Top 5 Free Anti Spyware for Android and iPhone

Top 5 Free Anti Spyware for Android and iPhone

Get the Best Free Anti Spyware for your device

Looking for an anti-spyware that can prevent your mobile phone from any spyware tool on your device? You are at the right place, we have a picked some of the best anti-spyware software that can monitor everything suspicious on your device. Today, market is flooded with the spy apps and most of the people are using it to spy on their better halves or on their kids. This activity is wrong and kills your privacy no matter how important is spying. Many people become a victim of this activity and cannot do anything about it. However, you can do something about it because if there is a problem then there is definitely a solution and the solution is anti-spyware.

Get the Best Free Anti Spyware for your device
Get the Best Free Anti Spyware for your device

Similar to anti-virus that protects the device from the harmful malware and programs, anti-spyware protect the device from unknown installed application on your device that installed automatically. Some sites or links installs harmful applications on the device without your permission. These apps steal all your information without your information and thus your privacy is at stake. These applications steal vital information such as:

  • Account details and password of the device
  • Gallery pictures which may be private
  • Your messages and contacts
  • Can check your location
  • Information from your social media
  • Use your social accounts by stealing their password and ID

All these information are vital and if they reached in wrong hands then you can be a victim of crime that is not committed by you. Your whole life can be ruin so stay aware of such apps. Moreover, not every time you can check for the unknown apps moreover it is not possible because such apps are good at hiding themselves. They work in the background of the device and steal everything from the background. They secretly deliver all the information to the user who has actually put that application on your device. It may be anyone, may be someone who is close to you or your enemy.

The only option is to install anti-spyware and stay protected from such harmful applications. So, can you name any anti-spyware apps? No, don’t worry then, we are here to help you. There are several apps that work as anti-spyware but not all works as per the expectation. So, here is again a tough job for you. Which spyware is best? Well, you have to find it on your own we will tell you about only top 5 apps that are considered best by the other users. Have a look on them and decide which one suits you.

The top anti-spyware of the year

  • FreePhoneSpy
  • Anti Spy mobile free
  • iAmNotified
  • Anti Spyware
  • Privacy Scanner

These are the best spyware of the year. Now, let us discuss about them one by one.

#1 FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is however a spying application that also works as anti-spyware. This mobile monitoring app has been in use in personal and professional aspects of life since its introduction. Thousands of families and individuals trust this application for their digital safety needs. It works on every platform such as iPhone and Android. The application offers special features such as

FreePhoneSpy also works on background from where it can keep eye on everything that happens on device. Whenever, a new app will install on your device it will notify you immediately. You can allow FreePhoneSpy to uninstall the apps downloaded from unknown and insecure sources. You can also it to prevent calls and messages being hacked by other applications. The best feature of FreePhoneSpy is that it can notify you even when you are not using your device. It has its own control panel that can be accessed from any computer or laptop provided it has internet connection. So, you are not dependent on your device.

#2 Anti spyware mobile free

Spying is a common habit in relationship with trust issues. Partner spy or monitor their other halves using spying tools and this ruin the relationship. Such applications may or may not solve problems but they definitely ruin the relationship. If you think that you are also spied by your partner and need your privacy then install Anti spyware mobile free. It can be installed on both android and iPhone. The spyware offers you these many pros:

  • Protect all the sensitive information of your device
  • The app is reliable
  • Automatically handles the tasks without asking for permission every time
  • it is free of cost

However, it may pose some difficulties while using it and may ask for payment at the later stages.

Download Anti Spy Mobile Free at:

#3 iAmNotified- anti spy system

As the name suggest it will notify you when others will be keeping an eye on you. Whether you set password or leave your device without any password, it will still work and prevent the device. It works in real time. It also allows you to block the person spying on you.


  • Simple to use
  • Have double function means you will be notified about the person spying on you and also inform other that you are watching them
  • Automatically update history log

However, iAmNotified- anti spy system works only on iOS thus android users cannot use it. Moreover, It is not available free of cost, you have to pay $2.99 to use it.

Download iAmNotified at:

#4 Anti spyware

Only android users can use this application for detecting all malwares and spying tools on their device. it is user friendly and has simple user interface. However, it requires permission to use internet and cannot be used by iPhone users. The app is available for free.

Get Super Anti Spyware at:

#5 Privacy scanner (anti-spy) free

Privacy scanner whether your privacy is secure or not means if anyone has installed the spy tool secretly on your device, it will tell you. It’s a free mobile application for spying. It scans using heuristics. It can detect spy apps whether UonMap or SpyBubble. No spying tool can be hidden from the privacy scanner. Similar to anti spyware it is only designed for android devices. If you have android device then you can install it free of cost

Get Privacy scanner at:

Benefits of FreePhoneSpy over other applications

Undetected– the application itself is undetected which means the person spying on you will not be able to notify that you know about him. You can block them or instead spy on their device.

Good support– the spying applications can be quite tough to use for the first time users. They may face difficulties such as where to check for the messages and call logs. The FreePhoneSpy is simple to use and you can learn its usage form the official website. Moreover, in case you don’t understand anything then take help from its helpdesk. The support team is available 24 hours 7 days just for you.

Use from anywhere- it allow its use from remote location means whether you are at home or nearby your device or not, you can still get every information. This feature may not be present in other anti-spyware.

Compatible– FreePhoneSpy is well known for its compatibility. Other applications as mentioned above are either compatible with android or iPhone but FreePhoneSpy works with every platform. Thus, users don’t have to download other application on their second device. They can use the device from same account.

FreePhoneSpy requires a user account in order to use it. Make an ID the same way you do at social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram. However, make a strong password and remember it. You can change the password anytime you wish.


The spying is now easy method to know the truth about someone and spying their device can tell you more secrets. Manual spying is an outdated method thus spying software is in use. As most software has flaws thus you can use these flaws as an advantage. Same is done with spyware which make use of loops of spy tools and detect them easily.

Now, you can detect the suspect spying on you. So, go for any one anti-spyware that we have discussed above but our recommendation is to use FreePhoneSpy.

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