10 Ways to Hack Android and iOS Mobile Devices

10 Ways to Hack Android and iOS Mobile Devices
10 Ways to Hack Android and iOS Mobile Devices

What are the 10 Ways to Hack Android and iOS Mobile Devices

If you are interested in the hacking of IOS and Android devices then you should know to learn more ways for doing so. In this, you will learn about 10 effective ways of hacking through spy apps. What are those 10 ways? Continue reading this article to know about those.

What are the 10 Ways to Hack Android and iOS Mobile Devices
What are the 10 Ways to Hack Android and iOS Mobile Devices

There are many reasons that you look for the spy app option, some of those are mentioned below:

  • In case your mobile gets stolen or lost you can use the spy apps. As such, you have learn how to hack android and IOS devices, so you are able to track its location and control though spy app online server.
  • Maybe you are a concerned parent and worried about your children, you want to hack their phone and belonging to monitor activities. The spy apps allow you to control their phone activity and usage.
  • Possibly, you are suspicious about your spouse and want to get evidence of their cheating. In this case, using spy apps will a lot beneficial to you. The information you want you will get into your email address.
  • If you are a business owner or an employer you can monitor your employee’s activity whether they are working in office hours or not, whether they are sharing your company secrets to rivals.

The different ways lead to bring different results, so here are the 10 best ways that are used to hack someone IOS and Android device:



FreePhoneSpy is one of the best tool developed for the hacking of smartphones, it is a relatively new way of hacking. Already, this app established itself as the leading hacking software and tool among all others. This app is completely ethical to use and today millions of peoples are using it from across the world. Moreover, one of the best features of FreePhoneSpy is that it can also hack android and IOS operating system without rooting and jailbreak. It is advisable not to root or jailbreak the target phone because that opens up the hacking to the target user.

Get FreePhoneSpying for hacking devices at: https://freephonespy.net/install-free-phone-spy/

If you have iCloud details of the target user, you can hack their iPhone remotely without even touching it. In case of an Android phone, all you have to do is install the FreePhoneSpy app into the target phone and you are done! You are all set for the hacking task. You can also try the jailbreak and rooting version of the FreePhoneSpy that gives you more features more than the basic version. To get access to the latest features rooting or jailbreaking is needed.

When you install the FreePhoneSpy into the target device, it is completely discreet and works on the background of the device, even though customers can delete the icon of the app.



It is the second entry in our top hacking app of 2019. FoneTracker is one of the cheapest ways to hack android and IOS phones with the computer. Furthermore, it allows you to buy a package that gives you the ability to access any devices at the same time. This app is famous amongst the parents and employers who intended to monitor their employee’s activity.

It is a great option to hack mobile phones. Advantageously, this app will not require jailbreak or rooting, it is applicable to all sort of operating systems such as Android, Windows, IOS, and macOS. As such you can hack both Android and iPhone.



TheTruthSpy is standing for Android and Remote Administrative Tools. It is the known free hacking tool that is launched with client and server application. This app aims to provide you full control of the target android device and fetch the information through it.  This app starts working after the booting of the device. Therefore, users do not have to interact with the service. It gives full accessibility to trigger the server connection by a text message. This hacking app has features such as collecting information like contacts, call logs, SMS, and current location. Moreover, this app allows you to control an android device remotely so you can do many things on target phone such as making a call and sending SMS, clicking pictures from the camera, surfing on the web browser, etc.


Hackode is an app which is basically a combined of multiple tools for ethical hackers. With this app, you get features such as SMS tracking, location tracking, recording call logs, geo-fencing, call spy and many more. It’s a great hacking app to start with, this will not ask for your personal information to begin.


cSploit is an apparent hacking tool. This app is available with multiple tools that are widely used for hacking purposes. This app allows security researchers to scrutinize a network easily. this app allows a hacker to imitate the latest hacking environment to discover different malicious methods.


It is introduced by Zimperium. zANTI calls itself the most advanced and complete hacking tool for any type of operating system. It demonstrates many feature such as cracks Wi-Fi password, installs backdoors, keylogger, SMS spy, calls log records, GPS tracker, and many more.


It is one the top and reliable hacking app that allows you to intercept and sniff your target person phone. FaceNiff is widely used to snoop into social media accounts on target person such as Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites using app control panel. It is hacker one of the favorite tools to steal cookies from the target phones Wi-Fi network. It is designed by Bartosz Ponurkiewicz


This app allows you to execute a reverse engineering trick. With the help of this APKInspector, all the activities of any target person can be traced. It works on the android phone without rooting and IOS jailbreaking is needed for hacking. You can stop doing worrying about your children; you can track all the activities they are doing on the internet.


It is developed for Android devices and IOS that allows you to connect your device to a computer. It provides an extra security option for accessing your phone through computer remotely.


XySpy is all about the hacking of IOS and Android device. The start hacking when this app has been installed on the target phone, so you can take over the full control of the target phone. Even, the owners of the phone never notices and when know it’s been too late. You can download this app from playstore or from its official site.


So, now you know the Ways to Hack Android and iOS Mobile Devices with spy apps. You can use FreePhoneSpy or other mentioned methods. The FreePhoneSpy app is the most used efficient tracking tool compatible with all types of operating systems. However, among the given apps some may require jailbreak or rooting and some may not support all types of operating systems. As opposed to that, FreePhoneSpy doesn’t have any of these issues. If you are looking for the cheaper option or want to hack IOS and Android device at the same time, FreePhoneSpy is the better option. Try its free demo you can download from its official site through this link- https://freephonespy.net/cp/demo



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