Top 10 Apps Can Remotely Monitor Phone Activity

Top 10 Apps Can Remotely Monitor Phone Activity

Top 10 best Apps that can remotely monitor Smartphone Activity

Nowadays, there are many phone monitoring tracker apps available online for download on their official sites. Many of the people face challenges for choosing the best phone monitoring app. this article presents you with the best phone tracker app to choose from. Following apps are ranked top 10 globally and have the best monitoring option that you will find useful. There has been broad users review concerning spy apps. These spy apps are offered by the most experienced and trained professionals. The critical analysis of spy app features shows that they have huge spying tools and gain top rankings of developers and users. So that’s why these are considered to be the most affordable and convenient option.

Top 10 best Apps that can remotely monitor Smartphone Activity
Top 10 best Apps that can remotely monitor Smartphone Activity

These apps filled with some similar features and functions that distinguish them among the rest of similar spy software. In this article you get all information to choose the best phone monitoring app. The phone monitoring software helps the user with spying and monitoring target device. This is a most important feature helps to recover lost or stolen phone. Youngsters are careless they will talk any random person on social media platform or other chatting platforms, especially if you are a parent you need to monitor their activity or check whether they are talking with an inappropriate person. This fact raises a concern among parents and brings necessity to use spy app.

Introduction to phone monitor apps

The spy apps are the next generation of phone surveillance software. The mobile tracker apps record the incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, surroundings of the target phone. These types of apps let you monitor various activities of target phones such as real-time location, GPS tracker, SMS tracker, social media spy, monitoring calls, videos, access multimedia and many more. These apps are used for tracking criminals as well, or cop to use for their secret operation. The business owners use these apps to monitor the activity of their employees.

Features of phone monitor apps

GPS tracker– this is the best feature of tracking target device and helps in easing in many applications. You can easily track the location of your victim via phone monitoring app. You can restrict geolocation and present yourself anywhere on the earth, you can find this tracker appropriate to find locations. If you notice your partner is misbehaving with you, then you can check where he/ she are going. Instead of following you can check where they are traveling. This location history is stored in the servers and can be reviewed anytime. This tracker automatically turns on the mobile tracker and sends you real-time location of the target person.

Text message spy– you can also read the chats and messages that are incoming and outgoing from the target phone, the conversation will be easily monitored and you can reply or talk on behalf of the concerned person. As we know most of the people use Facebook messenger or other chatting platforms for making a plan especially teenagers, as a parent you are curious about what your child is talking it shows the mentality. So in this way you can constantly keep an eye on your child activity without letting them know, even you can know whether they are misusing the internet or not.

Call recording/voice recording– this is the most advantageous feature of phone monitor apps. You can listen to all the calls of victim phones and this can be easily recorded and stored in the server, you can figure out the person intentions. Accurate listening is possible with this feature; also you can listen to the voices of the surroundings of nearby the target phone. All the voices and text messages can be fetched through spy apps. This is the best feature that can be successfully represented the proof or evidence of a crime.

Access multimedia files- you can get all the control of the target phone and get all the important details of video files, photos, screenshots, and other multimedia files.

Access web browser history- from the remote device a person can check the browser history of the target phone. Parents can check the browsing history what they are searching on the web. If they are searching inappropriate content you can block the sites.

Some top apps you can use for monitoring a phone:

#1 FreePhoneSpy

#1 FreePhoneSpy
#1 FreePhoneSpy

After reading this article of top phone monitor app, helps you to decide which one is better for you. The FreePhoneSpy seems to be the best phone monitor app; it has an attractive and useful feature. This is the perfect phone monitor without access to the target phone, over the years people prefer to use FreePhoneSpy, because of its easy functionality. The FreePhoneSpy is compatible with the huge variety of operating platform for both IOS and android phone. This software comes at most reasonable prices makes it the suitable option for parents, business owners, professionals and others who wants remote control any device.

Why you should use FreePhoneSpy

  • The FreePhoneSpy is the most powerful phone monitor software with highly innovative features
  • You can monitor phone virtually with remote and invisible access
  • Because it cost less so that anyone can use it
  • As the business owner if you want to monitor all company-owned phones to make sure they are not misusing it. This application completely work invisibly, it will never appear target phone
  • This app works on both IOS and Android platform and works on all networks
  • Also, FreePhoneSpy has been featured by several popular media outlets
  • It is very easy to use and easily can be installed in the target phone
  • The professional team is 24/7 presents to solve your queries in each step

#2 NetSpy

#2 NetSpy
#2 NetSpy


One out of all NetSpy is the best monitoring app amongst them. You can use phone tracker app with every kind of electronic device. It comes at the price of FREE. It will impress you and offer an enjoyable experience while monitoring target device.

#3 Track My Phone

#3 Track My Phone
#3 Track My Phone


The Track My Phone phone monitoring app is recommended for the parents to use this software and ensures that their children not getting in the wrong activities. The price of this software is FREE. You can anonymously view the action of the victim phone. You can monitor SMS, calls, social sites call making parents secure about their children contacts. This app consists of a GPS tracker feature allows seeing the location of the target person.

#4 PhoneSpying

This app has one of the best spying and tracking feature, where you can track the victim phone activity. It is the effective and efficient tool for tracking. It took $1498 for services, many business owners use this Smartphone monitoring app to track and monitor the activities of their employees. It is important what their employees sharing about their company. Even couples and spouses can use this software; to track an individual is cheating. And with the easy interface it is easy to use.

#5 SpyZee

The SpyZee can be used for professional purposes; business owners can use this app to easily monitor employee phone activity. You can get access to MMS and SMS and also track incoming and outgoing calls. You can use this app to meet your spying needs because it allows users to remain to access information from the target phone. This app costs $22.9 for the services.

#6 TheTruthSpy

This phone tracker app cost price of $16.99 and serves the best services covering all the spying needs, you can get all the access to the target device. This app is compatible with the different device such as Apple device, windows, android, and blackberry device. This apps offer various features like monitors text, emails, calls, GPS tracker and so on.

#7 Highster Mobile

This app provides a chance to monitor phone activity remotely. The highster is suitable for windows, Apple iphone, blackberry, android devices. This app cost $69.99 for services; you can try its demo version from its official site. The installation process is easy, you need this monitoring app for anonymous monitoring and it is one of the most useful monitoring apps.

#8 Phonesheriff

The phonesheriff is a secret cell tracker program has gained huge popularity; it enables you to get details about situations like monitoring details of the victim phone. It gives real-time tracking feature. It comes at the price of $49.

#9 Mobistealth

It is the international tacking software will enable you to access the device remotely, it posses reliable tracking features. If your device is stolen or lost and its signal not be detected, then this software let you recovering this. It costs about $79 for services. This software let you get information and activity of target phone.

#10 MobileSpy

This software helps you to meet all your spying needs and monitoring phones remotely. This software costs more than $49.97 which is quite enough. Especially this app is useful for parents to watch their children activity. This application is convenient for use.


These are some top phone monitor app. amongst them FreePhoneSpy is top and reliable spy app available at affordable cost. You can download it from for fast download.

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