5 Apps to Track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages, Videos, etc.

5 Apps to Track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages, Videos, etc.

Get 5 Apps to Track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages, Videos, etc

Being a parent brings happiness but at the same time lot of problems and difficulties especially when your child is in the age of growth. When the kids are in the growing stage needs lot of care, attention and most importantly making them safe from unknown persons. The underage kids get easily trapped in the danger of technology while using their phones.

Get 5 Apps to Track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages, Videos, etc
Get 5 Apps to Track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages, Videos, etc

Many a time, you will notice that you kid tend to take everything on their ego whenever you scold them or ask about their day. The kids then stop telling you anything and don’t talk or share anything with you. This is the time when you need to spy on your kid and know about their problems secretly. This will safeguard them from further any loss and depression. Read the article more where we have discussed about some of the most popular apps which will help in tracking the location of your kids and giving you complete access to their photos, calls, videos and other stuffs.

Some of the important apps for tracking your child:

With the modern world, there has been an advancement of the technology which helps us to use it effectively in order to solve our problems. With this, there are numerous applications and software is developed that are used in the monitoring of your kid’s location and accessing their personal data which they are hiding from you since very long. Among numerous applications, there have been the 5 most important and widely used apps that are used by the users across the world.  Let us discuss some of the relevant applications-

#1 FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is the most widely used spying tools across the world. The application is most suggested tracking tool which offers some of the great and unmatched features. Millions of users are using the application for tracking purpose of their child location. FreePhoneSpy helps in tracking the location of your child’s phone by entering all the relevant information in it.

How to get started on FreePhoneSpy

In order to use this popular application, all you have to do is install in your device and in your child’s phone. Follow the steps given below.

  • Visit the official site of the application and click on download it. Access your child phone for once and download the same application on their phone also.
  • After the successful downloading, install the application and if you want to hide the icon, just tap on hidden mode which is undetectable.
  • Now after completing the installation process, register yourself by filling all the details such as your name, age and type of OS you are using. Then Login with your registered email id and password.
  • After login in the application, you will be redirected to the control panel where there will be all the activities mentioned which you can use in order spy your child’s phone.
  • You’re almost done, now you can track the location of your child by using the GPS tracking tool and can also access the videos, images and files privately and take further action on them.

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Some of the remarkable features of FreePhoneSpy

  • The application helps in monitoring the phone calls and giving you all the information of the call duration as well as the time stamp.
  • Using this application, you can block unwanted applications which are there in your child phone and make them safe from any kind of phishing.
  • Also, you can access the text messages, preview multimedia files and other SMS in order to safeguard your child from online scams and other threats.
  • Using FreePhoneSpy, you can also monitor your children internet usage by going through a scan of their browsing history and website URL.
  • The tool is a great GPS tracker and thus, if your child phone is lost or you are looking to track their phone location, using GPS tracker you can monitor their location.

#2 SpyZee

The application stands at the second position that offers other relevant dissimilar properties and other features. SpyZee is the most popular software tool which offers numerous features that are easy to use and reliable. The GPS location facility helps you to track your child device precisely and with not getting traced back. Besides, the application also provides easy access to the calendar, their private data such as pictures, videos and call records. SpyZee is like any other app which helps in tracking social media applications of your child. To use the application, visit the site and download it.

#3 FoneTracker

Another widely used tracking application is FoneTracker. The application has its great and effective use since it offers accurate locations to their kids. Through this, you can easily track the device with offering the precise location in real time. By reading the customer review, you can know about the application why it is so popular across the market. Also, If you find any of the difficulty using the application, you can choose the customer support action which will clear all of your problems.

#4 TheTruthSpy

The application is incredibly designed for tracking the calls and especially the location of the device. TheTruthSpy application is compatible with all sort of devices. It can be used either in iOS, Android and tablet. Open their site and download the application. After which, you will be asked for filling up the details and other information. After which, you can easily trace the location of your child by clicking on GPS location tracker. Also, it allows you to get access to their messages, secret chats, images and videos.

#5 XySpy

The application helps you track the GPS location of your child and monitor all of its activities. The application is known to be the foremost and ultimate monitoring spying tool which is easily compatible with Android, iOS and other OS. Using this application, you can go to their control panel and choose the GPS tracking and other accessible files of the suspect cell phone.


Hence, by using all of the above application, you can easily track the GPS location of your child. So if you’re looking to use the basic yet effective features which are easy to handle and easy to use, and then make use of FreePhoneSpy. This highly advanced featured application is very different from other tools available in the market. Before using the application, you can view the ratings and other user review and then decide whether you should use it or not.

As the application in free to use, just try it and make your spying experience interesting. FreePhoneSpy is no doubt completely undetectable and can freely track the calls without even getting caught. The parents highly recommend using this application as it has helped them to see what their children are up to. They are now happy because they have made them come out of the big problems. FreePhoneSpy can also absorb the information present in the social media application.

So why waiting, just simply download the application, install it and check the control panel what you have to do. The only application is present in the market which is highly preferred and widely used by the peoples across the world.

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