How to Tell If Someone is Tracking Your iPhone

How to Tell If Someone is Tracking Your iPhone

Someone is Tracking Your iPhone? Is it possible?

If there is some doubt regarding someone tracking one’s iPhone, the matter may be looked upon seriously. Today, mobile phones play an important role in the day-to-day life. They are fed with all the private data of the person including his/her personal photos, videos, contacts, credit card details and other such stuff.

Someone is Tracking Your iPhone? Is it possible
Someone is Tracking Your iPhone? Is it possible

At the same time, there are various apps and tools by which all the private data can be spied upon by tracking the mobile device easily without the other person knowing about it, like it’s a secret affair. These apps and tools are so much advanced that they can even track the GPS location and the web browsing history of the iPhone. It’s not only the loss of iPhone that is a major threat but also the secretly accessing of one’s iPhone by someone which is a greater threat. With various apps and tools available, it has become easy to check if there is any spy software installed on the device or if anyone is tracking the iPhone. But, before that one can look out for some indicators which may point towards the presence of spy software.

There are various indicators by which it can be identified if there is any spy software present on the iPhone one is using. Some of these indicators are discussed below:

Noise while one is on call

A poor connection may result into hearing some background noise while talking on call. But, at the same time, it is an indicator that there is some spy software that is running on that iPhone. This can be the indicator because the function of spy software is to record incoming as well as outgoing calls. This recording can cause noise on the call. These noises can be something like beeping, clicking or actual voices.

Fast battery drainage

If one is experiencing that the battery drainage is at a faster rate, it may be possible that any spy software is installed on his/her iPhone. If the battery is being consumed much than before, it may be possible that his/her iPhone is being tracked upon. Although fast battery drainage is an indicator of tracking, it is also possible that it may happen because the device getting older. But, still it’s better to be cautious.

Increase in the data usage of iPhone

If there is a sudden increase in the iPhone data usage, it may be because of any spy software present in the device. This is because that there is various spy software which run via Internet. So, to keep a check on the data usage, it is recommended to use some apps such as Data Usage for an iPhone which tracks the data usage.

Random shutting down of iPhone

If iPhone randomly shuts down though being fully charged, it is an indicator that any spy software is present which is tracking all the activities of iPhone. There are some low-quality spying software which is causing malfunction, further due to which the iPhone is shutting down randomly.

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