Top 10 Mobile Tracker App & Services to Track A Phone

Top 10 Mobile Tracker App & Services to Track A Phone
Top 10 Mobile Tracker App & Services to Track A Phone
Review: Top 10 Mobile Tracker App & Services to Track A Phone
  • #1 FreePhoneSpy
  • #2 TheTruthSpy
  • #3 Phone Tracker
  • #4 GEO-Tracker
  • #5 Open GPS tracker
  • #6 Real-time
  • #7 My Family GPS Tracker
  • #8 Find My Lost Phone
  • #9 GuestSpy
  • #10 Look-out


Get the Top 10 Mobile Tracker App & Services to Track A Phone. we will be discussing the most famous GPS tracking devices which are supplied by different companies in detail.

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Nowadays, as the number of crimes is increasing day by day, so are the security solutions provided by different companies. To avoid the problems and consequences that occur after theft cases, a modern technology have been developed which is known as Global positioning system abbreviated as GPS. GPS is a tracking device which enables the users to track their stolen and snatched stuff like a car, phone etc. the device works with the help of satellites, since we have 32 satellites for us, so it has become easier to track a person through satellites.

How GPS locates any stuff

A person who prompts for installing GPS trackers in his important stuff that could be snatched or stolen, like cars or mobile phones, the company installs an application or software in your device, which can be easily traced out with the help of satellites. These satellites enable us to navigate a person and pinpoint their exact location, and in this way the thief can be caught.

GPS have been used by the users not only for tracing out their stolen properties, but they are also been widely used for other purposes as well, like parents who are over protective for their children, may track their locations via GPS. It has also been used by people who are uncertain about their partners cheating on them. To track their activities they have also been using GPS. However, every technology has its own positives and negatives, so it is completely up to the user how he wishes to utilize these technologies.

Here are Top 10 Mobile Tracker App & Services to Track A Phone

Here are Top 10 Mobile Tracker App & Services to Track A Phone
Here are Top 10 Mobile Tracker App & Services to Track A Phone

Below, we will be discussing the most famous GPS tracking devices which are supplied by different companies in detail. This discussion might help you in understanding the benefits and hazards of each one of these devices, and also you may select the best one for you depending upon your needs.

#1 FreePhoneSpy

#1 FreePhoneSpy
#1 FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is mainly used by the people who want to share their real-time locations with their friends or family. The advantage for this app is that it does not need you to sign up with an account, so it will not have the permission for access to your personal data, social networking sites etc. you only have to select the time frame in which you want your location to be traced out, and a notification will pop-up at your recipient’s device. The app continuously tells you the location of recipient and at what possible time he will possibly reach to your destination. The major advantages it has over other applications is, the app is supported by iOS and Android devices and also it does not gives additional pop-ups for various advertisements. You just have to simply download the link for this app, no complex procedures of signing up with an account or filling forms is required.

Features of FreePhoneSpy:

  • Free GPS Tracker
  • Free SMS Tracker
  • Call Recording
  • Photo/Video Captured
  • Live Voice Recording

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy
#2 TheTruthSpy


This application provides you high level security and privacy for tracking your friends, family, your device, mobile phones, vehicle or even your employees. The best part of the app is that it does not produce sound very often for each pop-up or notification. It works silently that the person sitting with you will not even understand what is going on in your device. It helps to perform multiple tracing at the same time, while you may also work on the web browser at the same time. This application is available majorly for blackberry devices, and after downloading this application in your phone, you must restart your device prior to its use.

#3 Phone Tracker

#3 Phone Tracker
#3 Phone Tracker


This application is also very effective for tracing out your lost devices, vehicles and other things as well. This application is used for navigating purposes and also provides the customers with location of their lost devices. You may also use the map for pointing the landmarks and different places you wish to visit or that are important for you, while sending various commands to the device. The app keeps updating you regarding the location of your phone; it provides real-time tracking of the device. You may also benefit yourself, by using the option for retrieving history of the device that has been traced out.

#4 Geo-Tracker

If a person is looking for an application that provides the exact locations of the target being traced, and accurate navigations to locate certain places, this application is a must use for them. The app is designed for android and iOS users. It is also consisted of a statistical built-in calculator, which calculates all the statistics of your track and the information appears on the screen. The recorded tracks are being saved in your device in KML or GPX format. The tracing of a person is done via using Google maps, which makes the results more accurate.

#5 Open GPS tracker

Open GPS Tracker is an application that mainly helps you to keep your travel records, and also navigate the location of the target person. It is designed for the android devices specifically, and it keeps you updated regarding the location of your target person, you just have to download this application in your device and then navigate any of the contacts from your contact list. You can also find out the location of your desired person through videos, pictures, texts or even the audio clips. The drawback for this application is that, it service gets interrupted because of some environmental hindrances like trees, forests etc.

#6 Real-time

Real Time application, is a tracking application, through you can easily trace out your friends, family members or other colleagues and employees that you work with. Even, it helps you to share your own location with your desired group of people, like family, friends or your spouse. It provides real-time navigation to its users. But, it is necessary for your acquaintances as well to download this application in their own devices as well, so that they may keep record of each other’s locations. You may even share your locations while you are biking, hiking, paragliding or just walking on a road, it provides the most accurate and precise location to its users.

#7 My Family GPS Tracker

This application is very useful for the people who like to always have a check on their family members particularly their kids. It enables the parents to locate where their kids are, and also this application provides the option for end-to-end communication feature, which helps you to talk to your family members along with tracing them out. The app works when your kids have an activated phone with them. By enabling the feature of Kid Mode, you will also have access to your kid’s locations and with video calling advantages you may see for yourself what they are doing.

No additional personal information has to be provided while downloading this app, and the navigated information will be shared with only the designated users.

#8 Find My Lost Phone

This application is really effective for finding out your lost phone or any other devices. This app is useful for both Android and Apple users. The company has been working since five years in such fields, which makes it more reliable and trustworthy. In case you have lost your phone, the navigating map of this app will help you to pinpoint the exact location of your device. but sometimes, the results might get interrupted because of weather or high buildings.

#9 GuestSpy

This is the application that possesses the ability to trace out the exact locations of all the employees working in a firm. It is specifically designed for the businessmen who like to keep a check on their employees. It enables the user to have a complete access to the target person’s SMS, Multimedia messages and all of his personal information that he’s using via his phone, but for this purpose you have to connect your device with their device. this application is good for employees, family, parents and spouses etc. it can be used for tracking the locations and activities of a person. You may have an access to their text messages, you may manage their call logs, track GPS locations, monitor all of their internet surfing history and many more.

#10 Look-out

Look-out personal is the most preferable security app that provides high level security to your phone from theft. It is a multi-functional application that helps to find out the lost devices and also provides alert emails, photos and messages to your device if a thief tries to steal your phone from anywhere. It also notifies the user whenever they are getting logged in into the WiFi which is not safe to use and might stole your personal information.


Here we have discussed the top 10 applications that are used by a number of users for tracking purposes. You may use these applications for tracing out your lost phone or devices and also you may track a person for their exact location. Some of these applications are really effective as they provide you with remarkable features. The selection of the appropriate application depends upon your own preferences and requirements, so that you may keep your close ones save and away from any dangers.