Best Free Remote Monitoring App for Android

Best Free Remote Monitoring App for Android

The Best Free Remote Monitoring App for Android

Every parent wants to know what their child is watching in their smart phone. Is it relevant for them? What will be the impact on them after viewing such things? Are you a parent and are worried about the activities of your underage child?  Well, the advancement of technology has made a devasting change in our lives and through these changes, we all have modern solutions for these sorts of things. The technology has developed various spying tools and their applications which are available to the user at free of cost.

The Best Free Remote Monitoring App for Android
The Best Free Remote Monitoring App for Android

The individual who doesn’t have a basic technical background can easily access these applications. One of this application name is FreePhoneSpy. It is one and only spying monitoring application which offers some of the basic yet unmatched features to their users across the world. Through this application, you are free to access the activities of your child remotely without even touching their phones. Also, the application is yet comes free but their features are worth using it. It was specifically designed for the users to access the phone of their partners, underage children and other without even getting traced by them. Continue reading the article and you will get to know all sort of information about this application.

Introduction to the Monitoring application – FreePhoneSpy

Introduction to the Monitoring application - FreePhoneSpy
Introduction to the Monitoring application – FreePhoneSpy

Nowadays, people use the smartphones in larger number and hence, if you are willing to target the person’s smartphone remotely, you have to know all the activities of the FreePhoneSpy applications which are very useful for everyone.

FreePhoneSpy is one of the highly used and preferred spying tools in the market across the world as of now. This is all because of distinguished features and other traits that make it different from other basic applications. The application is completely free and offers you all special features. If you want, you can get their premium membership also.

FreePhoneSpy has most advanced features in it and is easy to be used in any Operating System. The newly advanced features help the user to monitor the smart phone activities of the suspect. you can monitor the cell phone activities which includes their files, SMS, GPS tracking, multimedia files and other stuffs.

How to get started on FreePhoneSpy

Now knowing all of its advanced features, you can easily get started on the application by simply downloading it and installing in your cell phones. Follow the steps discussed below to get you started with the application.

  • Firstly, all you have to do is keep the suspect cell phone in your hand and yours too in order to download the application in both the device.
  • Visit the official website of the application which is ( You will then be started in 5 seconds.
  • After completing downloading the application, install in both the devices. Open the application in the suspect’s cell phone and click on hide the icon in order to hide the application from their cell phone.
  • Open up the application and register with your name and relevant e-mail id which will get you register. Wait for few seconds and you will be redirected to their page which will demand you to fill the information of the Suspect. The information includes the owner’s name, address, type of OS and other information.
  • After completing all the registration process and other activities, the application will take you to the control panel which will have all sort of monitoring activities. Visit the control panel in order to choose the suspicious activity you need to perform.
  • Now, Login with your registered e-mail and password on the target phone and you almost done. Get to access all their data remotely without getting traced back.

How to monitor the activities using FreePhoneSpy

When you’re ready for monitoring the activities performed in the suspect’s cell phone, you will get to know how easy it is to use FreePhoneSpy.  Many parents feel obliged when giving cell phone to their kids and worried about their security. While this problem can be solved by using FreePhoneSpy tool which is the most advanced monitoring tool in the modern day. Follow the steps mentioned below to monitor the activities remotely through FreePhoneSpy application.

  • After downloading the applications in the victim’s as well as in your smartphone, visit the application and agree to the terms of license and other security reasons.
  • The application will ask for some of the mobile settings which you might need to change in order to get started.
  • As soon as the things are done, You need to login into your account using your registered e-mail and password, and you will be opened up with a control panel where you will find all sort of monitoring activities which you can perform remotely and freely.
  • Start the spying activities on FreePhoneSpy and Screenshot them for taking the further actions on the suspect.

Monitoring features of the FreePhoneSpy application

By now, you have got to know all of its features and other monitoring activities which you can perform it. There are some other basic yet unknown features found with this application which are worth using it. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Logging of text messages: You can logs all the mentioned text messages that are sent, received or drafted in the victim’s cell phone.
  • Monitor the social networking apps: Through FreePhoneSpy, you can log activity of the available social media applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter and other messaging apps.
  • Let you monitor about the applications installed: Also, the applications installed in the suspect phone can be seen by you.
  • Preview Photo log: All the present photos in the phone can be easily viewable and monitored by the user of FreePhoneSpy application.
  • Live Screenshots and Command over SMS: The messages sent from the suspect phone can be traced/monitored and get to know their current GPS locations. Furthermore, through Live Screenshot facility, it will let you view the panel and the suspect phone’s live screen in real time period freely.


Therefore, get started with the application and monitor all the suspicious activities of the victim’s smartphone through FreePhoneSpy application in free of cost

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