Is There a Way to Find My iPhone Tracking History

Is There a Way to Find My iPhone Tracking History

Get best Way to Find My iPhone Tracking History

Today, people are too addicted to their mobiles that they can never imagine a single moment without their mobile. They are using mobile phones for saving their private data. This is possible because of the emergence of a large number of applications. Losing smartphone is the scariest thing that one can experience in today’s life. But there are various applications and tools available which can help to find the lost smartphone. The best tools available for tracking history are Google Maps and Find my iPhone.

Learn more Find My iPhone for Location Tracking History:

Get best Way to Find My iPhone Tracking History
Get best Way to Find My iPhone Tracking History

Both Google as well as iPhone have many applications by which the location of the owner of the mobile phone can be tracked. These applications provide various services including maps, directions, routes, and search, Facebook review services.

Very few people know that the location of their iPhone can be tracked as well as recorded because location history is stored in their device which can easily be accessed. If the mobile phone supports Google, one can opt for “Places You’ve Been”. This option can be tapped on by going to the account settings. One can find his/her location history which is a large file consisting of detailed form with time duration as well. In the case of iPhone, comparatively less information is provided with the data confined to recent visit.

Both Google as well as iPhone provide the location history files. These files have assurances of privacy. In case of Google, the history can be erased while in the case of iPhone, the file needs to be crashed manually from time to time.

Talking about iPhone, it provides location history till one is aware about it as well as comfortable about it. Also, the location history can help in legal as well as rescue situation.

The iPhone provides comparatively less information about location history along with less details of the places. But one can view history of recently visited places.

Below are the steps mentioned by which location history can be tracked.

  1. On iPhone, tap on the icon of Settings.
  2. Click on Privacy by scrolling down the screen.
  3. Choose Location Services and then scroll down
  4. Click on the System Services.
  5. Move till the bottom and select Significant Locations
  6. The location history with names as well as dates will appear at the bottom.

The disadvantage with iPhone is that it is capable of storing only limited recent locations. Also, it doesn’t give exact location as Google. It gives location history of places in approximate position circle and that too on non-interactive map.

With the rapidly high usage of technology, it varies from person to person to how the location history is being used. On the type of usage, it can be helpful or harmful, depending on how well one can control it’s functioning and to what extent he/she wants to have their location tracked. So, it is better that one should have knowledge about the location history that is stored on his/her iPhone and how it can be controlled.

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