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The FreePhoneSpy is offering one of the most amazing services throughout the world. More than 150+ Free Features. It is total Free & Undetectable.

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Spy on Android phones using FreePhoneSpy

Currently, there are various hacking and spying methods that can be used to target kid, spouse, and employee. Among all those, FreePhoneSpy is at the top. It is compatible with devices such as Computer, Mac, Blackberry, Android and IOS. Spying tool like this allows the user to keep an eye over the suspect from a far distance so that the suspect will never ever know about their activities. It has made spying lot easier and you don’t have to hire any spying agent. Wanna know about this amazing tool? Of course, this article is dedicated to curious readers like you. Read everything below.

Spy on Android phones using FreePhoneSpy
Spy on Android phones using FreePhoneSpy

What else it can be used

Given below is a list of people whom you can spy easily-

  • Spy on kids- it is a fact that social media has become a hub of entertainment and fun. Kids love to spend time on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook compared to another mean of communication. This popular application offer serves that will attract a kid’s mind at first glance. However, it is pretty much evident that the kid can get trapped in any of the social media threats, illegal activities, and thefts.
  • Spy on an employee– you might be thinking why it is necessary to spy employee? How they create a problem in the workplace? Many of the employers don’t know that employees are the source of profit as well as loss. If the employee doesn’t work appropriately or remain productive they will affect the success of the company. You can protect important documents as well as files of your company from being exposed to the rivals. The application will allow you to encounter the circumstances and situations that threaten your company reputations.
  • Spy spouse- the third type of people you will be able to spy on his spouse. It is evident that a spouse can cheat at any time. So, you need to try the app if this is the case so. It will allow you to expose you all the unknown and hidden messages from the spouse cell phone.

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Useful features by FreePhoneSpy

  • Phone call recording the call recording feature is for recording MP 3 files, a number of the callers, number dialed and to the known duration of the call. It can even record hidden sound conversations over a suspect cell phone. You can save the recording on the control panel and listen to it when feel like listening to it.
  • Read instant messages– the read instant message is for monitoring instant messages that got delivered and received by the suspect on his cell phone. Messages from a famous application like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook is possible. It allows you to save it on the control panel.
  • Listen to nearby voice– many a time it happens that when you talk to someone on call, you get to surround by strangers. One can listen up the voice of nearby people using this feature. It records phone voices and allows you to judge whether it is a hidden call or fake call.
  • Monitor GPS location– this feature is for tracking the live location of the suspect. Suppose the suspect is out, and you need to figure out where he or she is. You can make use of the feature, and get to receive every detail of his or her location. You can know why your spouse is late at home or why the kid is not studying.
  • Monitor web history- the web browsing history of the suspect can be recorded easily onto the control panel through the usage of this feature. All the sites or pages visited will be displayed over the cell phone screen. You can even check the bookmarks, settings, and block any of the URL that is found awful. This way parents will have a command over their kid and how they use it.
  • Media file monitoring– the media file feature is for monitoring videos, photos, documents such as files. It will display date and time of a particular photo or video. You can even erase the video or photo from the suspect cell phone.
  • Read contact history- the contact history feature is used to monitor the calls made by the suspect recently. You can see the date, time and phone number of the caller. You can view the deleted history as well as using this feature.


The FreePhoneSpy is offering one of the most amazing services throughout the world. One can avail all the benefits of the features. You just need to create an account and start spying.