How to spy WhatsApp from another phone

How To Spy On WhatsApp From Another Phone

Best Easy way to spy WhatsApp from another phone

You could spy somebody’s WhatsApp in numerous methods, both for Android and iPhone phones. Here we check out the strategy of Mac Spoofing, the primary method of spying for WhatsApp with another phone and we will discover ways to utilize the Web WhatsApp to spy on other individuals from your Personal Computer. I’ll discuss a sophisticated tool called FreePhoneSpy which would enable you to see any info on the victim’s mobile phone even if you are did not have the technology knowledge.


Best Easy way to spy WhatsApp from another phone
Best Easy way to spy WhatsApp from another phone

Spying on WhatsApp chats is simple; however, you need to understand the best ways to accomplish it. Here we recommend 3 safe approaches which have been evaluated by numerous users that deal with both Android and iPhone. These techniques are to inspect WhatsApp messages of others are efficient, and it readies to understand them to prevent them.

We advise you that spying on Whatsapp messages is prohibited, however, is great to be familiar with those and understanding how to care for yourself versus possible attacks.

Way 1: How to spy WhatsApp from another phone with FreePhoneSpy

Way 1: How to spy WhatsApp from another phone with FreePhoneSpy
Way 1: How to spy WhatsApp from another phone with FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is an innovative tool which will permit you to spy on information received and sent on any immediate messaging applications that might feature, WhatsApp.

FreePhoneSpy is basic and a more efficient option to spy on somebody utilizing WhatsApp.

FreePhoneSpy is the leading providers who are offering spy software and applications for Windows phone, Androids and iPhone. This software will allow you to keep track of all function on the victim’s tablet or mobile phone without them understanding that is a good idea for somebody to play investigator and spy on various others.

You may have the ability to view whatever that has been received and sent from that individual’s phone such as their call, text, browsing history, voicemail and multimedia material which has been received or sent and a lot more things. The app gives the opportunity to obtain the actual time map position by utilizing integrated GPS process of the phones victim significance you could view their precise place at any times.

The FreePhoneSpy app is simple to acquire and set up. Even if you are not technology smart, you may still have the ability to manage this method that is how basic it is. Regarding the outstanding style and all that FreePhoneSpy can perform with its choose functions you will anticipate to pay more for FreePhoneSpy however, in fact, the expense of FreePhoneSpy is affordable. The FreePhoneSpy app has shown to be efficient and the consumer assistance that others have received efficiently has likewise gotten great impressions from customers. On iOS gadgets, the software does not need to be jailbroken.

FreePhoneSpy applications may aid to spy app like WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Instagram and so on.

The procedure for download and install the FreePhoneSpy applications are

Step-1: Get application onto the intended phone where you have to spy on WhatsApp information.

Step-2: Configure and Install the FreePhoneSpy application. For this, you must have the intended phone in your palm for a minimum of a few mins.

Step-3: Now, the WhatsApp tracking procedure may start and the taped logs could be accessed from your online profile.

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How does FreePhoneSpy function

FreePhoneSpy is basic to utilize and set up. The initial step of the procedure is to purchase the application then acquire the app you could set up the app on whoever your target or victim may be’s mobile phone. Setup takes a few mins and you do not require any unique technical abilities to acquire this program.

When you finally acquire the process, you will have the ability to see any details on the victim’s phone no matter how personal it might be. You will likewise have the ability to access their mobile phone details from your pc. It must be plenty sufficient for you to lastly have the ability to visit your control panel on FreePhoneSpy and acquire all the info you are looking for on your victim’s mobile phone.

When you have set up the spyware, you will have the ability to gain access to more personal info of the victim from your pc or smartphone anywhere. It suffices to log into your profile and may view anything regarding your mobile phone victim on the control panel.

You could manage the functions and could keep track of the text messages with this FreePhoneSpy application. When you have this application, then you could keep away from the stress of what your loved ones are performing at what period.

FreePhoneSpy Premium Elements

In addition to FreePhoneSpy WhatsApp spying following are a few of the other functions of mSpy Premium:

  • Spy on WhatsApp Chats and Messages
  • WhatsApp Spy on Team Messages
  • Spy on Web activity featuring social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and so on
  • GPS places spying in real-time
  • Spy on WhatsApp Contacts
  • Screen keystrokes, images and video clips
  • Spy function operates in a total stealth setting and it stays unnoticed!

Way 2: How to spy on Whatsapp chat by using the strategy of Mac Spoofing

Way 2: How to spy on Whatsapp chat by using the strategy of Mac Spoofing
Way 2: How to spy on Whatsapp chat by using the strategy of Mac Spoofing

This free approach to spy on discussions has specific actions which could appear complicated. In truth, there is nothing so complicated. Simply follow the procedures and whatever would be all right. Anybody could utilize the spying strategy of Mac Spoofing

Mac Spoofing utilizes Media Accessibility Authority to spy on WhatsApp. It is a protection code feature numbers and letters. Every mobile has its own which is various from other folks. It is named as Ethernet or LAN address or physical address.

Read about Mac Spoofing:

How could utilize the method of Mac Spoofing

Let’s observe, now, what are the fundamental procedures to view WhatsApp messages of others by this approach? Here is what you require:

You have to setup the WhatsApp application on the mobile phone.

