How to Track a Lost Phone

How to Track a Lost Phone

Tracking a Lost Phone like Android, iPhone, Windows Phone

If your phone is lost then it doesn’t mean that it is gone forever. You must remain already prepare to face such condition. You need to think of the way that allows you to find the lost windows, iPhone and Android. Here we have suggested you the way to find the lost phone. But before we discuss ways to find out phone first let us understand the reason why it is necessary to get back the lost phone.

Tracking a Lost Phone like Android, iPhone, Windows Phone
Tracking a Lost Phone like Android, iPhone, Windows Phone

Why find a lost phone

It contains your details

Many files and documents you save in your phone account contain your details like name, number, address and so on. If these details fall in the wrong hand then it can cause trouble hence it becomes necessary to get back the phone or find a way to erase all your details from the lost phone.

It contains your personal photos

Your sexy pictures, your love moments, etc everything which you captures in your phone will fall in wrong hands if you lose your phone. They can misuse your pictures and if you are thinking photos are encrypted and they can’t access your photos then you are wrong. So, better get back your phone as fast as you had lost it.

It contains all your chats and secrets

Many people think that it doesn’t matter if anyone sees your chat but in reality, it can be really dangerous if you lose your phone. The person who got your phone may misuse your chats and using your account post offensive things which your friends and family may see and think wrong about you.

So, if you had understood the need for finding the lost phone lets see the best and the easiest ways to find or trace the lost phone.

FreePhoneSpy – Best Free Lost Phone Tracker

FreePhoneSpy - Best Free Lost Phone Tracker
FreePhoneSpy – Best Free Lost Phone Tracker

Using software like spy app is the easiest and the fastest option for finding the lost phone. There are many spy app which supports all the devices like windows, android, and iPhone. This software has a feature named “Free GPS Tracker” which helps you to track the target or lost phone and using it even you can erase or lock your phone.

FreePhoneSpy is one such spying tool which comes with this feature and allows you to get back the lost phone as fast as possible. FreePhoneSpy can easily trace the iPhone, Android and Windows device. To use it user need to download it in the phone then subscribe to its package. Then they need to make an account which will let them access the control panel. Here in the control panel, you have to fill some details asked about the lost phone. Then from features list click on GPS tracker, turn it on and finally wait for some moment. Finally, you can see the location of the phone on the map. You can see where it is and so you can get it back.

To download FreePhoneSpy now click on ( Now we hope you will surely get back your lost phone back. Let’s see some of the cool features offered by the FreePhoneSpy! Learning about the features you can make good use of this app and get most of your work done easily.

Features list

  • GPS tracker- As told earlier this is the feature which lets you trace the location of the phone. This is the best feature for people who misplace or lose their phone here and there, every now and then. They can use this to trace their phone and get it back. They can see the name of place, date and time and if the user is with phone moving somewhere then you can see live movements.
  • Call recorder apart from tracking phone you can record calls of the target phones. The call of the phone which you are on spying on will automatically get recorded. The call recorded will be available in the control panel of the user. The user is free to access the recorded content anytime and listen to the recording. They can even delete recordings or save it if it is useful for them.
  • SMS spying SMS of the phone which you spy can be seen. The user has to make use of this feature to see SMS chats and see the necessary details which may be present in the chats. The user can see all the SMS whether hidden, deleted and folder SMS.
  • Browser history- The search history of the phone can be traced using this feature. This feature is useful to see those pages which target visit in his browser. You can come to know which type of content is viewed by the target person on his phone.
  • WhatsApp Spy This is the most important feature among all which is needed by many. People who wish to spy and see the other person’s WhatsApp message are using this feature. They are easily able to collect information like the chats, name of a sender, photos, videos, audio, record WhatsApp calls, and video calls.
  • Facebook Spy This is the second most wanted feature of the FreePhoneSpy. The people make use of it so as to see the Facebook passwords and record other details of the Facebook and messenger of the target person. The user can also block the other person account using this feature and they will not come to know about it.
  • Photos/Videos Spy– The user of FreePhoneSpy can easily use this feature to view photos/video of the target phone. They can see target phone saved, deleted or hidden videos. They can save it to their phone or delete if it is not useful.

Using FreePhoneSpy

We hope now you have learned enough about the FreePhoneSpy and its use. The user can make use of this app to only find their lost device but to also spy on-

  • Kids– spying on little one’s phone are important as then you can see if they are on the right path or wrong path. They can see if their kid is safe or not. The user can see all the activities of their kids and see if they are using a phone for fun or they are planning for their good future.
  • Spouse– partner facing relationship issues and doubts can make use of it and clear all their doubts. They can sort out issues or see if their partner is a cheater. They can keep a close eye on their phone and see each and every activity very clearly.
  • Employee– in office place many of your enemies might be hiding. To find out who is a well-wisher and who is your enemy just trace the employee’s phone. This is the best tool for employers who wish to control the activities of their employee and see their work efficiency.
  • Track multiple people– Along with your sister’s phone you can track the phone activity of their Ex and see what is happening between both of them. You can thus, track the activity of more than one device at a time.


This was a small description about FreePhoneSpy now to know in details about it you have to download and use it yourself. If you don’t make use of it then how will you know if it is useful or not? So, go and use it for searching lost device.

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