Know about Top 10 Hidden and Stealth Phone Monitoring Apps for Android and iPhone

The Smartphone is one of the most important assets for every single person; with the help of this device, you are able to perform multiple tasks. There are various benefits of smart phones like you can capture your photos, videos, operate social media sites, and communicate with your friend and family easily. So basically Smartphone make our lives much easier. Despite this, if you are worried about your child activity on the internet or you have a doubt on your partner activity then you can use spy apps. There are many spy apps available online you can use to track a person without their knowledge.

Know about Top 10 Hidden and Stealth Phone Monitoring Apps for Android and iPhone
Know about Top 10 Hidden and Stealth Phone Monitoring Apps for Android and iPhone

You can install spy apps on any target mobile device and this spy app lets you monitor their social media, read their text messages, track their locations, and record their calls and more. All the record date will be stored on your spy app control panel and you can access it from anywhere. There are many spy apps available from Android and iOS, but only a few are worth your time. In this article, we are discussing some top 10 best spy apps that could help you to monitor your loved one’s activity without any hassle.

#1 FreePhoneSpy

#1 FreePhoneSpy
#1 FreePhoneSpy

It is one of the best spy apps available online. This app is free to download and it is legal to use. This is a mobile monitoring app that has been taking care of all your personal and professional digital safety needs. This spy app runs in a stealth mode and captures all the activity of the target mobile in 100% undetectable way. FreePhoneSpy supports both the Android and iOS device and helps you to monitor your dear one’s personal activity. This app provides a 24×7 customer support that will help you to sort out all problems arise during app installation. To know more about this app you can visit


  • GPS phone tracker
  • Live call recording
  • Spy SMS
  • monitor social media activity and web history
  • check multimedia files and more

#2 NetSpy

#2 NetSpy
#2 NetSpy


It is the second more popular spy app that is available online. This cell phone monitoring app supports both Android and iOS device and it is easy to use. To use this spy app you just have to install the NetSpy app on the target phone, and then activate your license code. Once this process is done, you will be able to monitor the phone’s activity remotely through the NetSpy online portal. NetSpy has features like social media monitoring such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc, keylogger, call recorder and more. This app provides a good customer service and it can be used as parental control software for mobile phone.

NetSpy allows parents to control their child activity on their android and apple iPhone without knowing their password. You can download this spy app from its official website and it charges you very less amount.

#3 Track My Phone

#3 Track My Phone
#3 Track My Phone


It is a professional spy app that offers you spying android and iPhone mobile device in a very easy way. You can track the Smartphone activity of a target person without knowing them. This phone monitoring app is very easy to installation and any person can use this spy app without having technical knowledge. This app allows you to take screenshot remotely, you can get full access to check messages, contact list, listen to call recording of target mobile device. To use this spy application, you have to pay the amount of money and you can also try its free versions before you buy their premium version.

To access target mobile information you have to root or jailbreak the target phone in order to install it. All the data collection of the target device can be viewed through a web-based portal or mobile app.

#4 TheTruthSpy

It is the most basic and most used spy tool that is available online. The most important features of this spy tool are that it does not require being a person more technical sound to use this app. With the help of this spy tool, you can monitor browser history, social media history of Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber etc. this spy tool supports both android and iPhone device. You can monitor your child or spouse activity without knowing them and protect them from any bad activity. This spy tool has features like intercept calls, constant monitoring, listen to surroundings sounds, crack passwords, and track multimedia files and more.

#5 PhoneSheriff

It is a full-featured cell phone tracker app that runs on iOS and Android devices. This spy app is easy to install and configure and this app has all the features including phone tracking, remote tracking, record cell phone activities and more. This app is known parental control app, which allows you to remotely control your child’s device usage and allow parents to block specific apps, websites, contacts and more. If you are searching for parental control software then I think it is a complete solution you have been searching for.

It has many parental control features than any other tracking app and lets you monitor your child’s activity, block specific apps and set limits. You can download this spy app from its official site.

#6 GuestSpy

The best thing about this spy tool is that it is free to use. This spy app is really helpful in hacking into an android and iPhone device. This spy app ranged one among best-hidden spy tool and allow features like access to text messages, calls, multimedia files, cell phone tracking, it gives facility to monitor employees and kids, it can work on any platform and more. Additional it has more features like live control panel, remote control, track GPS location, manage calls and text messages, monitor internet use, view multimedia files, spy call, 100% undetectable, and money back guarantees.

#7 MobiStealth

This is a spying and monitoring app that allows you to check out the doubtful situations created by your spouse, kids or your employees. This spy app is availed for the users with the mobile and desktop version. This spy app does not require of jail breaking or rooting the target device. As per its compatibility, it easily interacts with leading operating systems like Android and iPhone. You can remotely check the current location of the target device which works in integration with GPS locator and either you are miles away from the target device, this application allows you to keep an eye of your loved ones.

This spy app records the call details remotely and also removes the unnecessary data and saves the necessary files. This spy tool has very reliable and cost-effective and has user responsive interface.

#8 Spyzie

It is leading phone tracking and monitoring application in this field. This spy tool allows you to track down the text messages, call log history, real-time GPS locations, media files, nearly all social media sites, and also the web history. The downloading and installing steps are quite easy and you do not need to jailbreak. You can easily operate this spy tool in three steps like creating an account, activating the Spyzie on the target device and last you can monitor every single activity through its control panel. You can secretly monitor the target mobile device. It is compatible with all leading operating systems like android, iOS and other.

#9 SpyZee

It is a versatile monitoring app which comes with compatibility for both Android and iOS devices. With the help of this spy tool, you will be able to monitor every single activity in the target mobile device. It is easy to use and install, helps you to check out the conversations remotely, and provides device location and more. This spy tool has user responsive interface and compatible with leading OS. You can use its trial version and also buy its premium version to access its more features. You can download this application form its official website or any reliable site.

#10 PhoneSpying

If you looking for hidden and stealth phone monitoring for Android and iPhone then PhoneSpying is the right one for you. This spy tool is easy to use and install and you can download it from its official site and start monitoring your kids, spouse or employee activity without knowing them. It comes with several important features such as hack SMS, monitor emails, phone calls, call logs, social media sites such as Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram etc. The first subscription is free of cost and to access more features you have to buy the premium version and which cost you very less amount.


The above mention is best phone monitoring apps that will definitely help you to spy anyone activity in a hidden way. Spy tool or phone monitoring software is the best option to monitor your kid’s activity, catch your cheated spouse and for many other personal reasons. This tool is also adopted by many business or big companies to monitor their employee activity and keep their data confidential and for other safety needs. You can easily install this app and any person can use this phone monitoring app for various legal purposes.



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