Is It Possible to Find My Lost iPhone

Is It Possible to Find My Lost iPhone?

Best Way to Find My Lost iPhone

In today’s world technology plays an important role in our life. From sending work emails to watching movies when you are in a cab. A smartphone is capable of doing so much. Our smartphone is the smartest invention to make a portable computer system. But it is better than a computer system. A smartphone helps us to stay connected to everyone that we like, even our boss. I know we all might not like our boss but with a smartphone, communication becomes so easy.

Best Way to Find My Lost iPhone
Best Way to Find My Lost iPhone

In between all this, if you lost your phone or it got stolen, your life will certainly come to a halt for a while. You have all your pictures stored in it, all your important work documents and you might have stored some of your bank details as well. Losing all these information certainly be a nightmare for anyone and no one ever want to lose their phone. But Is It Possible to Find My Lost iPhone? in case you, unfortunately, lost it.

Luckily our smartphones are indeed very smart, all the different platforms of a smartphone come with inbuilt mobile tracking features that users can use to track, lock or erase data from their smartphone. In this article, we are going to talk about the native mobile tracking app of iPhone.

Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone is a native app that comes pre-loaded with every Apple device. This is a simple app that stays connected to your iPhone with your Apple Id. The app offers three simple features that users can use in case they have lost their phone.

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Step to use it to Find My Lost iPhone

In order to use this method to track your phone, all you need is a computer with a working internet connection. Simply type “Find My iPhone” in any browser or open your iCloud account. Log-in with the same iCloud I’d that you have used in your phone. After that you can see the option “Find My iPhone” option, click on it and it will give your three options. First one is ‘Track’ you can use this feature to locate your phone. As clicking on track will show you the location of your phone on Maps.

Features of Find My iPhone

In order to use the “Find My iPhone” feature all you need is a computer system with any browser on it or another phone with “Find My iPhone” app installed on it. If you are not using another phone with the app already installed on it then you’ll require to access a computer system with internet connection on it. After finding a computer system open up the browser and go to the iCloud website. Login with the Apple ID that you have used to activate your iPhone, there you’ll see the Find My iPhone option on the dashboard of the main screen. Click on it and then select the device that you want to locate or trace. The process might take some time so be patient.

The other feature called ‘ring’ and it very useful if you have misplaced your iPhone somewhere in the office or your home and unable to find it. By clicking on the ring, your phone will start ringing no matter if the ringer of your phone is on or off. The last feature is the ‘erase’ feature. As its name suggests users can use this feature to wipe out data from their phone. So that the thief won’t find anything in case they get into your phone.

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