How to Set up Parental Controls on Google

How to Set up Parental Controls on Google

How to monitor Google and set up parental controls

Today children at an early age start using Google. Google provides all information related to many things. Access the activities of the children is thus necessary because Google provides all information related to anything. Sometimes children surf on the wrong website which is not suitable for them. For their safety, just monitor the google history and their activities without knowing them. Online freedom inherent with dangers, as many of the websites provides content which is harmful to your children.

How to monitor Google and set up parental controls
How to monitor Google and set up parental controls

You don’t just keep them far from this type of website but also block this website. If you stop them to use the computer they will get irritated and may take the wrong decision. So you just need to install one hacker tool – FreePhoneSpy which monitors all the activities. It is not possible to keep an eye on them every second of the day.

Google provides one of the filter based service with google chrome web browser service in the form of the panel controls. The concept of this app is that it supervises user profiles, filter pages and block unnecessary things. If your child clicks this restricted website and profiles you receive all information and provide the final say regarding where they go and what they do online. This provides the level of security. After installing the application, the Google search result is then filtered for explicated content.

Steps to Set up Parental Controls on Google

Setting up the FreePhoneSpy app is very easy and it is unable to detect this app. It protects you to hack back. This app is easy to use just follow some method and it starts working. If you don’t have any idea so just follow these steps-

  • Download this app with the help of the official website.
  • After downloading the application you need to fill some of the information related to an email address, phone number, and many more things.
  • After filling, all details this app block unnecessary things and some videos, images, and many more websites of the targeted phone.

There are lots of features that provide controls on Google history. The applications of this app support your needs and must be chosen for the spying purpose. There are numbers of the apps available in the market and we suggest the greatest app offering you with many features such as the GPS, call recording, spying text, and call logs, etc.

This app monitors the activities of your children with many features which help to use this app with better ways-

  • With this app you monitor the internet activities– you can monitor all the activities of your children with your PC. You can also access the browsing history and you also know that what your children has been watching.
  • The keylogger feature this is the feature that helps to access all passwords saved on the children’s PC. These features read the passwords which your children enter to their PC. With the help of these features, you know all the locks and social media account passwords.

For more details, you just need to visit this official website-

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