2 Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone

2 Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone

2 Must-know Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone

Today, mobile phones play a very important role in the life of the people. It’s like a person ca not imagine his/her life without mobile. The mobile phones are fed with all the details from health information to emails, from credit card numbers to the favourite playlist. So, if someone has to know about you, he/she may get an idea about you by a glance at your phone easily. People, in this digitalized world, use mobile phones from holding on to finances to making payment from groceries. Thus, losing the mobile phone will obviously create a panic situation, especially, when its iPhone.

2 Must-know Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone
2 Must-know Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone

So, if the iPhone is lost or stolen, one needs to search for it so as to save himself/herself from any loss. Two of the ways which can be used to track a stolen iPhone are listed below:

Way 1: Track a Stolen iPhone Using Find my iPhone

This app of Find my iPhone needs to be activated at the moment when one purchases the iPhone, before any mishap takes place. This app is pre-installed but one can’t activate it remotely. So, if one doesn’t respond instantly, the situation may turn out to be worse. One of the advantages of iPhone is that this “Find my iPhone” app is pre-installed, one just needs to enable it.

To enable the app “Find my iPhone”, the listed steps need to be followed:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on iCloud
  3. Toggle on Find My iPhone.
  4. Enable option of Find My iPhone
  5. Enable Send Last Location.

Here, Send Last Location is essential to be enabled so that the iPhone can sent the last location before the complete drainage of its battery. With this option being enabled, one can see the last location of the iPhone on the map.

Assuming all these features already enabled, using the iPhone looks easy. One can either connect it to any other iDevice or visiting If one wants to connect his/her iPhone with any other iDevice, search the “Find My iPhone” app. When the app opens, one can see compass making few spins and then locating the exact area of the iPhone on the map.

Now, iCloud can easily locate as well as track the iPhone when it is lost or stolen. So, if the iPhone gets switched off or goes out of the specific range, the owner will be able to see the option “Notify Me When Found”. Tap on that so that when the iPhone switches on or comes in the specific range, an email will be sent to his/her Apple ID. Thus, there is no need to continuously monitor the iCloud page. Receiving the mail, one needs to click on “Actions” option displayed on the map. By clicking on it, three options will be displayed: Play Sound, and Lost Mode.

If one is sure that the iPhone is at his/her home, the best among these options is Play Sound. The interesting part is that even if the iPhone is on silent mode, the alarm will ring loudly which will be something like a shrill noise and can be easily heard by him/her.

On the contrary, if he/she sees that the iPhone is out of the range like it’s in some other town, then it’s better to choose the second option.

Way 2: Track a Stolen iPhone Using Lost Mode

The option of Lost Mode helps one to lock down his/her iPhone and mark it as “Lost”. Then, it will send a message to the screen of the iPhone held by the thief, remotely. If he/she has not set any PIN code for protecting his/her iPhone, then he/she can add the PIN code remotely to lock the iPhone. If the PIN code is already enabled, he/she can remotely change the previous PIN code, in case, the thief might guess the previous PIN code.

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One can also remotely activate the Location Services even if he/she had not activated it earlier or the thief might have switched it off. Thus, Lost Mode can remotely be activated.

While one is trying to send a message to be displayed on the screen of the iPhone, the message can be something like offering some reward and a phone number (like “Rs.1 crore to the first person who searches out my precious iPhone), or bluffs (“You are under surveillance and the police is about to catch you. You are soon to be in jail”) or whatever one thinks can be necessary to recover his/her iPhone.

Lost Mode, also, remotely activates the service of Location Tracking. This helps to track all the movements of iPhone. Also, if the thief tries to switch off the iPhone, a notification will be displayed to the owner of the iPhone as soon as the iPhone is switched on. This will alert the owner of the iPhone and thus, he/she can get the iPhone back.

Additionally, if there is a command for factory reset by the thief, the message on the screen will still be displayed. Thus, it protects the iPhone from being re-sold.

If both of these options fail, it is that now there are no chances of getting iPhone back and it’s better to move on and purchase a new mobile phone.

Choose the best Way to Track a Stolen iPhone

But prior to this, one needs to wipe all the contents of the old phone remotely. It is possible through the use of Find my iPhone, but he/she needs to remember that it is irreversible. If one has lost all the hopes, then this is the last option one can prefer to protect himself/herself from any threats. One holds all the private information including credit card details in his/her iPhone. So, make it as the first priority.

After this, one needs to call up his/her cellular company and gets the phone blocked as soon as possible. It is very simple. One just needs to make one call and stop any thief from making any phone call so that the phone bills don’t accumulate. Since, no one likes to bear a huge loss, one should be cautious and alert.

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