How Do I Track My Son iPhone without him knowing

How Do I Track My Son iPhone Without Him Knowing

In today’s digital world, people need interactive apps that helps them to establish connection with the mobile environment. One of the most important functionalities in mobiles is GPS. Because of GPS, the location of the user can easily be tracked.

When it comes to taking care of the sons, the parents need to be more cautious so as to prevent them from cyberbullying or any other online threats. One of the best ways is to track their location to know where they go. There are various options which are available for tracking the iPhone with the son knowing about it. For this, there are various online as well as offline modes of tracking the location of the person by tracking his/her iPhone.

Get the best 3 Ways to Track My Son iPhone without him knowing

Get the best 3 Ways to Track My Son iPhone without him knowing
Get the best 3 Ways to Track My Son iPhone without him knowing

One of the ways one can take care of his/her friends and families is tracking their location. These tracking apps can also help in those situations when the iPhone is lost or stolen. With the help of GPS system, the location of the device can easily be tracked. To use these apps, one needs to install them onto the device and then start tracking.

#1 Find my friends

One interesting feature of iPhone is “Find my friends”. This feature helps to track iPhone without the owner knowing about it. Though it has been developed by Apple itself, it has not been primarily designed for the purpose of spying. This app has the feature of sending notification as soon as the target iPhone device reaches or leaves a certain place. Thus, if the user has the authority to access the target iPhone device along with “Find my friends” option, the user will be able to track the target iPhone device without the owner knowing about it.

Step1: Turn on the option of “Share my location” on iPhone that’s the target. To switch on “Share my location” option, open “Find my friends” app. Go to the contacts. Enable the “Share my location” button beside the contact.

Step 2: Though iCloud account already has the sharing option for all the devices, it has to be ensured that sharing option is set as “This device” on the target iPhone device.

Step 3: Scroll down till the end. Tap on the “Airdrop” option by going into “Settings”. There will appear two options namely “Everyone” and “Contacts only”.

Step 4: Now on the target iPhone device, go to in “Find my friends” app. Click on the “Add” option. The user has to choose his/her contact on the target device. Select the “Share indefinitely” option on the target iPhone device to start tracking it.

Step 5: Now, the location of the target iPhone device will start appearing on the user’s phone. On a pop-up window, click on “Accept”. The other pop-up window will appear asking if the user too wants to share his/her location. Select “Don’t share”.

Step 6: The user needs to open “Find my friends” app. Then tap on the icon displaying the target iPhone device. Now, the user will start getting notifications about the location of the target device.

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#2 FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is one of the efficient methods to monitor the tracking of an iPhone without the owner knowing about it. The FreePhoneSpy package is available in a compatible mode. It is the most secured app by which one can take care of his/her friends as well as family members. It is a user-friendly app. The best feature is that not much technical knowledge is necessary to operate this app. This app also has the feature of tracking the movements of the employees in the office. Thus, FreePhoneSpy is helpful at both personal as well as professional end. Only a few steps need to be followed to start tracking iPhone without the owner of the target device being knowing about it.

Step 1: Firstly, the user needs to purchase the FreePhoneSpy subscription from the website. Once it is purchased, a unique ID will be sent to the email id of the user.

Step 2: For accessing the target iPhone device, click on the option to download the FreePhoneSpy app. For downloading, a prompt box will appear needing that unique ID which was received in the email. This will help to give the user the authority to access. After entering all the details, the user can start tracking the iPhone.

Step 3: Now, the user can go to the Control Panel. From the Control Panel, the user can easily track the target iPhone device remotely, by using the feature of GPS tracker. The user will have access to the target’s call logs, text messages and contacts. This accessibility is available from anywhere, be it mobile, PC, laptop or tablet.

#3 TheTruthSpy


One of the most frequently used apps for tracking iPhone is TheTruthSpy. It is the easiest way to track an iPhone without the owner knowing about it. The best part of this app is that one will be able to use the app without any need of jailbreaking into the iPhone. It is very easy to track the iPhone using TheTruthSpy by following steps:

Step 1: First of all, download the TheTruthSpy app. Install it in the iPhone. Sign up to create an account and complete the process of registration.

Step 2: Enter all the given fields. After filling it, go to Settings option of the iPhone device. Further go to “Lock screen”. Then tap on “Unknown sources”. Click on “OK” to move further.

Step 3: Click on “Download” button to download the app. Search APK in that file which has been downloaded.

Step 4: Open the TheTruthSpy app that is installed on iPhone device. Go the TheTruthSpy account. Click on “Start”. As soon as the app gets activated, the icon will go into the background of all the apps and be invisible.

Step 5: After the activation of TheTruthSpy, the user needs to visit the TheTruthSpy control panel. With the help of control panel, the user can change the photo, date, time and start GPS tracking.

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