How to Use iCloud to Find My iPhone

How to Use iCloud to Find My iPhone

Way to Use iCloud to Find My iPhone

Freephone spy lets you track your iPhone if it gets lost, misplaced or stolen. It easily tracks a lost device from any space only if it has an internet connection. It not only let the user tracks his lost device but also delete the data of the device from a remote location. This way it will not get in wrong hands. However, it is not one great method to find your phone but also a secure way to monitor the device. So, all the users who have no idea how to use the app or track it, we are here to guide them all through the way.

Way to Use iCloud to Find My iPhone
Way to Use iCloud to Find My iPhone

Find a lost iPhone in simple way

Follow these simple steps to find your iPhone using iCloud.

  • Go to the settings from your iPad or iPhone
  • Click on apple ID
  • Tap on iCloud
  • Go down in the list and click on find my iPhone
  • Enable this feature

This setting needs to be done on your mobile device. When you lost the phone you can use a computer to easily track it. Use iCloud to search your lost phone. Use the web version of iCloud and follow these steps.

  • Go to a web browser and open
  • Use iCloud credentials to log into your account
  • Go to the main menu and tap on find my iPhone
  • Enter the credentials and sign in
  • Click on all devices
  • Choose a device name that you wish to locate
  • View the device on the map by zooming in and out

It also has other features that let you easily locate the device if it is nearby. The play sound option is handy which turns on an audible tone. If the device is lost in the house then the phone will vibrate and you can easily get it back. The lost mode is another feature. You have to give your phone number which will get displayed on the lost device. Anyone who gets the device will call to this number. The phone will draw the attention of another user by playing an audible tone on it. In case your device is stolen the above features will be of no use.

You need to wipe off the data. Use erase feature to delete all private data. This will keep your information intact even if you cannot get the device back.

How to use FreePhoneSpy

The above method is possible only for tracking the lost device. Another method is using FreePhoneSpy which is more valuable. The app should be installed on the device. So, even if you don’t remember the iCloud password then also you can track an iPhone. However, you need to remember the credentials of FreePhoneSpy. Go to the control panel and see where your device is.

It is easy, click on the link Register on it, go to the control panel and click on the feature-GPS tracker. The device will get displayed on the map. This app works best than other methods as it has more valuable features to monitor a device like a call spy, browser history, SMS tracker, IM monitoring, ambient listening, remote control and more.

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