4 Ways to Spy on Someone’s Phone Easily and Legally

Know top ways to Spy on Someone’s Phone easily and legally

The malice of the Internet has corrupted the current society, so using a spying app becomes the most primal needs of the people. When the individual has to trust someone that may be a spouse, employee or kid, there could be a number of instances that are important and vital to get ahead in life. But due to some of the doubts, your relationship might go off the rail. So, to avoid such situations and happenings, it is best to spy on the suspect so as to clear all the doubts. Asking directly to the suspect won’t give you better results as they may hide some of the crucial information related to their life that shouldn’t be revealed. Go through the article, if you still don’t understand what I’m trying to convey.

Know top ways to Spy on Someone's Phone easily and legally
Know top ways to Spy on Someone’s Phone easily and legally

Do you need a spy app to monitor girlfriend/boyfriend

Cheating in a relationship is common, due to human nature. There would always be a temptation to be with someone that not only take care of the individual but also provide everything that makes his/her life evergreen and wonderful as well as stress free. It is a well-known fact that over half of the people admit that they have at some point committed infidelity in their relationship. However, this estimation could increase shown in an anonymous research.

Now, get back to the main idea of this article. When you consider such kind of facts, you can behold your girlfriend/boyfriend activities by keeping an eye over them, that too using a handy spying tool. You might ask, is there any potential benefit of spying on my girlfriend/boyfriend.

Surely, there could be numerous benefits of it. One such key benefit of taking assistance with spying programs is that the app sets a reminder on activities of the suspect on your mobile phone and you avoid making snap decisions that would drain you down to regrets. When your partner is inebriated, instances of disloyalty could occur. Before, you encounter how you can install and download the spying app and monitor suspect activities, see how the spy app helps your relationship.

How spy app can help you

Installing and downloading the spying app solution might save your relationship in the following ways-

Build up trust- Thousand of people around the world have trust issues, one such common issue is in a romantic relationship. Dealing with such problems regardless of the main cause behind it, require several years of therapies. The spying app enables you to create a huge sum of trust, as it provides a definitive proof of girlfriend/boyfriend trust when you were proved wrong. On the other hand, if your boyfriend/girlfriend fails to double check call logs or messages, then it a sure sign that he/she might be overcoming some personal demons.

Restore your relationship- if your partner wishes to recover from a great infidelity, then you can cross-check his/her true intentions via the spying app. This happens a lot of times, that due to an inappropriate reason or because of someone; the individual leaves his/her partner. Now, if he/she wishes to come back, then you can give the individual a chance and see using the spy app, whether he/she truly cares about you or not.

4 ways to legally spy on someone-

Spying on your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend is considered one of the primal requirements when the malice of the internet has corrupted the society. You yourself have encountered many instances that leave you in doubts and concerns. Doubts and concerns make the relationship hollow, and with the passage of time, you are left with an unhappy life. So, it is recommended to use spying app and see whether you have self-made the cloud of doubt or something terrible is happening underneath your nose. Given below are top spying apps that enables you to spy someone’s phone easily and all the apps mentioned here are legal that means you won’t be charged under jailbreaking.

Way 1: Spy on Someone’s Phone using FreePhoneSpy

Another android monitoring application, used by thousands of people across the world is the FreePhoneSpy on their tablets and smartphones. Spying software performs exceptionally fine when one wishes to snatch the cheating spouse, dishonest employee, or kid. It is particularly designed for parents, couples, and employers so that they can keep an eye over it on their device. Follow the guide to hack someone’s device-

  • Step 1- At first, you need to allow installation from “Unknown sources” on the suspect device and download it from the official website.
  • Step 2- Now allow permissions while the installation process gets fulfilled
  • Step 3- Open the app and register for a new account using the password.
  • Step 4- Log in quickly using the account credentials, so that targeted person device and FreePhoneSpy gets linked well. At last, again log in to FreePhoneSpy and start monitoring.

You can easily get this Smartphone spying tool from the official website to monitor social networking site messages, phone calls, media files, etc.

Follow the guide to install and download it-

  • Step 1- Visit the official website of the app and straightaway download it on the targeted person device
  • Step 2- Now you have to install it to monitor the suspect device and open it. Allow all the permissions prompted on the screen.
  • Step 3- Now sign up for an account and in case you don’t have hit “register now” option

You can check Demo at:

Way 2: Spy on Someone’s Phone using GuestSpy


Wants to hack your spouse Smartphone and see what she/he is doing in your absence? Then you should try this amazing and incredible spy app-GuestSpy. This spying app supports both the iPhone and Android app and you will be able to monitor suspect activities on your Smartphone. In the market of hacking tools, it is considered the best spying tool for those who wish to get instant results without jailbreaking. Moreover, the downloading and installation process is simple and easy. Why select it? With the help of it,

  • You will be able to monitor call logs, internet activities, videos, photos, text messages from the suspect device
  • It allows individual to monitor remotely and works stealthily from anywhere across the world
  • It is compatible with both IOS device and android
  • Monitor all activities of a targeted person starting from messaging on WhatsApp, Instagram to voice call

Guide to use it-

  • Step 1- you first need to sign up for this amazing app. This can be done by visiting the official website and making a new account. You will be asked to fill in the spaces that comprise of name and age of targeted person device and lastly select the type of device (IOS, Android, or iPhone) own by the suspect.
  • Step 2- After you have made an account, set up the app as per the targeted OS. Download and install the app on targeted person device and open the app to sign using email ID as well as password. No need to install the app if the suspect has an IPhone. Just enter password and icloud ID on the suspect device, and then verify it.
  • Step 3- the last step is an interesting one, you can now start spying or monitor spouse activities performed on his/her phone.

Way 3: Spy on Someone’s Phone using PhoneSpying


Another spying application which is highly popular these days is the PhoneSpying. It is because you can easily monitor suspect activities without notifying him/her. You can view call logs, web browsing history, videos, photos, messages, and other things on the device.

  • Step 1- you first need to buy a PhoneSpying paid subscription from the official website
  • Step 2- after choosing the subscription & finish checkout by offering valid email address as well as password
  • Step 3- downloads the app by selecting the link available on the website
  • Step 4- now you need to install the PhoneSpying app on the targeted device
  • Step 5- now you are ready to view all the activities of a targeted person

Way 4: Spy on Someone’s Phone using TheTruthSpy


An iPhone and Android spying software used to track suspect activities using top-notch mechanism are known as TheTruthSpy. The app is easy to handle and it didn’t require any rooting of the targeted phone. You can track text messages, internet activities, social networking sites, call logs, and other happenings too, such as the GPS location. The app goes perfectly undetected because it gets worked on stealth mode. How to install it?

  • Step 1-land on the official website of TheTruthSpy app and download it on targeted person Android or IOS device
  • Step 2- when the downloading process gets completed; install it on the device by signing up an account
  • Step 3- now, you need to launch the application on the device and log in using the account credentials. Allow permissions to TheTruthSpy app and open it.
  • Step 4- using account credentials log in to TheTruthSpy account and user control panel view activities of the suspect.


There is thousands of spying tool available in the market, but it is advised to choose from these top five spying apps as it offers amazing and reliable services to their users. Up to conclude, if you have doubt on your kid, employee or spouse opt an FreePhoneSpy tool and see whether they are cheating on your or not.

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