Top 5 ways to hack WhatsApp on iPhone remotely

Top 5 Ways To Hack WhatsApp On Iphone Remotely

Top 5 effective ways of hacking WhatsApp on iPhone via remotely

It is 100% true that WhatsApp today has gained greater popularity and had become a popular spy tool and is well known for IM services. A user can use it for communicating and sending the attachments like photos, videos, PPT, and even the large sized documents as well immediately. This service is a little bit delicate when compared to the other communicating and text messaging service. The app is made for the greater convenience of people nowadays so that they can easily stay in touch with one another and share media instantly (in case of emergency as well).

Top 5 effective ways of hacking WhatsApp on iphone via remotely
Top 5 effective ways of hacking WhatsApp on iphone via remotely

But there are people who nowadays are performing awful activities and show the queer attitude of spouse cheating or employees revealing the company’s secrets to other company. Here, in this case, spying becomes an essential option for one to undergo. But how is spying possible, no need to worry the high advancement technology has helped the software developers to come up with the best mobile monitoring tool that we call as spy app. Below we are listing top 5 apps that you can use for WhatsApp spy.

#1 FreePhoneSpy

#1 FreePhoneSpy
#1 FreePhoneSpy

The top ranking cellular activities hacking tool is FreePhoneSpy that works very well and it allows a hacked in secretly monitor all the activities of the victim phone. The best part of the app is that you need not to have to undergo jail-break on the OS. This hacking tool is fully compatible with not only Android but with iOS devices as well and all versions. Therefore hacking technique is highly preferred over the other tools as it will give you full access to the device of the victim.

How to use the app easily

  • The process of FreePhoneSpy installation comprises of three simple steps. It is namely you need to download the wizard by providing the email address. The company will straightforward send you the information regarding account activation.
  • Some important details that you will get are the password, downloading link (, username and license key.
  • Next step is activating the application with the use of license key that you already have got.
  • Once done with all those, you need to make use of computer or cell phone to hack all different apps available on the online dashboard that includes WhatsApp.

Features of the spying tool

  • It tracks all SMS and Calls logs that are there in the victim phone with complete details regardless of deleted.
  • WhatsApp hacking is possible completely with this tracking tool.
  • GPS location tracking is offered.
  • It is 100% safer to use.
  • The customer care team is available to assist the user in case of troubles.

#2 SpyZee

#2 SpyZee
#2 SpyZee


SpyZee is a highly innovative and advanced tool that is having many useful features that let a user in tracking all cellular activities on a daily basis. The app is invisible and can do remote monitoring of the activities of the victim that is performed on his or her phone. It is having the ability to check the messages and information fully on victim phone in real time. A hacker will surely love to enjoy all the ultimate benefits of this user-friendly platform. The app is easy to download and use and one can use the control panel of the hacking app.

The app is capable of

  • Reading text messagesWhatever messages are sent or received the app is capable enough to read those on WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp status checking- It checks the status of victim like posted video, image, photos, etc. A hacker can see time, date of status update.
  • Location sharing- If in case the victim shares the location through WhatsApp with another one, this cell phone monitoring tool is capable enough at monitoring shared location info.

#3 TheTruthSpy

#3 TheTruthSpy
#3 TheTruthSpy


TheTruthSpy no doubt has become an ideal choice for WhatsApp hacking for android and iphone. The best thing about this tracking tool is that it works remotely for keeping a hacker fully updated regarding all activities of victim like social media app activities monitoring, GPS location tracking, Calls history, contacts and many more things.

How to use the app for WhatsApp spying

  • To being up spying successfully you need to create a user account. You need to use the email address with the password to get signed in.
  • Once the account is created you need to move to another step for completing the process of the setup of the hacking tool.
  • Provide all essential details of the victim person. Next what you need to do is undergo the process of verification of icloud password and ID of the victim user.
  • After all the details of the targeted user are filled you must log in to the TheTruthSpy user account and go to control panel.
  • Just hit on social media app option where you will get the list of several spying options. Hit on WhatsApp and look at all activities he or she did in it.

#4 XySpy


XySpy is another best cell phone monitoring tool that works very well in the Android OS and iOS device including ipad, iPhone, and iPad touch. The best thing is that it works in stealth mode and the targeted person won’t be able to know of being spied. A hacker can do all the cellular activities monitoring and without any problems as the online dashboard is user-friendly.

Steps to hack WhatsApp account with it

  • The hacking process begins up with the app launching on the Smartphone. A hacker needs to add iPhone source to screen by hitting the option manage> source & edit > add.
  • The source will get updated to an end and a hacker can choose the XySpy  package from the source that is used for monitoring the targeted person activities.
  • A link will be given to a user and with this, a user can download the hacking tool on the device that is then used for monitoring the victim all cellular phone activities.
  • But create a user account using the sign-up details and whenever you want to spy login and through control panel access all details.

#5 AppTracker


Another most effective hacking tool for monitoring the targeted person cellular activities is through AppTracker app. The app is made for iPhone especially. Additionally, the newest version of the app is compatible with iPhone and also with Mac OS, android and blackberry. This hacking tool will provide different feature so that it let a hacker in locking the victim phone and put the device at a distance until it is unlocked. This application is the right choice for the parents and is given the name tough Headers.

Steps to monitor WhatsApp using this hacking tool

  • At first, a hacker needs to install the wizard and it works promptly through obstructing all cellular activities of the individual phone.
  • After the app is installed, verify the information that is asked by the wizard on a person phone before begins up monitoring the activities.


Today the technology has greatly evolved in abundance that is making the life of people easier and simpler. But what can be done when found anything strange in the relationship; makes use of hacking tool only. This guide has given you the best hacking details so that you can easily install it and download it and get all the benefits.

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