornography sites and they might be watching all those bad content which is ruining this mental state and forcing them to get addicted to bad things. Just hack their browser history and check if they are visiting such sites or not. If you see them surfing such sites then, block those sites, URL, and links and this is how you can stop them from getting involved in bad activities.
  • Photos/videos spy– we all wish to see what all photos are saved in the gallery of the target person. So, in order to see them, we use this feature and all the photos/ videos encrypted are in front of you. Now, you can save these photos or simply delete them if they are of no use.

We hope you will be happy using FreePhoneSpy.