Best 10 Free Cell Phone Spy Apps

Best 10 Free Cell Phone Spy Apps
Best 10 Free Cell Phone Spy Apps
Review: Best 10 Free Cell Phone Spy Apps
  • Top 1: FreePhoneSpy
  • Top 2: PhoneSpying
  • Top 3: TheTruthSpy
  • Top 4: NetSpy
  • Top 5: GuestSpy
  • Top 6: iSpyoo
  • Top 7: StealthGenie
  • Top 8: Phonesheriff
  • Top 9: MobileSpy Agent
  • Top 10: SpyBubble


Here in the article, we have brought the top 10 Best and Free Cell Phone Spy Apps available for one to choose for spying.

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Best 10 Free Cell Phone Spy Apps in the Market

It can be really very much daunting for one to pick up the right type of mobile spyware when there are numbers of options available. Plus who has enough time to look after all the review of those spying application and then choose the right one for them. But the problem is that if one subscribes for the poorest one, he will not be getting any refund. Yep, one will get petty stick to that. This is why it is crucial for one to do evaluate the options pretty closely and then pay for it.

Best 10 Free Cell Phone Spy Apps in the Market
Best 10 Free Cell Phone Spy Apps in the Market

But no need to worry here we have made the job much easier for you. Here in the article, we have brought the top 10 Best and Free Cell Phone Spy Apps available for one to choose for spying. With this guide, you can choose the reliable app for you that suit all your requirements.

Top 1: FreePhoneSpy

Top 1: FreePhoneSpy
Top 1: FreePhoneSpy

Today, FreePhoneSpy as compared to other spying tool is listed on the top as the best spying and monitoring tool for spying the activities of employees, spouse, and children. Today it is considered to be the next generation tool of spying on activities of the targeted person. A hacker can easily install this app directly into the compatible device that one wishes to monitor. This program inserts activity logs in hackers account.

A hacker can log in its account from any web browsers. It is the user-friendly application that is used easily with no hassle. The mobile monitoring tool is working in hidden or stealth mode on the targeted person device in order to track various activities like GPS location, web history, calendar updates, text messaging, call logs etc. just follow the instructions on how you can install it given on its official website and begin spying.

Why it is good to use

  • It is compatible will various devices like android, windows, iOS, Blackberry etc.
  • It is easy to afford.
  • It is easy and safer to download.
  • It is having various good features that make hacking more beneficial.

What are the features this app offers

  • It offers automatically phone call recording features that help in recording all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Through this tool, one can read all the IM messages on various messaging app of the suspected person.
  • It assures one in GPS location tracking easily that helps the person in easily finding out the exact current location of the employee, spouse or kids. Also, the best benefit of using this feature is that one can find out his or her phone if forgotten or stolen or even lost.
  • It is offering monitoring the web use. The hacker make effective of use this feature to bring out what’s site the suspected person is visiting and if in case he found that the target user is using the inappropriate site, he can do easy blocking of it.

Top 2: PhoneSpying

Top 2: PhoneSpying
Top 2: PhoneSpying


This application is one of the top leading spyware that is the combination of highly advanced monitoring and spying features. It comes with wide range of tracking options with quality and affordability. It not only serves the surveillance app for parents and kids but also the location of the tracking solution. Some of the incredible features of this tool include message and phone call spying, multimedia spying, GPS location tracking, email and web browser monitoring, surrounding and phone call recordings and remotely control. It has introduced advanced features like the keylogger, WhatsApp monitoring etc. This app due to compatibility has become the incredible choice and is compatible with Android and iOS.


  • It is compatible.
  • It is supporting offline tracking.
  • It offers 30+ good features.
  • Free Demo.
  • It detects deleted messages also.

Top 3: TheTruthSpy

Top 3: TheTruthSpy
Top 3: TheTruthSpy


It is another best application for spying. The name itself suggests that it is a phone tracking app that has many good features. A hacker does the monitoring of GPS location, get SIM change alerts, web browsing history, view phonebooks, spy on calls and track the phone if lost, stolen or forgotten. It is really cheap solution for monitoring employees and kid’s activities. It is user-friendly. As it is compatible it runs n iOS and Android.


