Free GPS Tracker

Free GPS Tracker

Most of the time, people use the spying app just so that they can track the phone’s location. It is a very crucial feature of a spy app. When you use a free GPS tracker app, you can easily use this feature for free. Imagine, you can track anybody’s location for free without paying a single dollar. Isn’t it cool? A GPS tracker is more than a location tracking feature of Free Phone Spy. You can do multiple things with this feature.

Free GPS Tracker

Free GPS Tracker
Free GPS Tracker

A free GPS tracker helps you to track any location for free. You can track only the cell phone’s location. But people always keep their phones in their pockets or purse, which helps you to track their accurate location. Most parents and employers use this feature so that they can track the location. If parents are working away from home, this app helps to know if the child is in school or any other place. This app is very useful in kidnapping cases. You can easily know the location of the lost phone. Employers can use it to check if the employee is really attending meetings or roaming around.



A free GPS tracker provides other features than simply location tracking.

  • Live Location Tracking: GPS Tracker helps you to track the live location of the phone for free. You can check the accurate, current location on the map. You can follow the location as well.
  • Location History: You can also track the location history. It naturally tracks the location of the phone every 15 minutes or half an hour. You can check all the past location from your phone.
  • Geofencing: You can set geofencing in certain locations. It is like an invisible fence. When the phone crosses that location, you will get alerts. If you are a parent, you can set it in sketch areas like bars, pubs, and clubs.
  • Address and Other Details: You will get complete details of the location on your phone. You can check the address of the location. Moreover, you can check the latitude, longitude, and landmarks. You can even check the date and time.
  • Google Maps: You can directly track the location in Google Maps instead of using just the information. You can follow the location on maps.


How to Track GPS Location FREE

How to Track GPS Location FREE
How to Track GPS Location FREE

It is very easy to track location on the phone. To use the free GPS tracker feature, you have to download and install Free Phone Spy first. Not all spy apps provide this feature for free.

Step 1: Download Free GPS Tracker

For setting up the app in android, you need the person’s phone. After you get the phone, change the settings. Then go to the website and download the app. After downloading, install the app on the phone. After installation, you need to sign in using the account credentials. The last thing is to delete browsing history.


Step 2: Log in

Now, you can use your own personal phone to log in to the account from the website at

Step 3: View GPS History

After you reach the dashboard, opt for the GPS Tracker option given on the side to track location.


This is how you can easily track phone locations for free. You can use it to track your kids and know where they are.