How to Control Android Phone from Another Phone Remotely

How to Control Android Phone from Another Phone Remotely

How to control android phone from another phone is easy way

This article is the right for you if you want to hack control android phone. but you can control Android from Another phone remotely. FreePhoneSpy app is remotely monitoring the activities of your targeted phone such as your kids, spouse, without knowing them. We give some suggestion to use this app which helps you to monitor the activities of the targeted android phone from another Android phone without knowing them. We also give you stepwise solution to use an Android tracking app as well. FreePhoneSpy is the one of the best app to hack and track the android phone without touching their targeted phone.

How to control android phone from another phone is easy way
How to control android phone from another phone is easy way

Sometimes there are situations come in front of you where is becomes necessary for you to hack someone’s phone. FreePhoneSpy is the best option that can help you to hack or control any Android phone from another android phone remotely.

This app is easy to use as it is designed by professionals to access a device. Today hacking is done to find their information and sell information in black market for the intention to earn money. Whereas parents use hacking tools to monitor their children’s activities similarly partners use to spy each other in any case this app is the best option.

This app also helps us to transfer the files from one device to another device. You can also use this app to monitor’s your partner’s or employee’s at the time to need. Hacking is not good but some situations come to you and than hacking is the only option. Here some steps give you which provide information how to use this app on your Android phone-

  • Step 1. First of all you need to download this app on cell phone.
  • Step 2. After complete downloading, some information they require to operate this app such email address and phone numbers.
  • Step 3. Last things to just connect the targeted phone with this free phone spy app and then you control the targeted android phone from your smart phone.

Follow these steps to use this free phone spy and provide important advantages. This app is users never know about that their Android phone is control by the other Android phone. Users never ever detect this app so you take a piece of breath. This app includes many features which help you to control Android phone from other android phone.

Features of FreePhoneSPy app

GPS tracking app provides GPS tracking which track the live location of your targeted persons. Most of time people give false location, so with the help of this app you catch their lie with proof.

Spy call spy the user’s call is another important features which provide the time duration of conversations of another persons. This app gives the live all recording with the high quality of voice.

Call recording – it is impossible in your life to hack the live call recording so this app records all call details automatically and when you complete your work than you here all call recording.

WhatsApp spy– this features is the excellent feature which provide all what’s up activities such as what’s up call, videos, etc.


For more details you just visit their website which provides all information related this free phone spy app.

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