Top 6 Hidden and Secret Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Hacks

Top 6 Hidden and Secret Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Hacks

Top 6 best Hidden and Secret Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Hacks for You

Samsung galaxy grand prime is an amazing smartphone which was launched in September 2014 is a mid-budget range smartphone. The smartphone is 5-inches touchscreen phone that is powered by 1.2GHz quad-core processor as well as 1 GB RAM.  The smartphone also has a 1-inch display have a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. The phone boasts 8 GB of internal storage which is expandable to 32 GB by the memory card. The smartphone has become one of the famous brands among all types of smartphones because of features.

Top 6 best Hidden and Secret Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Hacks for You
Top 6 best Hidden and Secret Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Hacks for You

However, there are many who still ask how I can hack this Samsung Grand Prime. If you are also the one who needs the answer to this question then do read this article. The article will provide information about the 6 secret and hidden Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime hacks. All the hacking methods and tricks are easy and simple to use. So, read the below article and know all the 6 hidden ways of hacking this popular device.

Top 6 hidden and secret Samsung hacks

The smartphone is one of the most popular and notable devices that is an affordable that suits every person’s budget. With the help of Samsung galaxy grand prime hacks that are mentioned here, you will easily be able to use the device to its maximum. The hacks include the entire thing from spying to making use of different shortcuts keys as well as actions to launch different tools and utilities of this device.

1# FreePhoneSpy

One of the most powerful and widely used hacking tools that can help you hack someone’s Samsung galaxy grand prime then Free Phone Spy is best for you. It is spying as well as monitoring application that is mainly designed for parents to easily monitor all the activities of kids on their phone. The application works smoothly on all devices. The application offers various exciting features and benefits which no other spying and monitoring application can offer. The application is also undetectable and you can remotely control the device.

Using this app, you can easily spy on all the activities that suspect do on his or her phone. The user can also monitor call logs, text messages and other websites that are surfed on the internet. Along with this, you can also note the exact date and time when the call or messages was sent and received. However, to use this application you have to follow few below-mentioned steps-

  1. Visit the official website– the first and foremost thing that you have to do is go to the official website of this app and agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned on the first page of the website.
  2. Download and install the application– once you have agreed to all the terms and conditions download the application and install it on suspect’s device. Once the application is downloaded and installed, you create a new account.
  3. Login with the account– once you have created the new account you can use the same email id and password for login to your account.

After this, you can get access to the application’s control panel where you can easily get all the activities recorded. You can monitor the browsing history and other details of the target person.

The application offers its user’s different unique features also that are-

  • Access to social networking sites and apps
  • Read text messages and SMS
  • Instant call recording
  • Monitor call logs
  • Monitor browsing history
  • Track calendar updates
  • Keylogger

All these features will help you know what your loved ones are doing on their phone all the time, where they are and with whom they talk all the time.

2# hidden Samsung secret codes

These are alphanumeric characters that are used to troubleshoot or easily access different functions of the device. The hidden and secret codes are generally used by the advanced mobile developers and programmers to easily operate the device without getting into the setting option to check everything. These hacks are not malicious to smartphones in any way as per the users. All the smartphones available in the market, Android and iPhone have secret codes which may differ from one manufacturer to another. So, Samsung devices also have different secret codes.

Using these codes is quite simple, you just have to open the phone dialer and type the particular combination of codes and then hit the call button. There are few codes that work even without pressing the call button.

3# improving battery performance

This smartphone has 2600mah battery but sometimes this is also insufficient of use. This usually happens because of the unnecessary as well as inefficient use of device resources like display, CPU, high brightness, etc. This smartphone will help users to increase the battery life of the device. To easily increase the battery life of the device, you can get away with this unnecessary load from the device battery by reducing the screen brightness through auto mode. This will easily increase or decrease the phone brightness as per the light available.

4# switch between the applications

With the built-in task manager of this device; you can instantly switch between the different applications that are running at the background for simple and easy multitasking. You just have to tap on multitasking option and scroll up and down on the app that you wish to use and after this tap on it. The running application will then be sent on the background and selected application will become your new running app.

5# close multiple apps once

Through the app switcher window; you can easily close the running apps just by swiping it left or right. However, this process is considered troublesome when there are a lot of applications opened and you have to close them. Closing this will take a lot of effort and time to close all the apps one by one. But Samsung galaxy grand prime hacks, you can close all the apps by just tapping once. For doing this, you have to open the task manager or you can say app switcher and hit the close button that is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

6# click pictures with HDR mode

The smartphone has 8 MPs rear shooter that is decent enough camera that helps you click the better quality picture. The camera sensors of the Samsung is amazing for taking high-resolution pictures but with its HDR mode which you can add with the picture quality. Its HDR mode is amazing for taking pictures in low and bright light.


So, these are the top 6 hidden and secret Samsung galaxy grand prime hacks that you can use to hack someone’s phone. These are well most preferred and widely used hacking methods. However, if you have to choose the best one then you should AppSpy as this is the most desirable and best spying and hacking application available online. The application will provide you all the best features and benefits that you can use to spy on another person’s activity without them knowing. The application will let parents and spouses know about their kids and partners without them knowing.

It is an amazing application which you can get online on its official website ( So without wasting time get this application installed and start hacking someone’s Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.

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