4 ways to see someone's private Facebook wall

4 Ways To See Someone’s Private Facebook Wall

Learn 4 ways to see someone’s private Facebook wall

Facebook today has become one of the biggest social media platforms with more than 2.2 billions of active users daily operating it. The reason behind Facebook popularity is that it allows a user to share the photos and videos with family and friends. Nowadays, lots of harmful threats are available in this social media app. Facebook users want to keep the Facebook profile fully secured. If you are having any doubt regarding the kid’s privacy and want to view the private Facebook wall then continue on reading this article. Here is the post for you and will definitely find the right solution for seeing the private Facebook wall.

Learn 4 ways to see someone’s private Facebook wall
Learn 4 ways to see someone’s private Facebook wall

Part A: 2 ways to see the private Facebook all without adding those

Fortunately, a major Facebook loophole is present that lets a user to easily access the Facebook private wall. Hence we are giving two ways on seeing the Facebook wall.

See a person’s Facebook private wall through spy tool FreePhoneSpy

Hacking the targeted person Facebook account is a lot easier with a reliable and trustworthy spy tool. Yes, we are talking about FreePhoneSpy. FreePhoneSpy is the cell phone monitoring tool that allows a user in easily accessing the targeted person mobile content like photos, call logs, SMS logs, etc. In this wizard, a user will find many commendable features that are not offered in any other tracking tool. This tool is not only created for hacking the Facebook account but there are many things that are possible with it for parental controlling. With this accessing the Android OS and iPhone OS is convenient.

Few steps to use the FreePhoneSpy for seeing a person’s private Facebook wall
  • Creating FreePhoneSpy user account Initially, you need to open up the FreePhoneSpy official website and hit on Signup. Now enter essential details for creating the FreePhoneSpy user account. Hit on Signup button and fill details about the victim device user that includes name, age and mobile OS.
  • Wizard setup To hack the Android mobile operating system you have to install the FreePhoneSpy. Just pay a visit to the official site of the wizard and download the app by hitting on download option. Enable the option of unknown sources for installing the application file. Install the wizard and tap on the app icon for opening it. Enter the FreePhoneSpy login details and hit on option start monitoring. To spy completely on the iOS operating system you must know the icloud ID that is used in victim iPad and iPhone. Fill the iCloud ID and password and tap on verify option. Just wait for few minutes for finishing the process of synchronization.
  • See the Facebook private wall through remotely Open up the FreePhoneSpy website to get into its control panel and hit on Facebook for viewing the private wall.

Download Free Phone Spy App

Why choose this application
  • Accessing the call logs Get involved with this feature and you can access the call history that had taken place on the phone. It will show user full call history with outgoing calls, incoming calls, missed calls and deleted calls. All the details like date and timing of calls, duration of calls and call maker/receiver name.
  • Tracking the location of the phone With FreePhoneSpy a user can easily do the tracking of the victim phone location. A user needs to hit on location to view the targeted person phone live location.
  • Access the Facebook account completely This is an amazing feature of the spy app that allows the hacker in hacking the Facebook account of the target person easily without letting them know. It will show the user every single conversations and media file that is sent by the targeted person device through chatting.
  • WhatsApp Spy A hacker using this spyware can easily come to know about all WhatsApp activities done at the victim phone. It is like chatting, sharing multimedia files, WhatsApp status, and contacts info.
  • Compatible- The app is compatible with mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. Thus it can easily spy on any device to collect all the cellular information.
  • 100% safer- This app is developed with lots of innovations and is filtered with an outstanding feature named untraceable. The app intractability feature lets it spy in stealth mode at the device background.
  • Easy to use the app- The app’s user friendliness makes it the best and reliable app to use and is used by users conveniently without facing any troubles. Not necessary that a person with computer knowledge has to use it.
  • Text messages spy FreePhoneSpy is fully capable of spying the text messages with all essential details like date and time of sending and receiving messages, content as well of it.

See the private Facebook wall using Facebook loophole

At first, you need to go to the suspected person Facebook wall that does not let you view his/her wall. After that, you need to scroll down to the page bottom and click on option block/report for blocking or reporting. Now a block or report dialogue box will appear, tick mark on the checkbox of the report this person and select the reason behind reporting. On abuse location, you can choose the wall. Once done with it, you need to hit on the option “use this link to report” on profile wall.

Part B: 2 Ways to view private Facebook photos without being a Facebook user friend

It is not at all easier for one to view the private Facebook photos of the victim particularly without letting them know. The Facebook private picture is the best way to protect the picture from getting accessed by other users. What if it is saying that the private picture functions aren’t secure? Yes, you heard right and it is a lot easier for a non Facebook user to have full access to the private Facebook albums and pictures. Here are two ways we are disclosing that will tell you how it is possible.

Viewing the personal Facebook albums and photos through URL

To begin with the activity of viewing Facebook albums and photos through URL, you need to open the victim person Facebook profile and then right click on the Facebook profile picture and then copy the link. Now paste the copied to the notepad. The copied URL will be different and you need to make the editing to the same URL.  Now copy paste the edited link to the internet browser search bar and then tap on enter option. Now download and enjoy the image.

Viewing the private Facebook photos and albums without adding those using FreePhoneSpy

Now you need to create FreePhoneSpy user account and fill all essential details for creating the account and hit on Sign Up option. Type the name, age and choose the type of operating system (Android or iPhone). If you want to hack the photos and albums on android OD, then download and install the FreePhoneSpy on the victim phone. Once done with the installation process, open the wizard and sign to FreePhoneSpy account and begin to monitor. If in case you wish to hack iPhone, you need to fill in iCloud ID and password for monitoring iOS device. Open FreePhoneSpy online control panel on Facebook and app video and app photo for viewing the photos and albums.


Hope that all these 4 ways will be the best solution for you to fulfill all desires of Facebook private wall hacking. If confused that which one to use then try FreePhoneSpy as it is a right solution with no problems.

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