Top 10 Free GPS Phone Tracker Apps

Top 10 Free GPS Phone Tracker Apps

Top 10 Free GPS Phone Tracker Apps you must know

As there is an increase in number of crimes day by day, there are various solutions offered by various companies. In order to avoid problems and other sort of insecurities that are occurring in modern times, a use of modern technology is developed where you can track the GPS location of various mobile phones. So basically, GPS is a tracking device which helps in enabling the user to track the location of stolen or snatched device of dissimilar OS such as iPhone and Android. Since the presence of high tech technology satellite, it becomes easier now to track the lost phones.

Top 10 Free GPS Phone Tracker Apps you must know
Top 10 Free GPS Phone Tracker Apps you must know

These stables satellites help in navigate the person’s exact location and thus it becomes easy to catch the thief. GPS tracking have been widely used for various other purposes as well. Due to the latest advancement of the technology, there have been wide developments of GPS tracking apps which are very useful for parents, partners and other persons to track on the location of the suspect. For modern parents, it has become quite difficult for them to ensure the safety of their children. With the use of popular GPS tracking applications, it becomes much simpler for the parents to easily get the tracking details of their underage kids. Following are some of the important applications developed that are helpful in tracking the GPS location.

Types of popular Free GPS tracker apps

#1 FreePhoneSpy

#1 FreePhoneSpy
#1 FreePhoneSpy

When it comes to track the location of the person or spy the GPS location of the suspect, the first thing comes in our mind is use of FreePhoneSpy. The application has been widely used by the users to monitor all the suspicious activities mainly the GPS tracking. FreePhoneSpy helps the user to locate the personnel or lost phone location. It helps in navigating the real time location of the phone by enabling the GPS tracker tool. In order to track the phone GPS, you just have to perform one small thing and that is attaching a GPS device along with the phones which you want to be get traced.

FreePhoneSpy provides a high level of security to its users when tracking the phone of your family member, friends or anyone else.

How to use the application

Due to its great compatibility with almost every operating system, the application can be easily installed by visiting their official website ( Click on download and it will start downloading. Thereafter, install the application in victims as well as in your device. Get yourself register with the valid email id and password.  You will then be redirected to the control panel page of the application where you can click on the monitoring activity you need to perform and here in this case is GPS tracking.

Download Free GPS Tracker App

Other relevant features

No doubt the application is widely used by the peoples across the world due to its reliability.

#2 PhoneTracking

This application offers a high security to their users and helps them to not get traced by anyone. Phone Tracker is an application which when used keep all the records and other relevant stuff and navigate the location of the targeted phone. The application is specifically designed for the Android devices which keeps them updated for the location of the targeted phone. Through this application, it enables their user to find the location of the person through pictures, audio clips and other multimedia files.

#3 Android GPS tracker

This application has been widely used by the users across the world since it provides you many good features along with the tracing detail of the desired person you want. The application has an alarm which will get buzz if you are in need of any help. The application is compatible only with the android devices.

#4 Map My Run GPS App

Through this tracker application, it provides a person to perform several multi functions through the use of this application. It is highly useful for the persons who are walkers, joggers it as this application helps in calculating the speed, detecting your current location and other features.

#5 Real time App

The software is useful as you can easily trace the location of your loved ones, even your colleagues. It helps you to share the location of our device with your loved ones for safety purposes. Using this application can help you provide the navigation. Before using these features, install the application in the suspect phone. The application offers you the exact location of the user.

#6 FoneTracker

The other most used application is FoneTracker which offers complete solution for tracing someone’s location across the world. The special feature of this application is you can even find out the precise address of the suspect through tracing its cell phone. Besides, when your phone gets lost, you can trace the person who has stolen it by tracing the messages that are sent by the thief from our device.

#7 Phone Tracker GPS

The application is used to track someone by using the GPS location data. It also provides the user an exact location of the targeted person device. You can use the application by registering mobile device of the individual you want to track.

#8 GPS Trace

The application is developed to trace the friends or closed one location that you care about. You will have the complete access to the navigational details. The application has its free services which works using GPS for personal tracking. You can also connect up to 5 devices with accessing the single account.

#9 Way GPS Phone tracking

The application is designed for the most advanced use to track the location of someone. It helps in displaying the precise location and gets some other information related to the phone data. It works effectively and silently with no prior noise and pop up notifications. Using this app, you can easily track the activities of the children or spouse with maximum protection and precise monitoring. The application works in Blackberry users also.

#10 TheTruthSpy

The application is widely used by the users as it works silently and even performs multiple tracing at the same time. You also get access to location of multiple people using the web browser. TheTruthSpy is available also for blackberry devices which when downloaded can be used by person. To use this, you must restart the device to use it on the suspect phone properly.


Hence, all the best Free GPS phone tracker applications have been mentioned above which offers dissimilar specifications and other features. Through the use of these applications, you can find out the lost phone location or the stolen device location without getting traced. All of these advanced features benefit the people out there as they have made their life simpler yet effective. Some of the mentioned applications have benefited their users by offering them other dissimilar features such as spying call records, previewing the files such as photos, videos and other essential data and spying the documents. Hence, use the applications and know more about the person’s GPS (Global positioning System).

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