6 Ways to Hack WiFi Password on Android

6 Ways to Hack WiFi Password on Android

Want to know about 6 ways to hack WiFi password on android: here is the list

Today, the Internet has become a necessity for all the human beings. There are a large number of people who use the Internet each and every day for some or the other thing. With the advancement of wireless technologies and Smartphone, this has become so easy that people can conveniently use Internet flexibly. Also, with the advent of these technologies, the Internet is gaining a wide number of profits. Nowadays, every single device consists of WiFi enable feature so that if you don’t have an active Internet connection on your device, still you can connect it to the WiFi anywhere if you have the access to the WiFi.

Want to know about 6 ways to hack Wi-Fi password on android: here is the list
Want to know about 6 ways to hack Wi-Fi password on android: here is the list

So are you running out of your mobile data? Are you looking to hack a nearby WiFi connection? If yes, then don’t worry as this is possible. In this article, we will tell you 6 different ways on how to hack a WiFi password on any Android device.

#1 By FreePhoneSpy Application

#1 By FreePhoneSpy Application
#1 By FreePhoneSpy Application

FreePhoneSpy is one of the most prominent techniques of hacking someone’s WiFi password. It was specially designed for parental control but now, whatever and whenever you want to hack, you can do it in no time. If you wish to do so, you can download the application and install FreePhoneSpy on Cell Phone. Even if you wish to hack the social accounts, you can still use the app.

It is very simple and easy to download and you can set up the app on the target person’s device and allow the device to do; what you want to do. Also, hacking WiFi has been made easy with FreePhoneSpy.

FreePhoneSpy is available for Android, Mac, iOS and windows and consists of a web-based control board by which you can hack any other person’s WiFi password by being at any location. You can also spy on the activity of your targeted device that consists of texts, instantaneous messages, calls, and utilization of social media accounts. You can also monitor the location of the device if you want to. The steps given below will tell you how to hack someone’s WiFi password:

  • Step1: Visit the FreePhoneSpy site, sign in and then choose either free access or become a premium member and get access to anyone’s WiFi password. With the membership, you get access to everything that the app can provide without any failure.
  • Step2: Once you get the membership, you will receive an email instantly with an URL in an hour or two. This does the verification required for your subscription. It also tells you the methods and the procedures of hacking.
  • Step3: Click the URL and a fresh window will appear, in which you will have to fill the information that is asked. Now, all the guidelines about the setup procedure on the device will be displayed and then you can install the app on the target device.
  • Step4: Now, a control board will tell you about all the regulations and procedures. After setting up, open the board based on the directions given and then you can hack any WiFi password. The demonstration system does not let you access all the variations smoothly and efficiently, so the membership becomes important if you are interested in hacking everything along with the WiFi password.

Additional functions of the FreePhoneSpy

  • No jailbreak required: This is the very first application which was developed with no jailbreaking concept for iPhones. This draws all the information out by the iCloud backups. What you need is the iCloud login information of the target person’s device in order to know about his WiFi password.
  • Keylogger: It catches every stroke of activity being performed on the ideal gadget. Even, when monitoring directly through the app is not allowed, you can still know what words are being typed on social media accounts. So, the WiFi password could also be easily known. This function is offered easily on Android.
  • Gadget Modification: If you have a membership that is month to month or for a year, you can use this on one gadget only for once. If you want to use it on a new gadget, it is very feasible. You can transfer the license as per your requirements and can continue hacking.
  • Upload configurations: This app is a great choice when you are in an area that is data restricted. You can load your tasks in WiFi or cellular network, whatever you prefer and perform them later whenever you receive a connection.
  • Geo-fencing function: When you use the control board and look at the map, you get to know everything about the targeted person’s device. So, you can mark the areas that you want to enable as enabled and you don’t want to enable as prohibited. So, if he ever changes the password, you will come to know about it.

#2 By using WiFi WPS WPA tester

#2 By using WiFi WPS WPA tester
#2 By using WiFi WPS WPA tester

This is one of the best tools available for hacking WiFi password on android stores. This is actually for the rootless Android devices. This can hack any WPS enable WiFi network. So, the procedure to hack with this tool is given below:

  • Step1: Download WiFi WPS WPA tester app from the app stores on your Android and then install it properly.
  • Step2: Click on the open button to launch the application on the Android device.
  • Step3: You will get the list of the WiFi networks near you that are WPS enabled.
  • Step4: If any WiFi network shows the lock of green color, then the chances to hack that network are more as compared to the network that is showing the lock of red or orange color.
  • Step5: Tap on the network you want to hack and click on Connect and choose no root method to hack the WiFi password.

Download Wi-Fi WPS WPA tester at:

#3 By using AndroDumpper

#3 By using AndroDumpper
#3 By using AndroDumpper

This is another great application that is available on the android app stores to hack with no rooting of the WiFi password. It is very easy to use and you don’t need any special kind of device to use this application and hack the WiFi password. How to do hacking with this tool- the steps are listed below:

    • Step1: Download the app from the Android app store and install the application properly on your phone.
    • Step2: Now, click on the open button so that the application could be launched.
    • Step3: Click on the refresh icon that is at the top to start searching the networks available near you.
    • Step4: You will get a list of all the networks that are available near you.
    • Step5: Whatever network you are aiming to hack, click on the try connect to do the same.
    • Step6: Choose the no root method to hack. This will take a couple of seconds but your work will be done.

Get AndroDumpper at:

#4 By using WPS Connect

This is another useful application to hack WiFi password and also has some amazing features. It only hacks WPS enabled WiFi networks. You can get this app easily on the android app store of your device. It is very compatible. Here are some steps to follow when hacking WiFi password by using this application.

      • Step1: Download it and install it on your android device from the app store.
      • Step2: Open and then click the refresh icon.
      • Step3: This will show you the list of available WiFi networks.
      • Step4: Choose your desired network and choose the pin.
      • Step5: Tap on try. This will take some time to break the WiFi security but ultimately, the work will be done.

You will have to do this process with no root or else, it won’t be successfully done.

Download WPS Connect at:

#5 By using Bcmon Android App

Get Bcmon Android App at:

This is that one free hacking application that is compatible with all the Android devices that are rooted. If you want to hack the neighbor’s WiFi password, this app is for you then. It consists of a chip that requires a Reaver app to hack the rooted WiFi networks. The time taken by this app to hack the password is about two to three hours.

Here are the steps listed on how to hack any rooted WiFi network using this app:

      • Step1: Download this application from the android app store and install it on your device.
      • Step2: You will also need to install an additional firmware tool, after installing enables the monitor mode in that tool.
      • Step3: Now download the Reaver application and install it on your device.
      • Step4: Tap the Refresh icon to see the available WiFi networks near you.
      • Step5: Tap on the desired network that you wish to hack. Uncheck the “use bcmon” checkbox.
      • Step6: Now, click on the ok button to start the hacking process.

#6 By using Wi-Fi Dumpper

This application helps you hack a WEP enabled WiFi in a few steps easily and conveniently. It is fully compatible with the rooted WiFi networks. Download it from the store, install it, open the app, gain the root permission, tap on refresh to get the list of available networks near you, and then click on the try button. Your hacking will be done in a couple of minutes.

Video use Wi-Fi Dumpper:


So, these are the tools to hack WiFi password. But what I recommend is FreePhoneSpy as it has a variety of features and it is safe, easy and reliable.

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