5 Ways to track a cell phone location by number

5 Ways To Track A Cell Phone Location By Number

How can you track cell phone location through number in 5 best ways

It is true that a person gets a minor heart attack when don’t find the phone as he keeps it and forgets all about it. This fact is having a well-defined title named Nomophobia. According to the studies about 50% of people, today are suffering from this issue and that too is having a level of degrees. Our phone is everything for us. We always store contacts, memories, emails, photos and it is never easier to digest the facts that you have lost the device.

How can you track cell phone location through number in 5 best ways
How can you track cell phone location through number in 5 best ways

Tracking the cell phone for free might sound something surprising. Here we have come up with the ways of tracking the location of the phone for free. Read this article to know how to track the Smartphone for free.

5 ways to track cell phone location

Way 1: FreePhoneSpy

Way 1: FreePhoneSpy
Way 1: FreePhoneSpy

It is not at all easier for one to track the cell phone location through number but you get innovative features using FreePhoneSpy. This special cell phone monitoring app helps you in tracking the exact location of the victim phone and via remotely. Just create the user account with this app and track the real-time location and also check all phone activities with it. It is compatible with iOS and android. As mostly the spy app needs rooting but this isn’t a case with FreePhoneSpy.

Steps to use

Creating account

To spy a user needs to create a user account by visiting to the official website ( Now provide valid Email ID and password.

Choose OS

At setup wizard, you must enter details including name, age, and OS of the target phone.

Finish setup

If you choose android, you must install the app on the suspected person device.  But make sure that you enable unknown sources before launching the wizard. Sign in with the FreePhoneSpy account and give all the permissions. Now choose start monitoring and the icon of the wizard will get automatically vanish from the device and will show that the app is working will full effectiveness.

Download FreePhoneSpy at:

Track device GPS location

Now login to the FreePhoneSpy account that is created and then gets into control panel and hit on option location. This will display the real-time location of the android device. If in case you are using FreePhoneSpy for spying iOS location then choose location history. In this, the app not only gives you the details relating to the current location but is also displaying the location history of victim iOS.  In iOS case, you need not to have to download the app simply get the icloud ID and password of the target device.

Features you should know

  • Tracking the GPS location The GPS location tracking features of the app provides a user with the ease in location tracking. It helps a user in receiving all the information of location tracking in real time. A user will get all the location details on the map that will definitely help hacker to know about the location of the target more clearly. Parents can easily know where their kids are actually. A spouse can know about that where the partner is and where he/she is claiming to be. Also, the past location can also be traced.
  • SMS and call Spy The app is very good at spying on SMS and calls logs completely with full details. Thus a hacker can be figured out easily that with whom and what talking and chatting are going on.
  • Looking at the multimedia files The applications spies on the available multimedia file to see what types of content is there in his/her device. Particularly the parents can see whether the kids are not having any malicious content. Through the multimedia files, the intention of the targeted person can be easily figured out.
  • 100% untraceable As the app is working in a stealth mode, it will be very much difficult for a targeted person to find out of being traced or not. Thus greater security is ensured at the time of spying.
  • Get help from customer care team- If a hacker is facing any problem while using it, 24×7 hours team is there to assist the user in all possible easier way to use app conveniently.

Way 2: Tracking phone location by number through phone locator

Way 2: Tracking phone location by number through phone locator
Way 2: Tracking phone location by number through phone locator

Getting busy with GPS cell phone locator a hacker can enjoy checking the targeted number location. To do so you need to step into the official website and then hit on start tracking now and then fill the valid phone number. Remember not to add negative and positive sign along with the number. Tap in search option and it will share location logs, message history, and all other cellular activities.

Way 3: Track cell phone location by number with the help of GPS phone tracker

Way 3: Track cell phone location by number with the help of GPS phone tracker
Way 3: Track cell phone location by number with the help of GPS phone tracker

There are few apps that help you in tracking cell phone location through numbers with the help of GPS phone tracker. It is using GPS mechanisms for getting the device location. It displays a hacker all about GPS location of the victim device in a few seconds.

For hacking, you need to do the downloading and installation of GPS phone tracker app. If you want to track the iPhone location through the number and with the help of GPS phoebe tracker app will be the right choice. Launch the app after installing and entering the details of the phone that are to be located. The app works offline and displays the GPS coordinate of the victim Smartphone.

Way 4: Tracking cell phone location by number using whitepages

Whitepages is the special online service that lets one in tracking the important details of the target person. This app is greatly useful when fails to gather the targeted person device GPS location. It provides you with the immediate background check on the person with full details. It actually offers with reverse phone number checking, verifying the identity and searching the address. The service is available online and also having the app available at Google play store.

To use it, you need to download and install the tracking tool on your phone through the Google Play store. Sign in with the tracking tool and now do search for address and number for identity confirmation.

Way 5: Use SS7 vulnerability for tracking the cell phone location number

It is a really little bit harder to track the location of a device through the number. But today the hacker has found the best way of hacking phone location through SS7 vulnerability. Basically, it is the process that is working on a loophole that is forged by hackers all across the globe. It is illegal and crime for fetching the information out from telecommunication services. It is essential to know about the drawbacks regarding this matter.

In SS7 vulnerability a hacker is making use of fake GSMSCF for finding the location of the device through the number. By using this method it really becomes a lot easier for one to fetch the location through the number.


By now you have learned about different technique on easily tracking the cell phone location of the device through the phone number. But mostly the ways that you use leads to cause the serious issues and are against laws. If you want to track the location of the targeted person device without any hassle, then using the phone monitoring apps like FreePhoneSpy will definitely be the right solution.

It performs the spying in hidden mode. It provides a user with commendable features for location tracking. Also, a user can check the cellular activities that include monitoring various social media apps activities.

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