How to Track Your Friend's Phone Without Them Knowing

How to Track Your Friend’s Phone Without Them Knowing

Way to Track your best Friend’s Phone without Them Knowing

Have you ever thought what your friends say about you at your back? Or else with whom your friend spends time? These questions must be answered in order to overcome worries. This article allows you to know the unique strategy that makes tracking of cell phone possible. You can monitor the friend from distance without being caught. All the basics and web based answers are resolved here.

Way to Track your best Friend's Phone without Them Knowing
Way to Track your best Friend’s Phone without Them Knowing

The market is filled with interesting and customer based applications that make tracking easier and simpler. However, the most advisable and recommended application is FreePhoneSpy. It is suggested by the expert that this app has got the highest rating because of the features incorporated in it. The features are noticeable and you can make use of it anytime. You won’t have to root the suspect deice. Exceptionally, it brings information or data from corners like message log, call monitoring, capture screenshot, key logging, social app spy, viewing browser history, and message logging.

The application is highly affordable and it comes with fundamental packages like monthly subscription and free package. It is the most effective and efficient way of tracking someone’s cell phone by means of FreePhoneSpy application. Hiring a traditional or conventional investigator would be a tedious job because it brings up results after a long time so it is best to use modern spying tool. The modern tool offers various characteristics that help the user in tracking a friend’s cell phone without letting them know about the activities. It is safe and anyone can use it to spy. It is a smart mobile tool that will bring fresh and guaranteed results.

Step to track someone’s iPhone or Android using FreePhoneSpy

Step to track someone's iPhone or Android using FreePhoneSpy
Step to track someone’s iPhone or Android using FreePhoneSpy

You get to use a genuine application like FreePhoneSpy so as to track somebody’s device. You can have the application from the app store. However, the surest way of getting it is through this link. Just register yourself and install the app on the target phone. The application can be linked with a suspect device. The information present on the suspect cell phone will be transferred on to your control panel. You can easily access it and track the device remotely.

It replaces all the other application used for spying around the globe. It provides information that is 100% accurate and precise. It does all these through fair web association. You thus can access the device of the suspect from all parts of the globe. Once, you are registered you got a confirmation message. Using the password and valid ID proof you will be able to see all the activities of the suspect.

There are lots of features that can be known from the below-mentioned paragraphs-

  • Call log tracking call log tracking is the most used and easiest feature one can make use of. It allows the user to receive all the outgoing/incoming/missed calls on to the dashboard. You will be notified with time and data stamps.
  • GPS location – the location feature is the second most used feature as it permits parents, employers, and spouse to watch kid, employees, and partner respectively. The places visited and activity done can be known to the user via this location feature.
  • Messaging tracking– the message tracking feature permits the user to have all the incoming, outgoing and deleted messages from the suspect cell phone, along with time and date stamp
  • Notification and alert- a special feature that got incorporated in FreePhoneSpy is the alert and notification. Its function is to alert or notify you when suspect or target does some activity. It introduces you with the latest information from the target cell phone.
  • Ambient listening the ambient listening feature is a special feature that has the function of receiving all the noise happening around the suspect. You can listen to the voice going around your kid, spouse or employee desk when they are on the call.
  • Social media tracking– your kid, spouse or employee might have social media account on Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook. You can track their activities by breaking their password. The photos, videos, and files posted on social media can be known and saved on the control panel.
  • Keylogging the key logger is used to break the passwords of all the application present on the suspect device. It thus enables you to get into the various applications.

These are the basic features that make spying journey more beautiful. The user can switch between the features and get information from all corners.

How one can obtain it

If you wish to obtain the application then you are required to reach the official page The page will allow you to execute the task of downloading and installing. On the page, a button stating download the app will be given. You can hit that button and download the app.

As soon as the downloading process is completed you are forwarded to a page for installation. Then you have to make an account using valid identity proof and password. The identity proof and password will later allow you to log in your account to see the saved videos, files, and photos.

The control panel of the FreePhoneSpy is incredible as it incorporates features as well as space to save the documents. Space can store information for later use. The control panel is highly useful.

You can get FreePhoneSpy at:


Next time you wish to track someone’s location or messages uses the FreePhoneSpy. This tracking application has benefited lots of users worldwide and it can help you as well. You just have to obtain it from the official site and start tracking. You might be thinking a layman cannot use this app as it doesn’t have any computer knowledge, then you are wrong. Anyone can use it because they are manufactured and developed using high-level coding that does the job by itself. The only thing the user needs to do is fill in the details of the suspect and rest will be done by the suspect.

It is the best and fastest way to track and hack your friend cell phone without letting them know.

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