How to track Android Phone from iPhone

How To Track Android Phone From iPhone

Cross Platform for tracking Android Phone from iPhone

It can so happen that you are using an iPhone for some time now and your children that are now slowly growing up had demanded a phone and you finally succumbed to their demands and have given them a android phone which is all fine and good. The problem is now while you are at work busy trying to build a better life for them, they might be using the phone for purposes not proper for their age.

Cross Platform for tracking Android Phone from iPhone
Cross Platform for tracking Android Phone from iPhone

So did you ever wonder how to track Android phone from iPhone? Well if you did the answer to that is yes now you can definitely do the tracking by following a few easy steps and swipes and clicks in your iPhone. There have been a huge surge of applications to serve this purpose of tracking not only your children but even your spouses and office employees.

If you are an office employer looking to protect the important files from going in the wrong places even by mistake by your employees then this applications are absolutely perfect for you. They will provide you with all the necessary answers on how to track Android phone from iPhone, just visit their websites and follow the usual log-in and installation steps. If you are having doubts in your spouse but don’t have sufficient proof to charge with any kind of conviction then this application will provide you with the information you need.

#1: FreePhoneSpy App for tracking Android Phone from iPhone

You might have already heard the name of this application from your friends or colleagues, this application software is a very commonly used application software in this genre and is the perfect fit solution to monitor your children while you are at work or even your spouses or employees. It is the perfect solution application on how to track Android phone from iPhone and is extremely user-friendly to use. FreePhoneSpy will give you a whole host of tracking options to suit your purpose. You will be able to track every photo and video stored in the gallery all the contact details and even WhatsApp and normal texts. You don’t have to worry anymore about what they are doing in Facebook or in the social media bubble as you will get access to that even. Get to know everything about Facebook chats and notifications and even Twitter. The subscription charges are really not that much and you will be able to install it by following the steps that are given or written just check their website register an account and its all very easy.

#2: TheTruthSpy App for tracking Android Phone from iPhone

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This application software was specially designed to keep the usage of smartphone by your children in check. The application will provide you with GPS tracking, get to know where the location of the tracked user is at every moment of time. It also gives you a control over screen time. So it is up to you to decide when the phone can be used an when not. The subscription charges are affordable.

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