Top 16 Tips on Samsung Galaxy S Hack

Top 16 Tips on Samsung Galaxy S Hack

Top 16 Tips on Samsung Galaxy S hack

Samsung today has become a leading mobile brand that provides a commendable android based phone to users. They are having numbers of innovative features and make it be the best choice. Are you looking for the best Samsung Galaxy S hacks? This article is for you. Just read and discover about 16 hacks to know.

Top 16 Tips on Samsung Galaxy S hack
Top 16 Tips on Samsung Galaxy S hack

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Other 15 hacks to know

  • Instant charging- faster charging has become a need for all users as they spent most of the time operating phone continually. With Samsung Galaxy S fast charging option is provided that will make your device get a charge in 130 minutes with wireless and 90 minutes with wired charging. It is default function but to On/Off it you can go to phone setting, look at the battery option and then disable/enable fast charging option.
  • Constant on display- many times you need to gaze on the phone screen to see time and that consistently is decreasing battery. Constant display of device lets you in checking phone screen without turning on. A user can also refer to messages, notifications, calendar, and time with a single glance. Just hit the power button to turn off the phone and this will be there on the device screen after a few seconds.
  • Water and dust resistance- If you have purchased Samsung Galaxy S then no need to worry about water and dust resistant power. If the phone is waterlogged and comes it comes in contact with dust, you need not to have worry because it is having IP68 rating that is making it resistant to water to 1.5M of depth and for about half-an-hour. But make sure to take it just a stunt with the phone. If the device fell in seawater that is alkaline, the phone will get corrode so fast as possible clean it using fresh water.
  • Direct calling- If you feel tired of typing messages then call will help you. Here come the direct calling features as the best app for Samsung Galaxy S. Just choose the contact displayed on the device screen and bring headset nearer to ear and phone will dial the number automatically.
  • Fat camera launch- Samsung Galaxy phone is popular because of the HD camera and 100% picture clarity. But Samsung galaxy hacks for faster launching the camera of immediate capturing. To launch it, do double tapping on the phone screen and the camera will get open in a fraction of second and capture the pictures.
  • NFC files sharing- NFC is the speed mode of sharing information. It allows individual to pay through credit card. But Samsung Galaxy S one can make use of it and share information with others. Bring the device closer to another and place them back to back for initiating the process. With this sharing videos, contact, images, YouTube clips, etc. For this, you need to wait for the beep and then hit on the phone screen to share file. Just pull screen downwards with two fingers and enable NFC.
  • Gesture Selfie mode- Capturing selfie is not easy when being engaged with another hand and not free to use the special key. Then you have the option of Gesture selfie mode. Just adjust the camera angle and wave and for activating the gesture selfie mode on phone. A timer will appear on the screen that will give you time to take a good selfie. Select selfie mode and hit on setting and activate gesture control.
  • Self-voice activation- Selfie is the trendiest way of capturing the self-photo through front camera. Samsung galaxy provides you with more. Activate voice selfie that will follow the voice instructions like a smile, cheese, selfie, smile, etc. Just head into selfie mode in camera and hit on setting and activate voice control option.
  • Live YouTube broadcasting- If you are YouTuber then this is the right feature for you. You can choose to stream with others or privately. Share the videos link with all viewers for checking the feed. To activate it, you need to get into the camera and then select modes and enable live broadcasting option.
  • Font size- Depleting the eyesight is a common issue nowadays and wearing the glasses is now in fashion. While Samsung Galaxy S hack is available so no need to use glasses with special font size feature to increase the font sizes. For oldies, it needs to have on the Samsung phone. Simply hit on volume key for increasing and reducing the font sizes.
  • Battery Monitor- If you want to check battery usage, Samsung Galaxy S hack will help you. It will tell you about the exact usage of battery and predicted time on the average 7 days of device usage. It will tell you about which app consumes more battery.
  • Rechecking incoming calling- Every mobile user is today affected by the calls from the unknown identities. Mostly might be from unknown persons or telemarketers. Samsung is involved with white paper with which checking and identifying all unwanted calls, particularly on Samsung Galaxy S. When you get such calls the phone will choose the white paper directory for finding suitable matches. It will help you in blocking the numbers and report it as spam. To activate it, you have to open phone app and select more and then setting and then hit on identify incoming callings.
  • Please do not disturb- This is one of the most essential features when you are seeking for full peace of mind. With Samsung Galaxy S user can activate this feature that will help you in keeping important alerts inform you. To activate it you need to search it on setting and then turn on this option.
  • Samsung galaxy apps- This is another feature available for that is having Samsung S and edge that is having awesome apps. Mostly are experimental but no available for other users.
  • SOS messages- In emergency less time is there to make or attend the call. But with Samsung Galaxy S hacks like SOS messaging service, you can easily alert the contacts by hitting 3 times power button. It lets you in recording audio and videos files of wall happening around.


So, these are all best 16 tips for Samsung Galaxy S hacks that you need to know about. Just choose the one and begin hacking device.

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