Top 10 Free Android Monitoring Apps for Parental Control

Top 10 Free Android Monitoring Apps for Parental Control

Get Top 10 Free Android Monitoring Apps for Parental Control

With the reach of smartphones all over the world, it has become necessary for the parents to keep a check on the activities of their children. There are billions of Android users including teenagers as well as minors who use Android smartphones daily. Be it personal or academic purposes, these devices play a vital role in their life.

Get Top 10 Free Android Monitoring Apps for Parental Control
Get Top 10 Free Android Monitoring Apps for Parental Control

Kids are the real treasure of their parents. Thus, all the parent wants their kids to grow in a safe and healthy manner. In this digital period of technology, many smart devices have come up which may offer good as well as harmful effects on the kids. The primary worry about the safety of the kids with smartphones and smart devices is to keep the kids away from harmful or inappropriate content on different websites. It is very much evident as to how the technology’s dark side can pollute the minds of the kids.

Not only the web browsing, but there are various apps as well as games which are proving to be harmful for the kids. Thus, it is important for the parents to keep a check on the mobile or app usage of their kids. Today, the kids are being addicted towards the smartphones and smart devices, which is in turn affecting their mental development. There are various parental control apps launched in the market acting as guard apps. With such guard apps, parents can monitor and manage the Android devices of their kids and restrict their mobile usage.

The various monitoring parental control apps for Android smartphones and smart devices work on the concept of teaching the kids to behave responsibly over the Internet. That refers to the parents teaching their kids how should they behave and how should they operate the mobile devices, making it very clear through proper communication. This will help the kids to understand their moral responsibility and to bring any issue to the notice of their parents.

There are various apps and websites which contain harmful or inappropriate content. Thus, to prevent the kids from getting affected, many free Android monitoring apps for parental control are available. For this reason, the experts have tested various parental control apps which run on Android mobile devices and are available for free. Some of them are listed below:


Parental control app was the result of the efforts of FreePhoneSpy. With the help of this app, the parents will be able to control the app usage on Android mobiles so as to prevent their kids from using the mobile in a wrong way. The parents will be able to lock nearly all the apps which are installed but can be harmful for their kids. They will also be able to restrict downloading apps, making phone calls along with text messaging on the mobile. FreePhoneSpy contains some of the best features. Like, if the kid exits from any app, the parents has the authority to auto restart that very app from the very position it was exited. With the help of this app on the mobile, the parents can spend a healthy as well as safe time with their kids.


This app was developed by Norton Mobile, which is a renowned brand among Ant-virus brands in the market. Norton Family Parental Control is one of the parental control apps to keep a check on the online activities of the kids. The parents can track of the web browsing history of the kids. The parents can block all inappropriate websites which can be harmful for their kids. The app notifies the parents of their kids trying to visit such website which they should not browse, by sending an e-mail. This app provides a premium version which enables some additional features at a nominal rate.


Kaspersky SafeKids – Kids Mode was developed by Kaspersky Lab, a renowned anti-virus brand. It helps the parents to monitor as well as control the online activities of their kids, on Android mobiles or tablets. It is different from different parental control apps by the fact that they can be monitored from different devices along with the feature of parent mode. It is a convenient and user-friendly app as the parents can monitor all the activities of their kids from their own device.


This app was developed by Screen Time Labs. It gives an accurate amount of data usage on the mobile device. It is the best app for such family which consists of teens. This app allows the parents to use the timer to fix a limit on the usage of the smart device on a daily basis. It has various features like parents can easily monitor, control and manage usage of the device of maximum of 6 kids remotely.


The app FamilyTime Parental Control is one of the best Android monitoring apps for parental control. It comes with various options which include monitoring and managing the online activities of the kids over the mobile device. These online activities help in tracking location, web browsing history, call logs, geofencing and app blocking. The app provides the parents with the authority to limit the screen time via different rules of time like homework time, dinner time and bed time.

With this app, the parents can prevent their kids from being the victim of cyberbullying or viewing any inappropriate content.  There are over hundreds of thousands of parents who use FamilyTime Parental Control.


The parental control Kid’ Shell app is basically an app launcher that gives only approved apps and games the authority to run. The parents can create a sort of safe zone called “kid mode” in which they can choose the apps which should be launched for kids. There is a parent mode which allows them to configure the launcher. It is essential to set this launcher as a default app for the home button.

There is an additional feature by which different modes can be switched so as to protect the content as well as apps with different pins. With the help of this app and the separate launcher, the kids can use the Android device, be it mobile or tablet, for educational as well as recreational purposes without any hassle.

This amazing parental control app is currently used by more than hundreds of thousands of thoughtful parents over the globe. This app is available free in the form of pro version.


The app Funamo Parental Control was developed by Funamo, Inc. There is a newly designed version of this app known as 2.0 version. The features of this app include changing internet settings, parent monitoring of the activities, and application control features by which the parents can keep a check on the mobile usage of their kids. Also, the parents can make use of the timers available to set the school timer by which the kids can rise on time to attend their school.


If the parents feel that their kids are accessing mobile phone frequently, the parents should restrict this activity. One of the best apps for restricting the mobile phone usage by kids is Kids Zone. This app lets the parents create two separate profiles and put a limit on the mobile phone usage. This app also helps the parents to keep a check on the online activities of their kids, specially if the device is a shared one. Due to its user-friendly nature, it has got many positive reviews over Google Play.


This app is an easy-to-use Android monitoring app for parental control. The parents can restrict the usage of the mobile device by setting different pins. Additionally, it has time managing feature which enables to monitor the screen time. Thus, it is a user-friendly app which can be easily chosen by the parents for keeping an eye on the kids’ mobile usage.

Thus, it is very effective app for the purpose of time planning. At the same time, the parents may be troubled because there are not much customized options to make it a personalized app.


The Pumpic app is widely used for parental control. It has lately been launched for Android mobile devices and is available on Android’s Google Play for free. Similar to its desktop view, it provides many features such as monitoring calls, text messages, web browsing history, tracking location, app access, content filtering, and remote access. If there is any teen or any minor who are using their own mobile device, then the parents can gain complete control over their mobile phones with this Pumpic app. The parents may face technical problems with the inaccessible feature of remote access.


All these above apps are freely available on Google Play. Thus, the parents can easily visit as well as download the app for which they are comfortable with so as to protect their kids.

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