How to track my wife's iPhone without her knowing

How To Track My Wife’s iPhone Without Her Knowing

You grow up admiring watching all the fairy love stories of a Tom Hanks film and finally when you are in a relationship you see the picture much different from what you had always dreamed to be. The real world, as they say, is much tougher and bitter and finding love that is faithful is indeed tricky and maybe even to some topic.

There might be a variety of reasons and point of views for the breakdown of a relationship but whatever be the case nothing perhaps defends cheating. This certainly depends on person to person and the whole trauma can be extremely devastating to the opposite person. No one deserves to be cheated and thankfully our modern world has now brought in a number of easy ways to see what your partners are up to, to save you from all the thinking images.

Get the best 3 Apps for tracking my wife’s iPhone without her knowing

Get the best 3 Apps for tracking my wife's iPhone without her knowing
Get the best 3 Apps for tracking my wife’s iPhone without her knowing

The spy applications that can be easily installed now will let you know instantly the whereabouts about and almost every movement including surrounding sounds and a number of helpful other stuffs. These applications are extremely modern in nature and you will be able to spy on your spouse without any sort of much difficulty. If you are thinking on “how to track my wife’s iPhone without her knowing”, then these are perfect solutions for you. They are non-detectable and you will finally have an answer to all your questions and all the proofs that you might have been wanting for long.

They are not at all much expensive and are quite affordable and much of the applications comes in a variety of subscription packages so you can choose whatever is the best for you. This might be the worst nightmare for you, but is probably necessary to make the clarions call before it gets too late, also these applications can also be positive and if your assumptions are baseless you can finally stop worrying.

#1 FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is one of the most trusted non-detectable spy applications, designed probably to provide you with an answer on “how to track my wife’s iPhone without her knowing”, these software can track from live GPS locations to every Instagram to WhatsApp text messages.

The installing process is very easy, you have to download the software from their website of FreePhoneSpy and install it on your wife’s phone. You will be notified of every call log details and contacts that are there on the phone, the normal browser history and Snapchat messages and Facebook or Twitter and every other social media activities. This application can be extremely helpful and can provide you with every detail you are searching for. The WhatsApp texts are a very important source of information and you will be able to learn a lot from with whom she is chatting and the topic of conversations.

#2 TheTruthSpy

The problem with spying absolutely discreetly without a touch of hint is that you have to perform a jailbreak. There are high chances that your wife will come to know about this and you will be counter charged, so to avoid any such problems TheTruthSpy is perhaps the most perfect solution. This spy app works fully in silence and will hide the jailbreak completely. If you don’t perform the jailbreak problem with that is you will be able to have access to a very few basic information which won’t come of much help, whilst once the jailbreak is done you will get complete free clear route to spy on every part and activity of the tracked phone.

TheTruthSpy will help you to keep instant updates of the live locations, so you will have knowledge at all times where your spouse are heading and the WhatsApp text tracking and social media phone tracking and call log lists including the entire time duration of every phone call will give you a knowledge of whom she is meeting with, without even asking her once. This application will basically try and keep you with every toe to toe movement of your spouse and you will even have the power to intercept and live calls you wish to or perhaps need to and the microphone will help you hear the surrounding voices of the current every locations of the phone. TheTruthSpy is one of the most recommended applications and is very popular and perhaps the most suitable solution.

#3 NetSpy

NetSpy, is an extremely popular application and is very highly often recommended. This application works in sync with iCloud and all you need to have is your wife’s iCloud ID and you are all set to track all the various informations. You will have access to every WhatsApp chat messages from where you can gather information what she might be hiding and whether all the suspicions you have been holding for long are really true or not, apart from that every call log details and call durations, contact details and even full access to the phone gallery where you will be able to view every photo that has ever been clicked. The browser history details and Facebook and Twitter and social apps tracking will give you a sense of what she is up to in the social media fantasy world.

If you want to download the application, visit their website set up your details create an account then fill in the necessary details of the person whose phone you want to track share the iCloud ID and switch to your phone and the process will start. NetSpy will also keep you notified of all the events and every video stored on the phone. The whole working of this application is extremely easy to use.


Whilst these applications may seem a bit far-fetched, these will provide you with almost all the answers you ever wanted since you started worrying about these issues. Get the final answer and be done with it for once and all.

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