  • No need of jailbreaking the device when using the app.
  • It’s a 3-in-1 solution, it protects, tracks kids and monitors employees.

Top 4: NetSpy

Here comes another effective spyware that helps one in recoding the messages, call logs, IM messaging, keylogger, web browsing, geo-fencing etc. It is fully capable of running in hidden mode. One need not have to jailbreak or root the device to make it function. It is offering intricate and nice features like capturing screenshots and video previewing. It is compatible and easy to afford.


  • It is the good solution to monitor the employees and kid activities from the remote location.
  • No jailbreaking or rooting is needed.
  • It also provides user decent interface that can be easily used.

Top 5: GuestSpy

It is also another top 10 ranking spyware that is available in a broad range of spying features. This app is available in various packages that are available from basic to all advanced features. The features are like viewing text messages, monitoring web history, tracking GPS locations, doing call recording, Gmail logging, keylogging, surround recording etc. This app is offering computer and mobile monitoring, thus a perfect choice for hackers. It is a PC monitoring tool that can help one in protecting one interest by giving the continuous monitoring online activities. It supports Mac, Android, PC, iPad, iOS tracking.


  • It is offering the wide range of features at affordable charges.
  • It is supporting mobile and desktop monitoring.
  • Advanced features keylogger, WhatsApp monitoring.

Top 6: iSpyoo

This is mobile spy tool to check the employees and protect the family and even deals with partner cheating with you. This app distinguished feature is it allows you in monitoring calls on Skype and Viber. The other features like GPS tracking, viewing contacts, photos, hacking IM chats, viewing web browsing is also offered. A free trial version is too offered. With one account hacker can spy on 3 people.


  • It offers features like Skype and Viber video calls.
  • A 48-free trial version is offered.

Top 7: StealthGenie

Here is another best spy tool that allows hacker in monitoring all the activities on the smart mobile phone that running blackberry, iOS and Android. With this app, the hacker can easily read all outgoing and incoming text messages and call logs, IM chats, emails, remotely monitor phone and can also intercept callings.


  • This is the package of advanced monitoring features particularly for parents.
  • Hacker can pay very less money as compared to the god features they get.

Top 8: Phonesheriff

It is designed particularly for the parents who want to keep the tabs on the tablet and phone activities of their children. It’s not really spying tool because the child is easily notified before installs it on his/her device. If one wants to hack kid in discretion, the app icon can be turned off. It not only makes kid to be spied but monitors employees as well. Along with the features like GPS tracking, SMS tracking, call tracking, viewing multimedia files, IM chats, setting alerts. Also, it offers features like time restrictions, phone locking, contact blocking, website blocking etc. It is compatible with iOS and android.


  • It’s a reliable solution for parents for monitoring and controlling activities of kids.
  • The charges of the app are reasonable.
  • Hacker can use it for taking remote camera snapshot and records the phone surrounding.

Top 9: MobileSpy Agent

It is a reliable and simple spying tool with common features of tracking. If one is seeking for budget option and you don’t need the complicated tool, this is the right option. It allows on in accessing the text messages, call history, photos, GPS location, get information of device like IMEI, installed apps etc. It is compatible with iOS and android and works only on jailbroken iOS devices.


  • It is pretty for one to use.
  • It is having all basic features of spying and works effectively.

Top 10: SpyBubble

It is another best mobile spyware with some good features of spying. Along with the basic features of spying, it is offering the feature of logging. It is not providing restrictions or block features. The application was designed for the parents and employees to all answers about all the suspicious activities they think that might all around them is happening those. It is compatible with platforms like windows, android, iOS, and blackberry etc.


  • It is easy to afford.
  • It with the wide range of devices is compatible.
  • No recurring billing is there.


These are all top 10 best and reliable Free Cell Phone Spy Apps available in the market. All these effectively helps one in easily protecting the children, monitoring the activities of employees, catching the cheating spouse and backing up phone data as well. But I will recommend you use FreePhoneSpy. Just download it from its official website and enjoy spying.