What is the Safest and Best 10 Android Spy Apps

What is the Safest and Best 10 Android Spy Apps

Few safest and best 10 Android spy apps

Modern science and technology have greatly changed the lives of people over the years and made our tasks a lot easier effectively. The introduction of smart devices is described as the world-shattering invention of today’s century as well as it has affected everyone whether a kid or a old aged person. Today Android has become a leading operating OS for Smartphone and today millions of people are using it. The definition of safety and security is changing faster in an ever-changing world. Misuse of technology and increasing violence has become a major concern. The people are relying on the advanced monitoring app for keeping eye on others activities. The advanced tools are effective to monitor activities of a target secretly and you can find many tools on the internet within seconds.

Few safest and best 10 Android spy apps
Few safest and best 10 Android spy apps

If you are seeking for spying on the target person or any other, you must install this effective app from monitoring. Many people have reviewed that their app isn’t effective and this article will tell you the best and safest 10 Android Spywares. These applications are selected based on ratings and reviews.

Here are the top 10 Android Spywares

#1 FreePhoneSpy

#1 FreePhoneSpy
#1 FreePhoneSpy

As per the information provided on the homepage of the wizard, this app claims to be the popular and highly appreciable app with many features. Today digital safety has become a major concern and it’s time to ensure having digital safety. Recent reports have revealed that a significant percentage of web users face cyber-bullying, online harassment, etc. If you fully care of your dearest one then you must protect those against the dangerous online world.

FreePhoneSpy is the best tool that provides many features to keep an eye on others. The app is having many exclusive spy features that permit you to get full control over the target person device. If seeking for the updated app then this app is the right choice.

Advanced features of the spyware

FreePhoneSpy app is free to use services that allow you to completely spy on anybody’s cellular actions without paying a single penny. As this application is having a collection of all basic or advanced spying and Smartphone monitoring features, it permits you to collect all the details from the target device. The app collects the details secretly and accurately. The best thing is that this app can be used without rooting the device or unlocking it. Here is the list of few features-

Real-time GPS location tracking Know where they are at for the whole day and know where they go. The location of the target person can be tracked in real-time using this feature. The location update will be displayed over the map.

Text messages viewing The text messages that are sent or received normally or using various instant messaging applications will be known to you. You will get the details of the text messages on the online dashboard of the app. The details like date, time, location, sender information, receiver information with attached multimedia files will be shared on the app control panel.

View call logs completely- A user can view the complete details of phone calls history like calls made, call received, missed calls, phone numbers, time, location and date of calls.

View multimedia filesEvery phone is having multimedia files stored. The app is providing the ability to a hacker to view all camera captured photos, images, screenshots, GIFs, etc. Additionally, it also spies on stored music files, audio files, video recording, etc.

View entire browsing history A hacker can track the activities of the target person done over the internet. It captures all websites visited with its correct URL address. The other details like total time spend on each site and content downloaded.

View contacts- The app allows its user to easily view the saved contacts in the phonebook. The contacts with all its details like number, name, email address, profile photo, etc will be known easily. This will let a user know that with whom is target connected and used to having conversations on calls.

Social media monitoring- It helps hacker to completely view the social media apps activities done by the target person. All actions are done on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat, will be known to the hacker.

These are the features of FreePhoneSpy. You can get access to those by creating a user account on the app homepage ( Once done login and continue monitoring the activities over a cell phone.

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy
#2 TheTruthSpy

According to the research this app is another best and safest Android OS leading mobile monitoring tool.  Similar to the other tools this app comes with exclusive mobile monitoring features like reading chats, GPS location tracking, phonebook, call logs, emails, live call recording, social media sites activities, etc. Also, it is having highly advanced spying features like the screenshot capturing, ambient noise recording, keylogger.

#3 SpyZee

#3 SpyZee
#3 SpyZee

This is another popular app for Android mobile monitoring app that is not only used by the partners but is also used for monitoring employees and friends activities. SpyZee permits you to sneak into various cellular activities like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Also, a hacker can do the checking of the contact list, browsing history, GPS location tracking. The application comes with the remote camera features allowing you in recording the surrounding noise. A hacker can set customized alerts for particular activities and monitor those.

#4 FoneTracker

FoneTracker is popular spyware available for Android and can be used for safeguarding the dearest one from the dangerous activities in an effective way. The app comes with the essential monitoring feature including call logs, GPS location tracking, browsing history on internet, accessing videos as well as multimedia files. The app works at the device background and it is difficult to detect you. The best thing is that you can get live support when faces troubles in using it. As it is having remote control feature you can remotely control device without getting traced.

#5 XySpy

Nowadays, monitoring apps are used by the parents for keeping eye on their children and this technique is highly effective. Parents are worried about their kids when not at home and such tools help them in staying updated for the children activities. This app is popular spyware that comes with many excellent features. It includes tracking and recording calls, accessing the text messages, viewing phonebook, GPS location tracking, and remote controlling of the app will fulfill all your spying intentions.

#6 SpyEra

Almost all the Android monitoring tools have got the same features for fulfilling the purpose of Smartphone tracking. This application aims at offering a decent user experience with ranges of spying features. The app is a popular mobile phone monitoring solution and it can be used for spying the private lives of the people by accessing the text messages, emails, videos, photos, phone book, real-time location, call logs, etc. SpyEra has tried incorporating the advanced feature into the app for taking it to a higher level. The app can monitor BBM easily and you can think of how good is using the advanced features.

#7 Highster Mobile

If you are seeking for the app that is having high advanced features then Highster Mobile must be your choice. This app is supporting leading mobile OS like iPhone and Android and is also having many good features that are making it a complete spying solution. The essential spying features included are HPS location tracking, call logs, call recording, accessing multimedia files, internet browsing history. The multiple installation procedure is making the app an amazing selection.

#8 Phonesheriff

Nowadays you can see people making misuse of the facility of advanced communications. Monitoring online activities can be the best solution and phonesheriff is offering multiple features for understanding the individual’s internet activities. The app also provides you the access to all installed applications into the device. It provides you the ability to view call logs, text messages, multimedia files, etc. This app is a powerful spyware that provides you the ability to block sites and app that are inappropriate.

#9 Flexispy

If you are seeking for a reliable monitoring tool with advanced spying features the flexispy can be your choice. If you want to spy on your children, employees, this app is the best option for you. User can get loads of advanced mobile phone spying features inclusive of calls logs, multimedia files, emails, GPS location tracking, advanced key-logging, etc. Those will help you in enhancing the monitoring experience. If you are looking for trustworthy and reliable Android spyware, you can try flexispy application.

#10 MobiStealth

This hacking tool is available on Android and you can make use of the app for monitoring activities of target person secretly. The app comes with many features like accessing call logs, text messages, photos and videos, internet history activities. It permits to use the secret ambient recording features and those advanced features thus making it an excellent selection for various purposes.


The above-mentioned spyware is the popular application available on the internet for spying on the Android operating system. These apps will surely help you in safeguarding the dearest ones against digital crimes. We recommend you to try those if interested to spy on anyone of your interest.

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