Keystroke Logger Software Reviews

Keystroke Logger Software Reviews

Know everything about the keystroke Logger Software Reviews

Nowadays the user activity monitoring application (key logger, keyboard captures, and keystroke loggers) is such huge. There are more than hundred of applications intended for PC monitoring. They provide a lot of functions and are developed for various purposes such as employee monitoring, catching spouse who are cheating, parental control, etc. so you can choose a keystroke logging application that will satisfy the your requirements.

Know everything about the keystroke Logger Software Reviews
Know everything about the keystroke Logger Software Reviews

The main aim of the keystroke loggers is to assists our visitors to select monitoring application for windows that fulfill their requirements for the amount they are ready to pay.

Uses of the keylogger

Key loggers are legal. Most of the companies use it to monitor the activities of business employees using their computers. Also, parents use it to ensure that their kids do not access inappropriate websites. If you use a keylogger while typing a letter, the keylogger saves the previous work even if your computer damages before you can store or save your file.

FreePhoneSpy keylogging

FreePhoneSpy keylogging
FreePhoneSpy keylogging

Keylogging is basically the process of ‘logging in’ on the device which made keystrokes. As a parent of children, you need to monitor your children. There are a lot of software available and Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook being the popular ones. Children used this software all day and as a result, their studies will be disturbed because of it. FreePhoneSpy has taken care about to screen limit time can automatically lock the devices.

How to install the FreePhoneSpy App for using it for the purpose of keyloggers

The FreePhoneSpy app is reliable and pocket- friendly.  First, download the free spy software to your device and then install it. Installing is an important step for accessing the software. Second, sign up using the mail ID and password and create a new account with your name. After that, you are able to monitor the target phone using the internet by any device.

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What are the needs of the Keylogger

As a parent, the digital monitoring is the need of today. One cannot let any reason to create distance away from their kids. Only parents teach those values and morals of life and try to safe their kids. The experiences of the world are also important but the danger of cybercrime is also present in the world. You cannot stay with your child in front of you but you can do it in different ways.

This is where FreePhoneSpy App comes into the frame with its diverse features like call logs, text message monitoring, GPS tracking, and call recording. These are many features that help parents to take a better approach regarding the needs of monitoring. Parents can track the location of their kids where they are going, restrict inappropriate sites and words and unsafe areas. For an extra monitoring experience, FreePhoneSpy App has developed new features for its users which have to improve the user experience and one of the most necessary features is the keylogging feature.

How keylogging can help you in process of child monitoring

With the support of keylogging feature of FreePhoneSpy App, parents can monitor each every keystroke made on Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Facebook, and Skype. These are the most popular software which the teenager’s use today. This spy app provides them to oversee every message exchanged while using this software and oversee the type of conversation their child is having. Even if the chats are deleted, you can know about what messages are received or sent.

Using this awesome feature of spy app you can save your child from any harassment, and cyberbullying. You can easily know about- who are the people which are talking to your child on the internet, other than their friends or relatives. You can also get knowledge about the types of conversations your child is having on the internet.

Timely interference could save both your children and you from any disturbances in the future. If you are following the old version of this software, then update it so that you can take extra advantages of more features from these amazing monitoring features.

 Keystroke logger features

  • Screenshot capturing– You can use this feature to take a snapshot of the full screen at any interval of time. So that you can see every activity of your child which also includes all chats, MySpace activity, and Facebook.
  • Web sites visit Keylogger will time stamp and record all the sites visited. If a user is sending inappropriate content on your business computers, they will record this activity.
  • Startup alert- Keylogger provides the choice of whether to show a custom message notify the person they are being monitored.
  • Optimal stealth mode– Keylogger provides stealth mode features and has the abilities to hide from all windows operating system, thus you can make sure that when you put your system in stealth mode, it will be hidden from the user.
  • Custom security settings– Keylogger provides an option of plethora that will ensure no person can interact with keylogger when it is running.
  • View remote and email delivery- Remote monitoring functionality provides the ability to have every keystroke logs transfer to your mail ID so it is good for computer monitoring when you are at the office or on the road.
  • User-friendly interface– Keylogger contains an easy to understand and provides a graphical user interface. It allows you to familiarize with the software.
  • Log filter– It is a feature which helps you to easily record all data along with exact date and time.


Not every keylogger sent information over the web. FreePhoneSpy app helps parents to monitor to a kid’s device with a keylogger on it recovering keystroke data by simply logging in to their device and reading a file. FreePhoneSpy app provides key loggers which allow you to transfer saved keystroke data at small distance using Bluetooth. Thus this information was all about keystroke logger software reviews which will surely help you to know better about the term keystroke logger features.

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