Connect to the phone of the individual you wish to spy on (it takes just 2 minutes).

At this moment, the initial step is to obtain the Mac Address of the individual you wish to spy on and compose it down. The code which we require has a form like this: 06: B3: 92: F4: 34: AC.

Setups > Basic > Regarding > Wi-Fi Address.

To discover the Mac Address on an Android phone: move to Setups > Regarding phone > Status > Wi-Fi MAC address.

If the phones are linked to the very same line Wi-Fi, people can discover the Mac Address straight from a Mac or Personal Computer:

On Windows: Click the computer system icon associated the link (at the bottom best beside the date). Select “Launch Network and Exchanging center.” Move to “Shift adapter setups.” Then, select with the ideal key on the icon of the network card which intrigues you. Move to “Status.” Click “information.” The Mac Address suit the code beside “Tangible Address.”

On Operating System X/ Mac (Apple’s OS, do not obtain puzzled through the Mac Address): Move to Device Preferences > Connection > Innovative > Hardware. The Mac Address is the very first details which you discover in the window.

Now you need to observe the following procedures:

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile phone.
  2. Shift your Mac Address with the individual you wish to spy (Numerous application accomplish this and we recommend Wifi spoof for Busy Box and iPhone for Android).
  3. Re-install WhatsApp on your mobile phone, bewaring to get the contact number of the individual to spy on when needed.
  4. Inquire the account activation code through SMS (Caution! The code can be given to the mobile phone of the individual you wish to spy. The phone needs to be with people. Jot down the code then erases the message to prevent to be captured in the act).
  5. Re-set the first Mac Address on your mobile phone.
  6. If all the actions were carried out properly, WhatsApp would immediately show all the messages, pictures and video clips of the individual you’re spying.

Way 3: How to spy WhatsApp with TheTruthSpy

Way 3: How to spy WhatsApp with TheTruthSpy
Way 3: How to spy WhatsApp with TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is an app using that you could know how to spy WhatsApp effectively. By using the app you could keep track of all other functions of the individual, so it is not a common WhatsApp spy function. Utilizing this spy application, you can record and track phone calls, text messages, chat history and other online function of the intended user. This app performs a role in being leading WhatsApp spy and utilizing it does not need any unique abilities. Spying on other WhatsApp information has never been simpler and you can take a look at the habits of your best ones, your co-workers or employees.


Step 1: If you wish to WhatsApp spy acquires you have to accomplish some easy procedures:

Step 2: Initially you ought to move on the TheTruthSpy site

Step 3: Get the app, set up it on the mobile phone

Step 4: the Final procedure is to produce your profile on the site in which you could examine the WhatsApp spy function.

Ideal thing concerning TheTruthSpy is that there is complimentary trial variation in that you could evaluate this WhatsApp spy function to see its terrific functions.

When it pertains to the functions, you ought to understand that there are numerous other quality functions aside from hacking WhatsApp.

Another excellent thing is that TheTruthSpy assists you carry out WhatsApp spy without being identified. The intended mobile phone person will never understand that you are spying on WhatsApp information, so you have absolutely nothing to fret about. WhatsApp is a popular social app today and numerous individuals are utilizing it to interact in between each other.

Teenagers, young people, as well as older adults are utilizing WhatsApp.If you are stressed over your kids’ or partner habits, then you could utilize TheTruthSpy for WhatsApp Spy. For taking a look at the WhatsApp messages of the intended user you have to open any internet browser, go to the TheTruthSpy site, log in to your private profile and examine whatever you would like to know.

Main attributes of WhatsApp Spy App

Main attributes of WhatsApp Spy App
Main attributes of WhatsApp Spy App

We discussed that the WhatsApp spy application for android is among the functions FreePhoneSpy supplies. Similarly, it implies that the application has a lot of extra functions to provide to you. They are:

GPS setting – From the control board, you could constantly identify the specific area of the smart device. It utilizes GPS, so it is very precise and offered 24/7/365.

Call recording – Certainly, paying attention to the telephone call is possible. However, the application enables you to tape-record the calls too. The recorded phone calls would be offered as documents to download in the future.

Microphone activation – It is among the preferred functions of numerous users. It enables you to trigger the microphone and pay attention to the discussion.

Screen web activity – Which sites your partner, kid or worker gos to? It is difficult to inform without the application. That’s why web activity function is very important.

Keylogger – It is a function that captures the keystrokes in actual time, permitting you to check out the composed information, record security passwords and login info.

Full-app authority – This enhancement will work if the user utilizes some improper applications. They could be erased, obstructed or merely restricted.

Complete information access – Each data or file on the intended gadget is noticeable and workable from the control board itself. From there, you could acquire the documents, erase it and even deliver it to an additional user.

Now you could understand how to spy on WhatsApp however you need to understand that the FreePhoneSpy is undetected, implying that none of the traditional software application could find its existence on the intended gadget.

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WhatsApp spy free trial

The very best aspect of the FreePhoneSpy application is the trial function. It permits you to inspect all the ability of the application itself, so you could later on identify is it appropriate for you. In any case, the cash back assurance is readily available too.

Just after the trial duration, you could choose to buy the application that will open plenty extra functions that make spying easier and much better.

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