Top 10 invisible and free Skype hackers for Android and iPhone

Top 10 Invisible And Free Skype Hackers For Android And Iphone

Top 10 invisible and free Skype hackers for Android OS and iPhone OS

Doubtlessly all across the globe, Skype has become a global leader by providing excellent VoIP services. This is one of the best ways to have video/voice calls on the internet using Skype service. Today Skype is used by a very large number of people for both personal as well as professional use. So you have watched your partner doing videos calling on Skype and continually for long hours with others and you are willing to what’s going on there. If having doubt then read the article to know about leading Skype invisible tools that you can use for hacking.

Top 10 invisible and free Skype hackers for Android OS and iPhone OS
Top 10 invisible and free Skype hackers for Android OS and iPhone OS

Here is the list of top 10 tools

#1 FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is the free hacking tool and is popularly known in the industry of spy app that supports both iOS and Android OS. This app is employee and parenting tool and its advanced features are making it invisible and much better than any other tool on the internet. It is developed for every single device running on iOS and Android OS. This is a flexible and reliable soy tool with awesome features. A user can spy it on a targeted person all cellular activities.

To use the app you need to get it from the official website ( and download and install it in a targeted device and in own Smartphone. The next step is to create a user account using valid information and then login with the same details to spy through online dashboard. To spy without any issues hide the app icon after it gets downloaded and installed in the victim device.

Why use this tool

  • No need for extraordinary skills to hack Skype of the victim through FreePhoneSpy.
  • It not only hacks Skype but hacks photos, text messages, videos, photos, etc.
  • A hacker can see the real-time location of the victim phone. Hit on location and see whereabouts completely.
  • Keylogger feature allows you to view all typed keystrokes and can also hack passwords.
  • 24×7 hours of every ready customer care service is offered that lets a user get help from those when facing troubles.
  • A user-friendly interface allows you to use it without facing any troubles at any time, from anywhere and using any device and web browser.

Compatible- Android and iOS

#2 ThetruthSpy


This is another very good mobile phone parenting cum mobile phone monitoring tool that helps to know about all activities done in Smartphone. It is easy to use because of the user-friendliness and clean interface. No technical knowledge is needed for accessing the service.


  • No need to root the Android OS for using it.
  • It easily accesses all call logs and text messages and Skype activities of the target phone.

Compatibility- with Android 2.3-7.1 versions

#3 FoneTracker


FoneTracker is another best Skype free hacker for Android OS. This tool provides numbers of features that is helping one to have a full spy. A user can fully rely on it to use it for tracking the Skype activities of the victim. Just have to install the app on victim android OS for spying discreetly. There are many great functions present in this hacking tool that is useful for spying purpose.


  • Easy to spy on Skype
  • Keep eye on employees, children and spouse cellular activities like Whatsapp chats, Facebook activities, etc.
  • 24×7 hours of technical support are offered to solve all queries one have.

Compatible- android 4.0 and greater versions

#4 Hoverwatch

This is another Smartphone monitoring tools that are fully dedicated to the parents to know more about their children. There is no need for having unique technical or computer skills to use this tracker. It can be easily accessed at affordable rates.


  • It is all in one tool for Android OS and can be used effectively for tracking kids, spouse and employee activities.
  • Spy on Skype completely

Compatible- Android OS running on 4.0 or high version

#5 Highster mobile

This cellular activity hacking tool package is having many good features to offers that are making spying lot easier. Many other functions are there like live location tracking, Skype spying, etc.

Features to know

  • Data extraction processing speed is commendable from the victim phone to the user of the hacking tool.
  • It is possible to use the wizard as an internet monitoring tool.

Compatible- compatible with Android 2.3-8.1 version

#6 Fonespy

It is one of the top leading spy tools that is capable if hacking Skype fully. A user can easily do the hacking for Skype account of the victim just by entering the iCloud login info and password for hacking victim iOS mobile operating system.


  • It is the best app for iOS users for protecting kids from very harmful threats.
  • Because of clean user-interface using it has become a lot easier.

Compatible- with iOS OS of version 9.0-11

#7 Spy Phone app

This cell phone tracking tool is the best way of keeping an eye on the targeted person phone activities without letting them know. In this tool, a user will find some excellent features that are not available in any other tool. If a user gets involved with it, he can easily spy on Skype conversation, live call recording, etc.


  • With the help of this tracking tool, a user can hack and record all the incoming as well as outgoing calls.
  • Also, Whatsapp, snapchat, twitter, BBM, etc hacking is possible.

Compatible- Fully compatible with iOS versions 6.x to 9.0.2

#8 Flexispy

This is another most effective and powerful tracking tool that is created for business owners and of course parents as well. This tool is good if parents are looking for spying on children phone and see all the activities they do in it.


  • The call interception is available in it that allows a user to listen to all live calls made on victim phone
  • A user will get 150 plus features that will help the user in monitoring phone fully.

Compatible- with OS running on iOS versions from 6.x-11

#9 Webwatcher

It is having almost every cell phone hacking features including Skype Spy. This tool is available for both iOS device and Android OS for hacking target device Skype conversation. Getting involved with this tracking tool will give you some flexible subscription packages but are a little bit costly.

Features to know

  • Setting up of this tracker is a lot easier and convenient as well.
  • A user can easily keep a full eye on all the activities done at the Skype account.

Compatible- iOS 6 – iOS 10.x

#10 mSpy

It is another top most popular and leading cellular activities monitoring and hacking tool for the device that runs on the iOS mobile operating system. This app allows all its users to stay updated completely at it notifies of all the cellular activities done by the targeted user.


  • Ambient listening is the best feature offered as through this one can listen to the surrounding activities noise.
  • Whatsapp spying is possible with it and can all activities are done over Whatsapp account.
  • Calls spy and text messages spy is possible with this tracking tool.
  • GPS location can be traced easily.
  • All instant messaging app chatting spying is possible.

Compatible- with iOS versions of 4.x to 10.x


These are the best top 10 invisible and free Skype hackers for iphone and android so that all doubt can be easily cleared. I hope that you will enjoy spying on Skype with it.

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