10 Ways to Hack A Samsung Phone Lock Code

10 Ways to Hack A Samsung Phone Lock Code

More Than 10 Ways to Hack on Any Samsung Phone Lock Code

You might be aware of the fact that Samsung is one among the well-recognized and known electronic device. Today, there are billions of users throughout the world that take the services of Samsung. The high-end specification is the popularity behind the device. You might have gifted a Samsung to your kid or spouse on their birthday. However, you might be a little worried because you get to see them continuously chatting and misusing the device. In this case, you can protect them by hacking their phone lock code. In the market, there are lots of methods available to break the lock code. Follow this article and you will find the answer for how one can hack phone lock code.

More Than 10 Ways to Hack on Any Samsung Phone Lock Code
More Than 10 Ways to Hack on Any Samsung Phone Lock Code

Way 1- use Google Login

What is the biggest nightmare one can experience in their life? It is forgetting their lock screen code. If you are dealing with such sort of problems then don’t worry you can hack phone lock. Breaching of the code can be done easily through the hacking of the device. In this method, the users need to make use of the Google login details such as their current Samsung device number. Read the guide below so as to hack the lock code through the Google login.

How one can make use of the Google login

  • Step 1-first and the foremost thing you are required to do is enter PIN, password, or any pattern that is set five times continuously
  • Step 2-now you are required to hit the forget password option so as to unlock the device through your google account.
  • Step 3-now you are supposed to fill in the valid password in the space available for “sign in”
  • Step 4– once you have logged in successfully, you are then required to enter a new password so as to protect the device.

Way 2- use Find my mobile to hack the phone lock code

Basically, find my mobile is the finest location tracking tool provided by Samsung. One can remotely hack the device in case it is misplaced, stolen, and lost. This seems to be the finest way to figure out the location of the device. It got integrated with all versions of the Samsung. How one can break phone lock code through the assistance of the Find my mobile?

  • Step 1– the initial step begins with opening the web browser and logging into the “find my mobile” site
  • Step 2– you are now supposed to find the sign in details of your account so as to connect it with your device
  • Step 3– now you are supposed to hit the “Lock my screen” button that is present on the left pane of the screen
  • Step 4-you are supposed to fill the unlock PIN and tap the “lock “button that is present at the center of the screen window
  • Step 5– wait for some time and let the device automatically lock the pin you have just now entered

Now you can make use of this pin so as to unlock the device

Way 3- use the iSkysoft tool

This tool is also known as the android lock screen breaker. It is basically an integrated module. It has the main purpose of removing the lock from the device in easy steps. No matter what sort of version you currently hold you will be able to hack the phone lock code. You can download it easily and connect it with your device in order to remove the lock.

At the initial point, you have to install and download it from the official site. Now you are supposed to join it with your Samsung device through the USB cable. You now have to open the iSkysoft tool and pick “lock screen removal”. Accept the warning through checkbox clicking and hitting the “start” button.

Way 4- use a custom recovery to hack the Samsung phone code

A system that can be used to manage the software is known as custom recovery. Every device offers this sort of service. A various custom recovery like cwm, twrp and others are useful. You don’t have to require any special computer skill to install the custom recovery. At first, you need to reboot the device by letting it turning off. Now you will see recovery mode appeared on your device and you are then required to hit the “advanced” button. Now pick the file manager.

Now navigate through the image stating data/system. This will help you in removing the device lock. Let the process is being completed, you are able to reboot the device by applying the changes.

Way 5- use the android device manager or ADM

A service provided by Google Inc based on location tracking is known as android device manager or ADM. It can be helpful when you have misplaced, lost or the cell phone is stolen. The service is cost-free that means you don’t have to pay anything. You are first required to open up the browser and then land on the official site of android device manager. You are now required to fill the Google details and tap the “sign in” button. Now you are required to confirm the password. Next enter the message and tap the lock button.

Way 6- use “forget pattern”

This method is similar to the hacking phone through the forget pattern option. You are required to follow up the guide thus hacking could be a lot more easily. At first, enter the wrong pattern approximately five times so as to view the forget pattern option at the bottom. Now tap the “next” button and enter the Google account details like the password and username. If this pattern or password matches you will be redirected to pick another pattern or password. enter new phone lock password or pattern so as to confirm it.

Way 7- use Android SDK

A software development kit which enables users to make use of Android applications is known as Android SDK. It can remotely remove the lock code using the toolkit. It offers wide function ranges used to unlock the code. Simply download the Android SDK and use it.

Way 8- use factory reset to hack the phone lock code

Another solution that enables the user to hack the phone lock code is factory reset. Turn off the device and volume up the power button to open the recovery mode. Go to the setting and select wipe data/ factory reset and then long presses the power button.

Way 9- use safe mode

You need to press as well as hold the power button onto your Samsung device. Now you need to hold the power off button and you will be asked for confirmation. choose the ok button. You can make use of the reboot option.

Way 10- crash lock screen UI

You are required to turn on the device screen and hit the “emergency call” button. After that, the user needs to type asterisk ten times. copy this and paste it again. Now visit back to the original lock screen and use the camera. Paste this and it will unlock the phone lock.

Another Way- use the hacking tool

You can make use of the FreePhoneSpy which is a popular hacking tool. The features offered are amazing and you can easily hack on the phone lock code.

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These are the top ten ways that help in hacking the Samsung phone lock code.

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