Best 5 Alternatives to Screen Time for Children

Best 5 Alternatives to Screen Time for Children

The Best 5 Alternatives to Screen Time For Children

In this technological environment, various gadgets have evolved in the world. These gadgets are used by all the age group of people. And children are the first users of technological gadgets. Sitting on the computer and using a mobile phone for long is very common these days. They are busy playing games on the mobile phone and are truly busy in face to face communication as well as watching television for so long. It is very important to balance the routine of the children.

The Best 5 Alternatives to Screen Time For Children
The Best 5 Alternatives to Screen Time For Children

How to manage screen time for children? This can be done by monitoring the activities of the children. Today, there are various screen time management applications by which parents can manage the screen time for their children. The spy applications have plenty of benefits to the parents in terms of security of their kids. High technological apps are highly innovative in monitoring all the activities of the children sitting on technological gadgets. They are extremely user-friendly and also contain certain dynamic features that are used by software users.

Using the screen time control apps for the children makes parent’s life stress-free and easy. This is because with the help of applications you are aware of all the activities that are performed by the children. If you are having a teen in your home then you must go through the article that we are providing. This article will help you to know about the best application or alternatives for managing screen time for children.

Best alternatives to screen time for children

#1 FreePhoneSpy

Wants to have full control over the activities of your kids? FreePhoneSpy is one of the excellent apps that will help you in getting access with all the activities that are performed by the children. You can monitor all the emails, call logs, SMS, and WhatsApp of the mobile phone that is used by your kids. This application is easily used on iPod, iPad, and various android gadgets.

Using this application is 100% imperceptible android spying app and it is perfect in monitoring the screen time of teens. It has a screenshot capturing option which enables the users to get over to all the activities that are performed by teens or kids. These things are forwarded to the background of your device that you are using. All the latest updates of the kid’s activities are monitored using the FreePhoneSpy application. The applications consist of several features that are efficiently utilized by the users.

How to get access with the spyware? It is very easy to get access with the application and don’t require much time in getting the accessibility. Here are a few steps through which you can get over to all the features and control of the FreePhoneSpy app. The steps are as follows-

  • Step 1: the first step you need to follow is to visit the official website of the free phone spy application ( Visiting the website you will get all the information about the spyware that you are going to use.
  • Step 2: After visiting the website and collecting all the information, you need to register yourself with the website. This is done by entering the proper email address and password that are required by the service provider.
  • Step 3- next, you are supposed to go through all the features that are provided by the spyware to the users. After analyzing all the features, press the download the application option available on the website.
  • Step 4: the process of downloading takes 2-3 minutes with a proper internet connection. After the installation process is over, you need to make your id and password to login to the application. Enter every detail that is asked by the website service provider.
  • Step 5: now you are accessed to the application, this is the time to control the screen time of the kids and teens. This way you can use all the features of the application.

Install the application by following all the steps mentioned above and use the application to manage the perfect screen time for children. And monitor all the activities that they are performing.

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#2 FoneTracker

This is the best app if you are trying to detect all the activities of your kids or another family member. Best way to monitor all the key activities is downloading the android spy app to spy on the activities. FoneTracker can be easily downloaded by the users on tablets and other android devices. The application helps the parents to record all the activities of their kids. Various features are provided by the app to the users such as web history, chat messages, call logs, and GPS location tracking and many more features.

The application performs its activities on various mobile devices that are used by people. It enables the users to record all the activities weather that is performed on the mobile phone or the television. It facilitates the users for putting restrictions on the inappropriate applications and setting up the screen timing. The application is highly useful for the parents to keep an eye on their kid’s activities. You can also block certain apps for a set time.

#3 XySpy

For rendering the required services and setting up screen time for children, XySpy is a wonderful application. This app is highly powerful and efficient in performing all the activities. The features that are inherited in the application are highly admirable and elegant for monitoring the activities of the kids. The XySpy allows the users to track all the activities with providing solid parental control.

The parents can easily monitor all the calls, emails and other social networking sites as per their wish. This application gives a comprehensive solution for monitoring the teen’s attitude on mobile phones. It can be easily downloaded on android, iOS, and other devices that are used by the people. This application is considered as the best user-friendly application that people can use at any time.

#4 TheTruthSpy

Having detailed monitoring of the activities, then the TheTruthSpy app is thus considered as the best application. This app offers solid parental control on various social networking sites. It monitors functions all the messages that are received or send by the kids to family and friends. Many unlimited options are available for parents for keeping an eye on their kids. It is compatible with various devices that are available all over the world.

#5 SpyZee

This application is an ideal option for you if you are monitoring all the activities that are performed by your children on their mobile phone. The application is widely used by the parents to monitor all the activities of their kids. This is considered as the best app for controlling the screen time for the children. The app is highly compatible with the devices that are used by many people. Mobile Spy is the best app which has user-friendly features in it. Parents or users can use different features that are inherited in the app. These features help gain all the information that is captured by the children.


So, the above-mentioned alternatives will help you to control the screen time for the children. And you can easily monitor all the activities of the kids that are performed by them.

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