Best 10 Call Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone

Best 10 Call Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone

Get the Best ten Call Tracker Applications for Android and iPhone

Are you in search of call tracking tool so as to spy on your family members and kids? Then you must acquire an ideal solution for it. This post is perfect for you because it entails top best ten call tracker applications for iPhone and Android. You are thus able to know all the kids’ or spouse whereabouts using the ideal call tracker application. Read the guide to fulfilling all of your requirements.

Get the Best ten Call Tracker Applications for Android and iPhone
Get the Best ten Call Tracker Applications for Android and iPhone

What call tracker application can do for the user?

The name itself suggests that it is solely utilized for call tracking so as to know what sort of calls is being made or received by the suspect. The best and reliable application has the following characteristics-

  • You get real-time based call information from the target device. This enables you to know the kid, friend, family and spouse whereabouts.
  • You can save all the call content on the dashboard or control panel
  • You can obtain essential details such as time stamp and date stamp along with call content
  • Through the geo-fencing, you will be able to know the target device location
  • Best Location Tracking Applications for iPhone and Android

Top ten call tracker applications for iPhone and Android:

#1 FreePhoneSpy

#1 FreePhoneSpy
#1 FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is basically a high tech monitoring application specially designed for iOS and Android. It is a very powerful tool that needs no coding from the user side. These advance platforms make use of real-time call tracking so as to track spouse, kid and employee calls. Phone accessing thus becomes easily. in addition to this, the user can access videos, images, call history, other applications, and contacts. you can visit the official website ( to download and install it.


  • You don’t have to require any special skill so as to operate the application; you just have to install the app on the target cell phone with a filling of account details
  • The application will work in stealth mode at the background and this way you won’t be caught
  • You thus able to track the location of the suspect cell phone remotely
  • It can operate well on both the android as well as IOS phone

#2 Find My Phone

#2 Find My Phone
#2 Find My Phone


One of the finest and best phones tracking tool in the market finds my phone that got developed by Google Inc. The application got equipped with tons of features that enable you to know the call content. It works awesomely on IOS and Android device. Thus you can remotely track the target device location.


  • The application is available on Android as well as iPhone
  • It gets powered using three modes like ring mode, lost mode, and erase mode
  • The app will be able to receive the data even if the cell phone of the target is off.

#3 PhoneTracking

#3 PhoneTracking
#3 PhoneTracking


The Phone Tracking application is absolutely free and it can perfect locate the position of your kid, spouse. It can collect calls as well.

  • Real-time location can also be tracked
  • It is available on iOS and Android

#4 Cerberus Anti Theft

Cerberus Anti-theft is tracking service provider that makes use of high and advanced technology to offer the perfect solution. In the single go, it can identify the problem and protect your kid or spouse using the advanced technology. You can access the sites visited by the kid through this application as well.


  • Similar to other tools, the Cerberus anti theft sends a notification to the user in case the kid or spouse does some activity
  • It can remotely track the messages and calls from an another cell phone

#5 Prey anti-theft

Prey Anti-theft is the top-notch tool that has the capacity to track the calls instantly. The incoming missed and outgoing calls can be tracked easily through it. It is designed specially to track the suspect activities. It smoothly works on devices like Android, and iphone. It captures all the activities silently and sends the mail in case there is any activity done.

#6 Glympse

Using the glympse the user can easily hack on the suspect activity through the GPS. The GPS enable the user to know the location. It can even permit the user to track the calls. The installation and downloading of the application are simple. You just have to make an account and start tracking. The process is fast enough to track the activities of the target. You can track calls from spouse, kid and employee call logs.

#7 TheTruthSpy

Form the official website of TheTruthSpy you can download and install it. It is considered one of the safest and reliable applications that are capable of monitoring videos, images, and calls as well. It has got the highest rating compared to other call tracking tools. The advanced features allow the individual to function and operate the app well. The data will be achieved with the precise happening of the target device. The control panel is manageable as it is friendly and allows the individual to keep a record of it.

#8 mSpy

The app has got status due to its brilliant features and pace speed. It works awesomely on Android, iPhone and is free. It can efficiently track calls from kid spouse or employee. It gives assurance of remarkable service that is updated and helps you to know how the whereabouts of the kid, spouse.

#9 Flexispy

The official or authentic site of Flexispy allows the individual to download as well as install the app on the user device. It has been one of the popular and effective monitoring software since. It gets used by millions of users worldwide. The most famous feature it offers is GPS location tracking. It can precisely collect information and data from target device such as calendar app, message, and calls. The application is free and offers a basic version.

#10 GuestSpy

Another incredible and excellent application specially made for the parent, partner and employer is GuestSpy. Real-time information or data can be obtained through the application. You can read customer reviews and know the functionality of it. First and the foremost thing one should do is read the privacy policy. You need to create a fresh account through a password and valid identity proof. Using these two things, you can log in your account. It is one of the trustworthy and reliable applications that offer a free trial version to the user.

Other special features

  • Multimedia file tracking– this feature permits the user to track the multimedia files like photos, images, videos, and files as well. The data present on the target device is traceable. No matter what sort of password the suspect have applied, it can easily be broken.
  • Phone address book- the apps also offer a phone address book feature that allows the user to peep into the address book of the suspect. The address book might contain a phone number, email address and a photo of the person present in the book.
  • Ambient listening– this feature has gathered most of the fame. It is due to the fact that it is able to listen outside voices and noises happening around the suspect at the time of receiving calls.
  • Website restriction– the website restriction feature allows the user to block all the sites that are harmful to the kid. By doing so, the kid will not be able to reach the site and thus is away from the theft.
  • Location tracking– the location tracking feature allows the user to know where the exact location of the suspect. The places visited by the suspect can be known through the applications.

These are some of the other features offered by the tracking tool.

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