How to Spy on Text Messages from Another Phone & Computer

How to Spy on Text Messages from Another Phone & Computer

Best way to Spy on Text Messages from another Phone & Computer

Text messaging is one of the most used features included in our smartphones. However, every concerned elder today wish to get the details of their kid’s messages and other actions that take place on their phone. This is because; texting has not only bridged the gap between countries but have also created a huge platform for the cybercriminals and bullies to operate on. With the help of internet and text messaging, they can easily hack your mobile phone applications and can, later on, blackmail you for the same. So what is the best way to get rid of these entire problems? Well, FreePhoneSpy app has got a solution for you!

Best way to Spy on Text Messages from another Phone & Computer
Best way to Spy on Text Messages from another Phone & Computer

The best application for instant and reliable monitoring

In this write-up, we are going to explain you about the three ways of spying on any mobile with the use of

  • Spy on Text Messages using another Android Phone– this is an easy process as you can undergo this technique by downloading the application on the target phone. Here, you need to get registered with FreePhoneSpy app and purchase the application. Now install the software on your phone, as well as on the target device as well. You need to then, initiate a process which takes few minutes and here, you have to create an account on the app which can store all; the monitored data. You can now start the monitoring process and can get access to this data anytime and anywhere.
  • Spy on Text Messages using another iPhone– this process is somewhat similar to what is mentioned above, however, here the security level is much increased as the target user is operating on an iPhone. Here, you need to get registered with us and purchase FreePhoneSpy After this, log in to your account and then enter the Apple ID and password of the target phone. Once completed, you can then use the auto-forward feature through which, their phone will start forwarding all the texts and other details to your phone. You can access them through the dashboard and can also see the screenshots.
  • How to Spy on Text Messages using Computer– spying through the computer is a quite difficult process. However, FreePhoneSpy app makes everything simpler for you. Here, you first need to undergo the same process of installing and downloading the app on yours and target’s phone. After completing this, go to your computer and log in to a specific account which you have created to log into the FreePhoneSpy Now you can easily monitor their device, simultaneously through your phone and computer as well.

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So, with the help of these three easy methods, you can easily start monitoring their actions within hours. FreePhoneSpy app comes with more than 25 features which make your spying easy and customer friendly. Moreover, with us, you can easily maintain the complete security of your personal device along with spying on their phone. All your data stays encrypted, and no one else can get the access to your sensitive data, this makes our platform more credible and secure.

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