12 Best WhatsApp Spy Softwares That Parents Need to Know

12 Best WhatsApp Spy Software That Parents Need to Know
12 Best WhatsApp Spy Software That Parents Need to Know

Parenting is one of the toughest tasks of a person’s life. For a parent, handling their child is like a 24-hour job that never ends. Though, parents have to be attentive towards their child at each stage of life, but the most delicate and complicated phase is when a child is a teen. Teenagers have a very delicate mind that can be easily distracted by wrong and alluring things. In this era of technology, children are becoming tech savvy right from the time they are born. Till the time a child grows into a teen, his or her love for mobile phones and gadgets is converted into addiction. Today, almost more than half of the world’s children are addicted to their mobile phones and tabs.

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Where, on the one hand, mobile phones and internet have brought about a lot of change and have helped a person in living a comfortable life, it has also brought many disadvantages to people. When we talk about the teenagers, it has been said that hundreds of teens are caught into the vicious trap of cyber crimes and cyber bullies as a result of mobile addiction. To stop their child from using the phone cannot be a solution. Teens today do not like to be questioned on everything and demand for privacy. This brings a challenge for the parents to monitor their child activities and save them from further problems.

Here is the list 12 Best WhatsApp Spy Software That Parents Need to Know
Here is the list 12 Best WhatsApp Spy Software That Parents Need to Know

If you are among the hundreds of parents wanting to keep a check on their Childs phone without their knowing, then you have laded upon the right page. Peeping into your Childs mobile phone without their permission can put you in to a lot of problems. Your child may get offended, and you may even spoil your relations with them. To solve all these problems, parents need a solution that can monitor their child activities on the phone secretly without them knowing so that they can know everything their child id up to. The best solution to this problem will be the spying applications.

Spying applications are the mobile-based software that can be installed in the phone of the target in order to know all his or her activities secretly. These applications are very safe and can transfer all the data of a person’s phone to another. Parents have been using these software’s to spy on their child so that they can ensure their safety. The best mobile spying software has turned out to be life-saving in some of the cases. There are various spying applications available out there, but not all are equally good. You cannot rely on any of the spying application to monitor your child as spying on someone is a delicate job, and it must be dome with the best software.

12 Best WhatsApp Spy Softwares That Parents Need to Know

12 Best WhatsApp Spy Software That Parents Need to Know
12 Best WhatsApp Spy Software That Parents Need to Know

Here we are with the top 12 spying applications that can help parents spy on their child perfectly. The below-given spying applications are one of the top most apps in this market. Have a look at them and choose the one that suits you the best:

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy
#1 TheTruthSpy

This is the best app in all the leading spying applications. TheTruthSpy allows complete monitoring of your Childs android phone and gives all the facilities that the top most apps do. The best thing about this application is that it not only comes with a wide range of features but also focuses on their quality. TheTruthSpy values their customers very much and therefore do everything that could satisfy their customer needs. it provides all the services in a very affordable cost. TheTruthSpy is very easy to understand and can be used by almost everyone. To know more about this application or to download the app on your phone you can visit the link: (https://thetruthspy.com).

#2 FreePhoneSpy

#2 FreePhoneSpy
#2 FreePhoneSpy

Website: https://freephonespy.net

It is another best application that can spy on all your child activities on the phone. Once you download this application on your mobile as well as on your child’s mobile, you will get all the information instantly. This application is a perfect tool to spy on WhatsApp however; it does not provide as many features as that of the TheTruthSpy.

Download & Install FreePhoneSpy

#3 AppSpy

This easy to use application can spy on WhatsApp and can provide other spying solutions too. In this application, you will need to set up an online account, and all the feeds of your spying will be sent to this account. This application is available at low cost. It is a decent spying application that can complete all the basic spying needs of a parent. It is compatible with all the devices and operating systems. If you want a simple solution to your spying, then this is the best application.

#4 SpyHuman

It is free of cost spying application that can spy on all the android devices. If you are particularly looking for a good spying application for spying WhatsApp, it can be the best application for you. This application comes with seller customer service. However, it is a new app and has not built a reputation yet.

#5 Phone Monitor

The Phone Monitor is also a free and very easy to use application that lets parents track all their child’s activities. You will have to sign up into an account to avail the service. It does not involve any kind of complexities and can be used by even a kid. This application may not be available to all the countries, which is a drawback of it.

#6 Mobile Monitor

This application is one of the best apps you might use to spy on the WhatsApp of any android device. It lets you read the messages and have access to all the multimedia shared on WhatsApp. This application is very free and highly effective application. However, it may not be available to all the countries. To check whether it is available at your place or not, you can visit the application and know more.

#7 Top Spy Apps

The Top Spy Apps is available at the most affordable prices and can help you perform all the necessary activities to spy on your child. You can read the contact, messages, and messaging application like WhatsApp, etc., this app gives its customers a guide that makes it easy to use. However, the Top Spy App may not give regular reports.

#8 Kids Mobile Monitoring

You could have understood by the name itself that this application is specially built to spy on the phones of a child. It has everything that a parent would need to keep track of their child’s activities. This app is able to give detailed reports of the messages and other spying needs. It is very effective free of cost spying application.

#9 GuestSpy

This application comes with many great features that are easy to use and operate. It gives effective results that are best and reliable. The drawback of this application is that it may be a little too expensive for many people and also its website is not a very good looking one.

#10 PhoneSpying

This application allows monitoring the WhatsApp activities in the entire android phones. It tracks the phone with the help of the GPS system and provides all the information in real-time. It is one of the best applications available in the market. It is compatible with all the operating systems and can spy on the social media accounts too.

#11 Mobile Spy

It is the best application that comes with all the fundamental monitoring applications and various helpful features in order to spy on someone’s phone. It has a unique feature that is it can display even the deleted messages of the suspect as well. You can log on to the account to access it very easily.

#12 mSpy

This application allows for complete monitoring of a mobile. It has simple features that are easy to use and understand. It has almost all the features that the top mobile application has. If you are looking to spy on your child’s WhatsApp, mSpy can help you do that very effectively. However, this application can be a little expensive for most of the people.

What can the best WhatsApp spying applications do

What can the best WhatsApp spying applications do
What can the best WhatsApp spying applications do

The best spying applications are all in one spying solutions that come with the best features to help in spying. They can monitor all the activities of your child as well as track his location too. All the top most spying applications provide their customers with the features, which are:

  • reading the text messages
  • reading the messages of all the messaging applications
  • Call recording and access to call logs.
  • tracking the location with the help of GPS
  • monitoring interest usage
  • spying on the social media application
  • access to multimedia files and many more

With the help of features, that the best spying applications provide you can know everything your kid has been doing. You can know that your child is not going on the wrong track and is not associated with the wrong people. The WhatsApp Spy is best that a parent of a teen would ever want. Every parent must have the best spying application to keep their child safe and monitor their activities without them knowing.


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