How to spy on iPhone with or without jailbreak

How To Spy On iPhone With Or Without Jailbreak

The word “spy” is generally related to negativity. Whenever you read ‘spy’ the first tough to ring you mind is ‘illegal’. In today’s world a person has many reasons to spy over something or someone in particular. The government and other CIA parties use various spying techniques to gather information and have access to details or utter importance. With the advancement of technology it is easier now to spy on someone than it was before. Software companies have introduced various software which help you spy over someone without much fuss. These software are available on internet and can accessed without much problem. However, if it is legal to spy or not is still a hot topic for debate as it totally depends on the person for which purpose he is using the spy software.

Get the Way to spy on iPhone with or without jailbreak

Get the Way to spy on iPhone with or without jailbreak
Get the Way to spy on iPhone with or without jailbreak

There are many cases reported officially about how various people like ex-boyfriends, bosses etc. kept an eye on the victims without them knowing. Now-a-days the most common way to spy on someone is through their phones. You do not have to physically follow the person and stay with them just so you can know what they are doing and who they are talking to. Spying is made easy by introducing various software by which the person can access the target’s phone and know each and everything about them. Thus you do not have to be even near to your target. You can sit in your home or office or in your room and can still know where your target is, to whom they are talking, what conversation they are having, their photos, videos, messages and even their social media sites. All of this information is easily accessible through the spying software. You can even store these information in your own phone to access them whenever you want.

Spying softwares –what they do

Today’s market is full of software which can help you spy on your children, husband, wife, employees, spouse, cheating partner or on any other person. These software are available on internet from where you can download them. These spying software helps you spy without being caught as these software can work invisibly. Even if the software is downloaded in the target’s phone, he or she will never know as the software can work in invisible mode. Thus, the person will never realize that their phone has a software which connects it with the monitoring person’s phone.

With the help of these software a person can have access to call records, contacts saved, photos, videos, messages, GPS information, browsing history, and social media sites. Moreover, the person can listen to phone call of the victim as well. There are also options to record the calls so that it can be accessed later or any other time. In addition to this, with the microphone option the person can listen to the surrounding voices of the victims or hear what they are talking or doing. Advanced software also give the option where pictures can be clicked from the target’s phone to check whereabouts. These software also provide access to social media messengers like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Line etc. Basically every information which is in target’s phone can be accessed by the person who is spying. Also, the distance does not matter in these software as the target’s phone can be accessed easily from anywhere. There is no necessity to stay close to the person you are spying on.

These software can also be used to harm the person or blackmail them or for other illegal purposes. It totally depends on the user as to how they want to use the software. However, these software are introduced for legal purposes. Working mothers can use it to keep an eye on their home or children. Bosses can use it to track their employees and record their performances. Husbands and wives can use it to be sure about the safety of their partner etc. Lastly, these software are user friendly in most cases as they can be installed on any phone whether it is iPhone, Android phone or Blackberry etc.

Spy on iPhone with or without jailbreak

Spy on iPhone with or without jailbreak
Spy on iPhone with or without jailbreak

iPhone is the most famous and used phone in many countries. It is always in the news because of its popularity and advanced features. One of the main discussed topic about iPhone is its “Jailbreak” option. In order to access software and features which are generally not allowed by the iPhone Company, a person can jailbreak the iPhone to have the freedom. Jailbreak will help you access the features which are not allowed and download applications which are not available to general iPhone users.

Similarly, if you want to spy on an iPhone you might face the issue regarding software download. Jailbreak would be your easy solution to that problem. However, with the advancement of technology and software houses there are many new software introduced which will let you spy on an iPhone without jailbreak. For example, FreePhoneSpy Application is easily accessible on iPhone, any other android device or Blackberry etc. The victim will never be able to realize that someone is spying on them through their iPhone. A case reported by Rosman (2017) clears the conception that it is easy to spy on a person with iPhone than it was few years ago.

For instance, the FreePhoneSpy application is available on internet from where it can be downloaded. A guide consisting on how the application works and giving information about its various features is also available on their website which help the users to understand the software and how it works. This application when installed in the victim’s phone can be used on either “visible mode or invisible mode”. Thus, you can choose if you want to let the target know that you are keeping an eye on their information or not. By using this application the person can record and keep the data of the target saved on their online profile in the application. This data is easily accessible and can be used anywhere and at any time. The application had a 48 days trial period which is totally free. You can use the application in trial period to check if it works fine for you or not. Then you can make your own package by adding the features you want according to your need and keeping in mind which information you want access to.

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Now, it is easy to analyse that to spy on someone all you need is to spy their phone even if the user has an iPhone. There is no necessity to jailbreak the iPhone to access information. You just have to choose a software which provides you the features required by you and you can easily keep a track on the target. And even if the software is not running on an iPhone, you can either select another software or you always have the option of jailbreak. The basic thing which is important is to have a spy software. You can either be in next room or in different floor or in a totally different location, you will still have all the information of the target easily accessible on your fingertips in your phone. The spy software connect their phone to yours.

Information accessible through spy software

Every spy software is different from the other based on the features they offer. Now-a-days the most common features provided by spy software are, access to call records, call timings, on-going call conversation, contacts saved, messages, photos and videos, GPS service, microphone to hear surrounding sounds, camera to take instant picture, social media sites including messengers, calendars, and reminders.

Advantages of spy software

It is not necessary that every person uses a spy software for illegal purposes. There are various advantages of these spy software. It helps you keep a track on your home and child activities if you are a working person and cannot be at home all the time. It can be used for security purposes as well. It also helps big companies to keep a track on their employees and check employee activities at work. It is also helpful in keeping all the precious data backed up and saved. In personal cases like cheating of spouses, the spy software also come handy.

Legal or illegal

Whether spying on a person through their iPhone is legal or not is a hot topic continuously in debate. As we have analysed that it is not necessary to jailbreak an iPhone to get access to spy software, it is now easier to spy through an iPhone without jailbreak. These software are made and introduced by following rules and regulations of legality. Thus, the software are legal. However, its usage totally depends on the person. If you are using it for security purposes or because of other reason which are not harmful to the target then it is totally legal in terms of usage. On the contrary, if you are accessing someone’s personal information without their consent and using this information against them or to harm the target then the usage is illegal. It is better to scrutinize the use to understand whether the purpose is legal or not.

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