Top 5 WhatsApp Spy Apps for iPhone Phone

Top 5 WhatsApp Spy Apps for iPhone Phone

Top 5 spy app for WhatsApp spying for iPhone Phone

In today’s world of highly advanced technology, the lifestyle of all had changed totally. Today the millions of people are making use of WhatsApp in their daily lives in order to stay connected with other people. They all are love this application because of its connectivity, amazing quality of videos, user-friendly and audio chatting.

Top 5 spy app for WhatsApp spying for iPhone Phone
Top 5 spy app for WhatsApp spying for iPhone Phone

But if we see it another way, it will be dangerous for one too. These days the parents are unable to look after their children also not able to pay attention to their children day to day activities and also they are unaware of the disadvantages of using it by their kids. So in order to check and regular doing the monitoring of the activities of kids, some people like to make use of the some of the hacking tool.

There are varieties of spying tools available for performing the spying and it will definitely help one in reading and monitoring the kid’s activities with location and names o the phone book. If you are willing to do the monitoring of the kid or any other person the WhatsApp spying tool for iPhone will help hacker in making everything much easier.

Below are some of the awesome WhatsApp spying tool for iPhone device

#1 FreePhoneSpy

#1 FreePhoneSpy
#1 FreePhoneSpy

This tool has become one of the best monitoring tools that are effectively taking care of all personal as well as professional digital safety requirements. This is the application that is today trusted by the very large numbers of people all across the globe including parents, spouse, business, and girlfriend/boyfriend. This application is available for iPhone device of any version. Mostly the people are making use of it and are enjoying those for monitoring the employee, spouse or children activities.


  • A hacker can do the monitoring of WhatsApp text by using the feature called WhatsApp spy for iPhone device and this application can be used for tracking the call details.
  • This software is definitely a user-friendly and one can use it on various devices at a same point of time.
  • This spy tool is working effectively on the background and is fully untraceable. A targeted person will never able to know about the existence of the spy tool in their device and one can do hacking without any fears.

Why you need this application

We all know that at present the use technology has gone to the highest level and one need something that can be helpful to you in controlling both the negative and positive effects of those. There can be many situations wherein you are required doing the spying on targeted person device. Here are few reasons to know-

  • Parental control This application is genie application that makes the setting of parental control much easier. The parents can keep their children safer by doing the effective monitoring of inappropriate actions.
  • Catch the cheating partner One can catch the cheating spouse with the help of this application. Just break all the trust and spy on your honey to discover all the truth behind it and know all the personal communications.
  • Employee monitoringFreePhoneSpy is the world’s leader in monitoring the employees. By using this tool you can do the monitoring of the all the employees’ activities silently and undetectable.

Reasons to use it

  • This is one of the top most powerful applications along with all good features.
  • A hacker can do spying virtually on any device remotely as well as invisible.
  • As it cost reasonable, you can use it.
  • It easily works on all the networks of the device.
  • Today it has been featured to be one of the popular media outlets.
  • It is very much easier to install and safer to use.
  • There is 24×7 hours team support that will help you in every step of the tracking process.

How can you use the app

In order to use the application, you need to get it installed in your and targeted person device from official site Once you have installed it, create the account by entering user ID and strong password. Once the app is installed on targeted person device hide the app. On the control panel, you see various tracking options for tracking like SMS spy, WhatsApp spy, multimedia spy etc and begin tracking all that you want. If in case you face any trouble experts are there to guide you in a better way to track safely and effectively.

Facilities offered

GPS location tracking

You might be very much eager to know all about that at present where your children or spouse is. Do you think that they are lying to you?  Then GPS location tracker feature is the right solution for you. It will definitely help one in easily accessing the exact location of the targeted person.  A hacker can make full observations perfectly through this feature.

Spying on instant messaging

A hacker whether it is a spouse or parent can keep the full eye on instant messages from various platforms like Viber, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, and several other IM apps. One can easily observe the activities of the targeted user n the social media. This is one of the best features to use when you are spying on others as you can guide them in a better way.

WhatsApp spying

With the help of this feature, one can spy on WhatsApp to discover all chats, details about video and audio calls and status of other contacts and targeted one as well even if you are not added.

#2 FoneTracker

#2 FoneTracker
#2 FoneTracker


This is another best hacking tool that helps one for hacking iPhone phone by which you can do the recording of all calling and listen to those in free hours. This is the high-quality app and this can quickly do monitoring as it is having various good features.


  • It is having better efficiency than then other tools and is the user-friendly application.
  • It can be used or downloaded on every platform.

#3 TheTruthSpy

#3 TheTruthSpy
#3 TheTruthSpy


TheTruthSpy is the highly reliable tool that is used for hacking WhatsApp of anybody. The application is easy to use and the users call it as user-friendly. All the features of this tool are problem free and anyone can make use of it easily for tracking the WhatsApp messages. The best feature of it is that it can be used in iPhone device.


  • A hacker can use easily for hacking WhatsApp messages and also hack on various other social media apps.
  • GPS location can be easily checked through this tool.
  • The application is available at reasonable rates.

#4 SpyZee

This another best hacking application available on the internet. One can check all the received and sent messages of the targeted person WhatsApp account. A user needs to buy and install the app on the targeted user device and after that hacking will be possible and easier.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • All type of social media application can be easily hacked with his tool.
  • Hidden to the targeted person.
  • The front camera feature is available.
  • Even if a targeted person changes the SIM hacking will be easier.
  • It can be used for Mac, android, iPhone.
  • One can easily fetch out all the data of hangout, Skype accounts of the targeted person.

#5 Stealth Phone Spy

This WhatsApp messages spying tool is friendly for various platforms like android, iPhone mobile, Symbian OS, blackberry and iOS. It gives one the ability to hack the messages of the suspected person so it is 100% user-friendly application.


  • This app shows lock screen on the display screen if one wants to record secretly anything.
  • Hacker can save the media files easily.
  • The target user will never come to know all about whether he or she is under the control of yours through spying.
  • The hacker can edit the captured video and audio.


So these are the top 5 spying app for WhatsApp hacking for iPhone Phone. You can choose the one that you find suitable for you. But as per my suggestion, you must make use of FreePhoneSpy. The reason why I am recommending hacker to use it is because of all innovative and amazing features that it is having. You can do whatever you want and acquire all that you want through this spyware.

The best thing about the application is that you can choose the subscription package of own choice and if you do not want to continue hacking you can cancel the subscriptions. This application just because of reliability, trustworthy and compatibility, it has gained high popularity among the hackers all across the globe.

So if you are a worried parent, spouse or even employer or boyfriend/girlfriend, no doubt you can spy on the activities of the target user using iPhone device.  So stop thinking and get this app installed from the official website and begin spying on all the activities of the target person.

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