How to Use the Best Alternative to Family GPS Tracker Kid Control

How to Use the Best Alternative to Family GPS Tracker Kid Control

The Best Family GPS Tracker Kid Control

Today, family GPS trackers and parental control apps play a vital role in our lives. There are many apps available designed for the purpose to track a person phone location, data monitoring and viewing all activities done by the target person. Especially, GPS trackers are designed for the kids as parents can look after because of the extensively exposed availability of internet services. Thus, parents must know about the best alternative to family GPS tracker kid control for monitoring their kid’s activities, for such software, FreePhoneSpy is the best alternative.

The Best Family GPS Tracker Kid Control
The Best Family GPS Tracker Kid Control

Overview of FreePhoneSpy

This is the vulnerable spy loaded with many advanced features. It is best suited for all types of operating systems such as Mac, IOS, windows, android, and blackberry. Importantly, with its simple and easy to use interface anyone can use it, without any special hacking skills.

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Why it is best for parents

  • Allows monitoring internet activities– using FreePhoneSpy you can monitor all internet activities of the target phone which is private. By accessing browsing history you can what your kid is surfing on the internet. It is best for you, if you want to protect your child from cyber threats.
  • GPS tracking it is the most advanced and beneficial feature of FreePhoneSpy, using it you can know the real-time location of your kid. If there is any change in the location of your kid, you will immediately be notified. With this feature, you can get the most accurate location of your target.
  • Accessing files– you can access multimedia files from your kid phone easily using this app. You can know what they are sharing and viewing. Not only this, if any change is made on the gallery, you will get notified.

Step by step guide to using the best alternative to family GPS tracker kid control:

Step 1- create an account

Visit the official site of FreePhoneSpy using this link- . Now create an account by using the email address and password into the site. Note enter a valid email address as it requires confirmation and uses a strong password for additional safety.

Step 2- download and installation

Choose the right version of the application; consider the operating system before installing the app. You have to allow unknown sources in settings for smooth installation. After installation open the app for further process.

Step 3- setup wizard

Once you logged in you have to set up wizard, here you have to enter target device details such as mobile model, operating system, email address, mobile number, etc.

Step 4- manage the control panel

Once you entered all the required details, you can open the control panel. Here you can manage different features for spying. You can opt for the location tracking feature.

 Step 5- hiding the app

When you have completed all formalities, you should turn on the “hide the app” feature. By this feature, spy app gets hide and starts working in the background of the target device.


So this is all about FreePhoneSpy- best Alternative to Family GPS Tracker Kid Control, you can read more about it from its official site.

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