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Get free KeyLogger with FreePhoneSpy and hack passwords of the target device

Did you ever come across the situation where you forgot your phone password, or your social media account password or password you set for an app? We all once in our life come across this situation. In this situation, we get annoyed and simply run to specialists to get the phone unlocked. Now, when you come across this situation, don’t simply run to phone specialist but make use of hacking apps. These hacking apps have the features which let you see the password of your phone and get it back. KeyLogger is one such feature offered in the app to record the pattern and use it to unlock the phone.

Get free KeyLogger with FreePhoneSpy and hack passwords of the target device
Get free KeyLogger with FreePhoneSpy and hack passwords of the target device

Also using these apps you are able to change the password of a phone and unlock it. So, make use of one such software – FreePhoneSpy. This is a spy app which comes with the KeyLogger feature which allows the user to see the recorded password of phone and get the password. How to make use of this spy app is something which we are going to discuss in this article. So go ahead and read the full article.

How to use FreePhoneSpy

  • Necessary thing for tracking is the availability of the good internet connection and the FreePhoneSpy app. This app is easily available to download so you can get it for free from. From here when you download and install you will be asked to sign in the app. The FreePhoneSpy account is assigned to you know which lets you discover and hack the phone of your choice. So, as you wish to get the lost password of your phone so, enter the name, phone name, and a number of your phone and select on “hack”. After a few minutes, your phone gets hacked and you can see all the activities which you have performed on the phone.You can download FreePhoneSpy at:
  • This activity will also include passwords which you had types. From there you will come to know about the lost password and you can get the password either changed or use it to unlock the phone. It will be better if you change the password and keep a simple password which you do not forget again and again. In other cases where you wish to get the password of some other person’s phone without them knowing about it, then again follow the same step.
  • The KeyLogger feature will track all the keystrokes and password type on a phone and send to your account where you can see it and then use these passwords to unlock their device when they are not around.

Features of FreePhoneSpy

Some other things which you can do instead of tracking a phone are as follows-

Spy calls

  • You can track calls of a device and record it. Recording calls are beneficial because sometimes you wish to know whom you talked a few hours ago and what you said on the call, it is not easy to remember everything other person said and your replies. So, record calls so you can hear them afterward.
  • Also, if you are hacking some other person phone then this feature is best to collect evidence and to know what they are talking or planning to do. The call recording feature is, therefore, the most important feature of the spy app.

Location tracking

When you have lost or misplaced your phone and you wish to know where it is then you make use of this feature. This feature is also useful in case you wish to know about other person location. If you wish to know where your kid or partner is using this GPS locator is best.

Internet history spy

Many times we simply delete the history of browser but then it becomes difficult to find the same site or URL we visited. At that time making use of this feature will let you see the URL name which you visited. The deleted history can be easily tracked and you will be able to access that site again. In case you are spying on your kid’s phone, you can track this history in order to see which all content is being searched by them and what sites they have bookmarked or saved.


So, these are other activities which you can do using FreePhoneSpy. This is the best spying tool if you have the intention to spy on a device of other people. There are many benefits related to this spy app and so installing is not a bad idea.