The Best 7 Apps to Track Keystrokes on iPhone

Now, the technology is so advanced that you need not worry for any reason such as having the whereabouts of your children, their activities and threats they might be facing. Keylogger programmes are gaining popularity due to its high effectiveness, and utility. They also have ability to monitor underage children. This unique feature is making most keystrokes apps a great success in the IT industry.

The Best 7 Apps to Track Keystrokes on iPhone
The Best 7 Apps to Track Keystrokes on iPhone

These keystroke tracking apps are equally beneficial for both parents and employers. This is the reason they are seeing high number of installations, and fanfare. Do you know as parents what you can track with this app? Many parents engage such apps to get in depth info about cyber life of their underage children. Why employers are using them? It is is great for employers because they can track every activity of the employees once in the network. iPhone Keylogger apps are also useful to secure individual phone in case it gets stolen.

Now, clueless about which one to install? Find here some more relevant information related to these apps to track keystrokes for your iPhone.

1) K9 Web Protection

1) K9 Web Protection
1) K9 Web Protection


This app is great for all phones including iPhone. You can use them equally for tracking keystrokes on Nokia, BlackBerry, Android an iOS devices. It has filtering power for online content which helps it safeguard children from accessing inappropriate content. You can also use it for tracking call logs, messages and attachments.


Its performance is excellent

You can set time restrictions with the help of this app

You will get real time information for tracking the current activity


It doesn’t provide the user-friendly interface

2) TheTruthSpy iPhone Keylogger

2) TheTruthSpy iPhone Keylogger
2) TheTruthSpy iPhone Keylogger


You can use this great app for tracking applications such as WhatsApp, photos, browser history and social media activity which will help get data in real time mode. The big advantage of this app is its compatibility with Android OS, Windows OS and iOS devices. It has an excellent user interface to facilitate an easy operation.


You can easily use it without having any technological skills

You can monitor different kinds of data

You can get supports for several operating systems


It doesn’t hide the identity and the keylogger feature is visible on the targeted device

3) FreePhoneSpy

3) FreePhoneSpy
3) FreePhoneSpy

This most popular iPhone keylogger app is great for monitoring and tracking several kinds of data on the target device. You can gain full authority of the target device by blocking sites. You can also block applications and other features that you don’t want to let your child use anymore. You will get the 24/7 hour customer support for any unease in accessing the application. So, it is really helpful in time of need. It supports Android, Mac and iOS systems from version 6 and continues onwards.


You will get 24/7 hour support through emails and chats

You can control several phones through the same app as the phone has the analyze feature

You can track and record any data

You can block the content or site that you don’t wan to let your children use it .


You need to jailbreak the target phone

4) KidLogger

According to its name, this app is great for parents who want to control the activity of their children. Of course, the increasing social media hyperactivity is a great worry for the parents. Now, relieve your worry by bringing this app at your iPhone. You can set your trigger words and this app will react accordingly. It will give you a screenshot once the word has been typed. It will also notify you by sending an alert to your email. The advantage of this app is its compatibility with most iOS devices and Mac operating systems.


You will get a free version so you can decide only after getting full satisfaction of its applicability.

It also gives some best online employee monitoring solutions

You can create a list of most used apps and web sites

You can know how much your kid is working on the PC


It doesn’t provide the full keystroke records in some operating systems

5) CyberPatrol

This is an excellent keylogger app for iPhone. It gives you robust internet safety and works as an internet blocker. You can also control the moves of your kids when they are online. This app gives you the full control of your kids’ social life. So, you can block inappropriate sites. This app is compatible with Android and all iOS devices.


You can track and view the text messages using this app

You can also block future access to particularly restricted sites

You will get real time information


You can not get the online assistance

6) HomeGuard Monitor

This is another reliable iPhone keylogger app. It is primarly suitable for monitoring your child’s online activities. It keeps logs of keystrokes. You will get prompt email notifications as you keep track of inappropriate behaviours of your kids. You can record online activities such as browser history, Facebook and Snapchat. You can use this app on Android, Mozilla Firefox, and all iOS devices.


You can easily install and use it

It is very secure and no one can tamper with it

It has games time restrictions


If you forget the password, you cannot uninstall it

7) Browse Control

Browser Control is another popular Keylogger App for iPhone. It has a web filter feature which give you accessibility to enforce restrictions depending on the age of your child. It lets you block any site that you don’t want your kid to approach. It is great solution for Windows OS, MacOS, and all iOS devices.


It has a centralized console which makes it easy to use

You can choose which applications to block

It gives you freedom to restrict age-appropriate content for children


It is not available only in English language so cannot be beneficial for other language users

How to Track Keystrokes of Other Devices from iPhone

Do you want to track keystrokes of other devices from your iPhone? Yes, it is possible. You can also track other devices keystrokes such as Android phones. We have here a great app to track Android phone keystrokes or tablets remotely. It will let you spy on your kids and employees as well. This is a unique app as the owner of the target device will never know that they are being spied on. It will hide after installation.

What are its benefits?

  • You will get call history and you can also hack all call logs via this app.
  • You can track the real-time location as it is GPS Location enabled the app.
  • KeyLogger feature has the ability to record all inputs as encrypted log files on the target phone
  • You don’t need any root as it will hide within the target device without needing to root

Step by Step Guide to Use Keylogger from iPhone

Register and Sign Up

On this app, you’ll get an account when you use the “Sign Up” button available on the website. You need to input your information like your email address and password. Then, it will be later used to target the device you want. Later, choose the “Sign In” button for further actions.

Fill in the Details

After the first step, you will be redirected to the Setup Wizard Page. Give all the necessary information which are the “Name of the target device’s owner” and “Age”. Then, select the type of phone you want to target like Android or iPhone.

Install the App on the Target Device

Use the target device to navigate “Settings” then go to “Security” menu. Enable “Unknown Sources” and press “OK”. Then, save these settings. Later, download the app and install it on the target device. Once installed, launch the app to start monitoring.

Finally Get the Tracking

After all the steps are complete, you will have access to tracking the iPhone. You can now, start monitoring the activities of the target device from the control panel. You need to take a little more care. So, always power and connect the device to the network in order to sync the app. Now, you have all the authority to view keyloggers from your iPhone browser.


iOS devices are the most popular operating systems. It is closely followed by Android OS. Thus, keyloggers are also in the among most used programs for these such operating systems. But, it needs access to iPhone while installing the keylogger on the Android while iOS users can remotely install a keylogger on their device.

Now, solve your problems and stay secure without worries and sleepless nights!


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