Free iPhone Spy

Some spying apps only support iPhones. These apps are known as iPhone spying apps.

You cannot use these apps to spy on any other phone but an iPhone. You can spy on any version of the iPhone or iPad using these apps.

iPhone Spying App = iPhone Spying Only

In this article, we will learn about free iPhone spy and how to use it for spying on an iPhone.

What is a Free iPhone Spy?

What is a Free iPhone Spy
What is a Free iPhone Spy?

Free iPhone Spy is a spying app that is specifically meant for iPhone and iPad spying. You cannot use it for any other phone.

The best thing about the free iPhone Spy is that it is absolutely free. You don’t need to pay any subscription charges to use it.

There are many iPhone spying apps available online. You need to check certain characterizes of the app before using it. The app should be free, easy to use, and compatible with iOS, hidden, and support multiple spying functions.

Free iPhone Spy works secretly in stealth mode. It is undetectable as it doesn’t use much battery power.


Functions of Free iPhone Spy

Here is a list of all the functions of the free iPhone Spy

You can use this spying app to spy on the call logs activities of an iPhone. You will be able to see the list of call logs on the iPhone along with call duration, type of the call, and contact details.

You will be able to read all the messages on the iPhone. You can check the type of the message, full body of the message, media attached with the message along with the date, time, and contact details.

It helps you to track the location of the iPhone. You can track the live location of the iPhone. Moreover, you can also check the previously tracked location. You will get an address and map location details.

Free iPhone Spy also helps you to record the calls. You can record all the calls on the iPhone and listen to them. You will be able to listen to live calls as well as previous calls made.

  • KeyLogger

You can also use this app to record the keystrokes and get a password from the phone. A KeyLogger records all the passwords and keystrokes.

You can check chats and media from WhatsApp. You will be able to track WhatsApp activity for free.

  • Social Media Spy

You can also spy on social media activities with this app. You can check Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat activities for free.

This app also helps you to check all multimedia files on the phone. You can check the images and videos in the phone gallery.

How to Use Free iPhone Spy

Now, we will show you how to use a free iPhone spy. To use this app, you don’t have to install the app on the phone. On iPhone, you can remotely install the app.

There is no need to jailbreak the phone as well. All you need to know is the phone owner’s iTunes credentials. By using these details, you can easily set up the app on the phone.

Follow these steps to use a free iPhone spy.

Step 1: Free Account Creation

Step 1: Free Account Creation
Step 1: Free Account Creation

The first thing you need to do is open the web browser at on your phone or laptop to start with the process. After that, you have to go to the website of the app. Enter the correct URL of the app. At the top of the page, you will find the Sign Up option. You have to use it. By doing this, you will be able to create a free account. The account creation process includes entering your personal details along with your Email id.

Step 2: Enter Details

Step 2: Enter Details
Step 2: Enter Details

After you create your account, the next step is to enter the phone details. You have to choose the type of phone, the model of the phone and enter the details.

Step 3: Remote Installation

Step 3: Remote Installation
Step 3: Remote Installation

For iPhone spying, you have to follow the remote installation process. This process is simple and easy. After creating your account, choose the phone type as iPhone and use the cloud panel option. In the box, you have to enter the phone owner’s iTunes ID and Password. After that, click on, enter, and wait for the configuration.

Step 4: Log in

Step 4: Log in
Step 4: Log in

This is the last step. You have to log in from your laptop or phone at to reach the account.


Now, you can use any option from the panel to spy on the iPhone. This is how you can easily spy on any iPhone model or IPad for free.