10 Ways to Remote Control Android Phones and Tablets

10 Ways to Remote Control Android Phones and Tablets
10 Ways to Remote Control Android Phones and Tablets

Learn 10 Ways to Remote Control Android Phones and Tablet

In this modern era, children spend most of their time on mobile. Mobile makes life easier for kids as they can use the mobile for study. But today many social media app like Facebook, Instagram and share chat are available on the internet that is attracting the kids. The social media app distracts the kids from the study because they spent much more time on this app for chatting to someone, for looking celebrities post and more. If you want to save your child’s time from this social media apps or want your child to study well, so keep an eye on their phone but without touching their phone.

Learn 10 Ways to Remote Control Android Phones and Tablet
Learn 10 Ways to Remote Control Android Phones and Tablet

Here I discuss with you 10 app. These apps let you easily look your kid’s phone activity and also control their phone from your phone.

How you can remote control android phone



FreePhoneSpy app is one of the best apps and many people are using this app for controlling and monitoring other phones. You can download this app from its official website https://freephonespy.net/install-free-phone-spy/ and this app offers you unique and advanced features. All features help you to control the android phone or tablet.

Using FreePhoneSpy app, you can easily see your target activity. You can listen to live call or this app also records the call. You will see all the dialed or received call history, sent or received messages. You can control your target phone’s social media account and also manage the browser history.



SpyZee is the best app for controlling the phone. This app converts your mobile phone into a remote control device without any trouble. This app is made for hacking or tracking devices and it has many features for the same. There all features work differently, means one feature help you to read the messages whereas another one record the calls. So you can hack someone mobile with this app.

You can manage and control your target device anywhere without touching their phone. If you want to do delete any app so you can easily delete using this app, you can block and unblock someone’s contact and you can see the location.



Mobizen app is used by several people and this is the favorite app of some people. This app has many unique features; it is the best option for who has access to android or tablet. User can get all advantages of this app as they can easily receive or send any file.

User can also listen to all recording; see the videos, also save all screenshot on the control panel.


The STF comes with a different feature. It is designed to access the different android phones or tablet. Those users who want to control or manage more than 1 device can use this app as it is made for them. With the help of this app, you can manage your target phone’s browser history, or see all activity of your target users.

Netop mobile

Netop mobile app is an advanced solution. This app is used all over the world because this app works in more than one language. With a click of one button, you can see all the information about your target phone. If your target phone uses device in other language and you have no knowledge about this language so you can use this app. Just download this app on your phone and create an account. Get the iCloud and password as you will need it. After this process, you can easily control your target device.


This app is designed for controlling a remote device. You can search all the data what you need from your target device, but you need to download this app. You can also track your target devices or see its live location, its browser history. Manage all the social media account or read the message. You can also see the multimedia file or if you want to delete some file so you can do it easily.

Screen time

Screen time is one of the best apps used by parents for spying their children’s phone. It is basically a remote control device; you can also control an iOS or iphone. With the help of this app, you can block any app of your choice. You can also track your child’s live location.


With the help of this app you can control your kid’s phone or see all the activity. You can easily block any website on your phone. You need high-speed internet connection to use this app. You can also set a remote filter to control the internet search list. You need to register on this app and install this software on your target phone. After installation, see all the activity about your target device.

Team viewer for remote control

This app is used by many people and let you control the mobile of their loved once. This app mainly used for controlling the employee’s phone. You can see what your employee share with others or their call details or also see the browser history. You can also see their phone multimedia and files. You need to download this app on your mobile and complete the registration process and fill your target devices information.


RemoDroid provides remote controlling. You need to download this app and connect your target phone. Once you connect with your target phone, you get all the information about your target device. You can control the device, see all images, videos and also change the setting of your target phone. You can find all the information about your target phone on your dashboard.

Why FreePhoneSpy is the best app

There are many apps available on the internet but here I discuss with you the best app- FreePhoneSpy. This app provides many feature comparison to other apps. It provides GPS tracking, spying text, call logs, multimedia files, etc. This app works quite simple and its work on android, iOS, etc. This app is really reliable compared to another one.

This app provides you 24-hour technical supports if you have any query you will get the immediate results. Their customer support team solves your problem quickly and provides you the best solution.

This app has GPS tracker with the help of this you can find your lost phone or stolen phone. This tracker tracks your phone location. If your child has an emergency so you can reach before any trouble occurs.

If you are a businessman or you have a doubt on your employee. Likewise, he/she shares your company details with another company. If want to know about your employee, you can use this app. You can spy your employee phone with the help of this app to easily see all the information about your employee’s phone. Read all messages that your employee received or sent.

FreePhoneSpy app has a keylogger feature that helps you to know the entire password about your target phone. This feature records all the word that target user types on their phone.


Today you really need to know about your child activity to keep them safe from any trouble. You should download this app as it has all essential features. It works best and cost nothing.



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